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  • Name: Walter Afanasieff ( Vladimir Afanasiev )
  • Date of birth: 10 February 1958.
  • Age: 58 years
  • Place of birth: Sao Paulo
  • Activities: composer, producer, two-time winner of «Grammy»
  • Marital status: Married

    Walter Afanasieff: biography

    Walter Afanasieff was born in Brazil in 1958. The San Paulo was the first house of the future musician and producer. Fate brought his parents in Brazil is almost impossible. Father Nikita Afanasiev — a native of St. Petersburg, and Tatiana’s mother moved from Harbin. Two people from different corners of the world met and gave the world the talented heir. At birth the boy was named Vladimir N. Afanasiev, and only after some time the first name was changed to «Walter», and the names added to the double «f».

    Family Afanasievich lived in Brazil for long. When Walter was 5 years old, the family moved to the United States of America. The new house of the future musician was a San Francisco. That’s where Walter grew up and graduated from high school. From early years the boy studied music and already in school I realized that art was his calling.

    After school, Walter arrives at the Conservatory of San MATEO. But the University does not satisfy the thirst for knowledge, the young man went to Europe to study classical music.

    Walter Afanasieff: music

    In 1978, Afanasieff returns to the United States. Producer Meetings Walden offers him a job as keyboard player in a concert tour by Jean-Luc Ponty.

    Soon, Walter begins to write the music for Ponty and his group. Meetings were satisfied with the work of a young composer and began to attract him to cooperate with the pop star. Thus began the period of work of Afanasieff with Walden, which lasted for 10 years. By the time Walden was one of the largest producers of America. Afanasieff working with such legendary stars as Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, George Benson, Barbara Streisand, Lionela Ricci and others.

    This time was very important for Afanasieff. The musician studied the work of a producer in Walden, grew up as a professional musician.

    Walter Afanasieff: TV

    To work as a producer Walter began while cooperation with Walden. The largest project Afanasyev was and still is Mariah Carey. The musician was her producer and composer since 1990, when the first album. The song «Hero», which was included in this album never dropped from the 1st place of the hit parade more than a month. Next Mariah album became even more successful. The song «All I Want for Christmas Is You» was extremely popular in the United States, its sales amounted to more than 4 million. Several times Afanasieff even personally accompanied Carey on stage.

    In the ‘ 90s, the producer becomes a prominent figure in show business, and Hollywood. Sony Music in 1990, invites him to take the position of General producer. Walter writes soundtracks for the famous cartoons and movies, including «Aladdin,» «Beauty and the Beast,» «the Bodyguard,» «the Game» and others.

    Special was the soundtrack to the film «License to kill» James bond. Afanasieff wrote it in collaboration with Walden.

    The soundtrack to «Beauty and the beast» brought Walter familiarity with Celine Dion and Peebo Bryson which resulted in their further cooperation. The song, written by Afanasieff for Bryson in 1991, was nominated for a Grammy as song of the year.

    But the most famous can be called the song Celine Dion «My Heart Will Go On», sounded in the movie «Titanic.» Afanasieff acted as the producer of this hit and made it legendary. It was for this work in 1999, he received the first Grammy award as producer in the category «Best recording of the year». The second «Grammy» in the nomination «producer of the year» in the next 2000.

    Walter Afanasieff worked with many stars, including Michael Jackson, Christina Aguilera, destiny’s child, Ricky Martin, Lara Fabian and many others. Unlike any other began his work as co-producer with the Band from Australia Savage Garden.

    In 2015, Walter Afanasieff arrives in Russia and becomes one of the mentors in the project «Main stage».

    Walter Afanasieff: personal life

    Walter Afanasieff long and happily married. The darling of the famous composer’s name is Corinne. They married in 1988. Since then, the couple had three children: daughters Christina and Isabella, and a son, Andrew.

    Walter Afanasieff: photo

    Walter afanasieff with Philip Kirkorov

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