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  • Name: Vyacheslav Razbegaev ( Vyacheslav Razbegaev )
  • Date of birth: 14 October 1965
  • Age: 51 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: civil marriage

    Vyacheslav Razbegaev: biography

    Vyacheslav Razbegaev — the actor of theatre and cinema, which is not chasing popularity and the ability to participate in profitable projects. His profession is a hobby that brings him a lot of fun and allows you to implement yourself.

    Vyacheslav was born on October 14, 1965 in Moscow. His parents dreamed that their son will grow up and learn revered in the Soviet Union profession: become an engineer or even a conqueror of space, like the legendary Yuri Gagarin. But the young Razbegaev their aspirations are not shared and secretly cherished the dream of becoming an actor. After graduating high school in 1982, guy went to work at scientific-production enterprise «Salyut», but for a long time did not stay there. In 1983, he was drafted into the army in the far East district.

    After demobilization Razbegaev decided to realize his dream and went to conquer the capital’s theatres. Without education, the young man managed to get only for the position of fitter of scenery at the Studio «Mosfilm». It lasted two years, until one day the guy didn’t realize that such actions will not succeed and decided to try his hand at drama school. Little experience of filming and natural artistry helped Razbegaevo to enroll in the School-Studio of MKHAT.

    In 1994, in times of crisis, he, like many artists, was unclaimed in the movie, experiencing not the best times. Together with friends he founded the firm, which is engaged in the filming of advertising. The business makes a profit, but when the opportunity came up again to do the film, he refused to move from promotional activities.


    Immediately after the Moscow art theatre artist was invited into the troupe of the Central academic theatre of the Russian army, where he was listed until 2006. At the theater Razbegaev has played a variety of roles that allowed the actor to appear before the audience in a variety of roles, ranging from serious Lieutenant Cassio in the play Othello and ending with the Comedy follows don Juan from the play «Much ADO about nothing».

    In 1994, together with a troupe of International Confederation of theatre unions, the artist participated in the production by German Director Peter Stein «oresteya» toured Europe. Vyacheslav also played Fortinbras ‘ in the play «hamlet» of the eminent Director.

    Fame and popularity Razbegaevo as the actor brought a unique and very famous Russian production of «Ladies Night». The role, which involves getting naked on stage, the actor agreed quite easily, because, according to him, he does not see anything wrong or strange.


    In the movie, Vyacheslav began acting due to his proximity to the Studio «Mosfilm». Young montirovschikom scenery, and then the student of the school-Studio of MKHAT was often offered a small supporting roles that do not carry a special burden. In other words, since 1986 Razbegaev actively involved in the crowd.

    After graduation, he made his debut in cinema in the film Vyacheslav Krishtofovich «the Woman in the sea.» Basically the actor got supporting roles, although he played in one shot with such stars of Russian cinema as Fyodor Bondarchuk, Vladimir Menshov, Konstantin Khabensky. With Bondarchuk Vyacheslav lucky to meet twice: on the set of the films «Eight and a half dollars» and «In motion».

    From 1994 to 1999 in the career Razbegaeva lull: he was actively involved in business and worked in the theater.

    The present popularity of the artist took part in the filming of the crime Thriller «Antikiller» where Razbegaevo got no home but very memorable role of «thief in law» named Metis. The tape was released in 2002 and enjoyed great success with the audience, which will continue to release a few more movies. Particularly good the actor himself finds the third film «Antikiller D. K.: Love without memory» which, in his opinion, more logically and clearly takes the story.

    No less successful was another film with the participation of Vyacheslav Thriller «Tin», which showed in theaters in 2006. Filmed in the style of psychological horror, the picture has gained great popularity among the audience in the first place, thanks to the participation of the charismatic actor appeared in the form of investigator Paul who commit to catch an escaped maniac.

    Being quite a popular actor, Razbegaev was invited to the filming of the popular show «Stars on ice». An artist since childhood, trying to learn how to skate, but he did not succeed. Together with figure skater and actress Anna Semenovich they almost reached the end of the show, flying from him just two days before the end. In 2009, the actor once again took part in the TV show, this time his partner was the skater Anzhelika Krylova.

    In 2011, the actor was invited to the shooting in unexpected foreign project. Vyacheslav had to play on a film set with the stars, Indian bollywood like Abhishek bacchan and others, the actor has embodied the important plot the image of a Russian General. In the film «Players» Razbegaevo largely useful knowledge of the Indian language, which he studied in school.

    No less successful for that next year. He was invited to the shooting of the series «hot pursuit». First Vyacheslav quite skeptical of the project and to Russian cinema in General, but after the shooting changed his mind, recognizing the presence of a bright beginning educational element in the project.

    Recent projects in which participated Razbegaev, it should be noted the film-catastrophe «Crew» with Danila Kozlovsky and Vladimir Mashkov in the lead roles and the film is about superheroes «the Defenders», which is expected to premiere in 2017.

    Personal life

    About my personal life Vyacheslav prefers to remain silent, though once mentioned that for a long time and is happily in a civil marriage with a girl Natalia, which is somewhat younger than him.

    The happy couple has two daughters.


    • The woman in the sea
    • Antikiller
    • Tin
    • Hot on the trail
    • Players
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    Vyacheslav Razbegaev

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