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  • Name: Vyacheslav Nevinny ( Vyacheslav Nevinniy )
  • Date of birth: 30 November 1934
  • Age: 74 years
  • Date of death: may 31, 2009
  • Place of birth: Tula
  • Activities: Soviet and Russian film and theater actor, people’s artist of the USSR
  • Marital status: married

    Vyacheslav Innocent : biography

    Probably not in Russia and former USSR countries of the viewer, who knows the face of the actor Vyacheslav Innocent. His images are impossible to forget. His roles were often so skillfully played that overshadowed the images of the main characters.

    Vyacheslav Innocent was born in Tula in the autumn of 1934. He grew up in a simple working family where no one was bound to art. It is unknown where the guy took interest in the theater. But already in his early years, studying in school, he was the most active participant in the initiative. Innocent pleasure was involved in the drama club of the Tula Palace of pioneers and went on stage playing different characters of theatricals.

    In 1952, it was widely noted the 100th anniversary since the death of Nikolai Gogol. In the school where I studied Vyacheslav Innocent, too, remembered the great classics. The guys put a few scenes from «Dead souls». And if in each performance, the actors change, one of them is a 9-grader Vyacheslav Nevinny participated in all. He brilliantly played Chichikov.

    In 1954, the Innocent went to enter the theater University. He arrived in Moscow and applied in the School-Studio of MKHAT. But the first attempt was unsuccessful. Kid, don thought of life without a stage, was somewhat despondent. But c is selected to minimize the path he was going. Year Vyacheslav Nevinny played in the auxiliary composition of the Tula youth theatre.

    In 1955, he again brought the documents to the School-Studio of MKHAT. But this time the young actor, whose assets have already been several diverse roles in the Tula theatre, was feeling confident. He brilliantly passed the exams and was enrolled in a course of Viktor Stanitsyn.


    Immediately after graduation began his artistic career Vyacheslav Innocent. He was accepted into the troupe of the Moscow art Theater, where he faithfully served for many years, coming on the scene in the mid-1990s. The audience enjoyed the play in productions of «Revizor», «the Seagull», «Uncle Vanya,» «the Cherry orchard» and others, staged classical works. But also in modern productions, the Innocent game was great. In «Duck hunting,» he played Sabina, and «Misha’s anniversary» brilliantly portrayed Petrovich.

    A cinematic biography of Vyacheslav Innocent was started 2 years after graduation. He starred in an episode of the film «Communist». And the big role he inherited in 1960-th. The actor appeared as the young policeman in the movie «the Probationary period». It is a psychological drama directed by Vladimir Gerasimov. I must say, what is on the screen the artist did not like. «Picture» differed significantly from its representation. Since then, Innocent tried to avoid watching movies with his participation.

    But the audience this cheerful and very cheerful extremely pleased. In the 1960-70th Vyacheslav starred in many wonderful paintings, which had great success among the viewers of the USSR. Social drama «the President» comic strip «Thirty three», «It happened in the police» – all these films did actor recognizable. But fame came to him after a Comedy by Leonid Gaidai and Eldar Ryazanov.

    Gaydaevskie movie-hits «can’t be!» and «For the matches» made in Tula artist to stardom. A foothold there, he managed riasanovsky masterpiece «Garage» and the wonderful film «do Not go, maids, in marriage!», which today looks with pleasure.

    More time to work with Eldar Ryazanov Innocent was succeeded 12 years after filming «the Garage». Social tragicomedy «promised Heaven» Vyacheslav Nevinny met again with my stellar colleagues, many of whom played Comedy «Garage». Valentin Gaft, Liya Akhedzhakova, Svetlana Nemolyaeva played again on the same site.

    Made a gift to the artist and the youngest viewers, starring in the wonderful children’s film «guest from the future». This is good, fun and exciting movie watching a generation of children. Space villain Smiley in the execution of the Innocent was released simultaneously menacing and ridiculous.

    Dashing 90’s hurt the majority of previously known and talented actors. The proposed role was so shoddy that many artists of the «old guard» refused to work. Was no exception and Vyacheslav Innocent. Occasionally, he’d agreed to appear, but only for some earnings to make ends meet. He didn’t like to talk about the projects that appeared in this decade.

    Personal life

    In the life of Vyacheslav Innocent was only one beloved woman – his wife Nina Gulyaev. They lived together for more than 40 years. But few people know that the actor took his beloved with his colleagues Michael Goryunov. Nina and Michael at that time lived together for 11 years. This marriage had no children. But it was alcohol, to which addicted Goryunov. Marriage was unraveling. And when Nina, a famous artist of the Moscow art theatre, began to look younger for 3 years and still unknown Vyacheslav Innocent, she decided on the final break with her husband. Although this decision was not taken immediately, but only after 3 years of courtship.

    But the personal life of Vyacheslav Innocent and Nina gulyayeva crowned with legal marriage not soon. They were married in November 1965 when he registered the birth of a son Vyacheslav. During the long years of living together, the couple became one.


    The last years of his life, Vyacheslav Mikhailovich was very heavy. In 2005, he underwent a serious operation – removal of a foot for gangrene, which was the result of diabetes. The actor amputated the second leg.

    But life went on. There was a wife and a son. Nina to support her husband, their roles rehearsed with him. Vyacheslav told her the right decision and made critical remarks. It extended his years and helped to not feel cut off from life and loved art.

    Vyacheslav Innocent was not may 31, 2009. He died in his native apartment on Tverskaya. The artist was buried at the troyekurovskoye cemetery.


    • «Probationary period»
    • «Head»
    • «Thirty-three»
    • «It happened in the police»
    • «Can’t be!»
    • «For the matches»
    • «Guest from the future»
    • Garage
    • «Do not go, maids, in marriage!»
    • «Promised heaven»


    Vyacheslav Nevinny

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