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  • Name: Vyacheslav Kulakov ( Vyacheslav Kulakov )
  • Date of birth: 9 July 1968
  • Age: 48 years
  • Place of birth: Astana, Kazakhstan
  • Height: 185
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: married

    Vyacheslav Kulakov: biography

    The star of the film «Two destinies» Vyacheslav Kulakov was born on 9 July 1968 in Kazakhstan. He is the youngest child in the family, he has a older brother and sister. Parents spoiled Slavik as the smallest, carried out his wish. The boy used it and grew a whiny child, as he himself admitted.

    In the school years Vyacheslav never went to drama clubs and did not participate in the initiative, he even poems from the stage couldn’t read, because I was embarrassed. Kulakov recalls how he was afraid to meet u because of shame, though he knew the lesson. The situation was complicated also that in his childhood he not all the letters.

    Slavik wanted to be like his brother, wanted to go sailing and swim with him in the same ship. Brother refused, saying that the sea is quickly bored with personal life too, not everything adds up. Then Kulakov Jr. is thinking about a sports career, especially since he played sports all the time: played football, lifted weights, jumped into the water, and visited semi-legal training in karate.

    Parents of the future actor worked as engineers, Vyacheslav also thought about applying to a technical College, but the brother refused. He was persuaded to find an interesting job that never gets old. Then fists, Jr. decided to become an actor, began to fix the language with a speech therapist and deal with shyness. In the 9-10 class, it was already a confident guy, party animal and leader of the class.

    After school Vyacheslav went to enter the theater Institute in Moscow, and the eldest brother went to support him. In the capital they visited all the universities, but the first attempts failed to do. The kulaks were left in Moscow, entered the factory, vocational school, got a Dorm and started to be engaged in a theatrical Studio. The following year he did not do that, because the training in acting school were not given deferment from the army. Vyacheslav Kulakov has passed three rounds in the school-Studio of the Moscow art theatre … and went to serve in the border troops. After demobilization fists again filed papers in the school-Studio of MKHAT. By this time he already had a vocational diploma and a Moscow residence permit.

    Life in the capital at first was very hard, but he stood the test. In 1993, Vyacheslav Kulakov received a diploma and began working in the theater.


    Vyacheslav Kulakov began to take part in performances even in the first year theatrical Institute, and in the third year, has received starring roles in productions of the Theatre. A. Pushkin. After high school kulaks came to work in the theater. He made his debut in the play «a Midsummer night’s Dream». Then there were other serious roles. The actor himself considers his artistic success of the role of Prince Karl in the play «Eric XIV».

    His favorite theatrical work – «the Great Gatsby». In this performance, Vyacheslav Kulakov has played a major role, it was given with success on the stage for almost 10 years.

    In 2002, after the departure of Yuri Yeremin, the power in the theater was intercepted by the officials. Then the kulaks, who has worked in the Pushkin almost 10 years, wrote a statement on their own.

    He was busy half the repertoire of the theatre, his roles were the main or Central. Worked as an actor with no understudy and really wanted to play on stage and beyond. For a time he worked in the theater for the agreement.

    Now Vyacheslav Kulakov plays in the entreprise. He is involved in projects «Medea», «Romeo and Juliet. 400 years later».


    In the movie, Vyacheslav Kulakov has played more than 60 roles, but as a student believed that his vocation – theater. During training, many of his classmates appeared, went on tour abroad, and. never even invited to audition. After graduation he brought his photographs to the Studio to them. M. Gorky, and on «Mosfilm» and immediately met with the Director from India. He saw the actor, offered him the main role in the film «Art of dying».

    A landmark in his life was the project «Two destinies», in which kulaks played a negative character Oleg Khlebnikov. After the release of the movie on the screen woke up famous. The role of the actor Khlebnikov often played positive characters. In the film «Two destinies» assistant Director first offered him a different role, but the Director decided that the candidate is more suitable over-achiever Khlebnikov. First, the script of hero Vyacheslav Kulakov almost was not – he rarely appeared in the frame and spoke little, scenes and cues were written already during the shooting.

    Among other interesting roles – bodyguard and lover in the film «Hello, fool» and the painting «the Parisians», in which kulaks were shot by Pierre Richard.

    Personal life

    Vyacheslav Kulakov – a happy husband and father of three children. With his future wife he met on the subway, when he returned after training in Aikido. Then the kulaks were not yet famous. He saw a girl and thought that I’d marry her.

    Vyacheslav doubted whether to get acquainted with Svetlana – that’s the name of his wife, but decided. He spoke to her, was invited to the show. Svetlana tired of the actor-athlete for the addict, because liquor from it did not smell, and sight was extinguished. On the show she still came. Since then they are together and insanely happy.

    In the family of Slava and Svetlana are growing daughter Alice, sons Arseny and Vladislav.


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    Vyacheslav Kulakov in the film

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