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  • Name: Vsevolod Shilovsky ( Vsevolod Shilovskiy )
  • Date of birth: 3 June 1938
  • Age: 78 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: Soviet and Russian theater and film actor, film Director, people’s artist of the RSFSR
  • Marital status: married

    Vsevolod Shilovsky: biography

    The familiar and much beloved actor Vsevolod Nikolaevich Shilovsky native Muscovite. He was born in June 1938 in an intellectual family, where my father had two degrees, one of which is music. Dad graduated from the Conservatory and then the Academy of Military engineering. Shortly after the birth of his son he became the head of the plant.

    The war began was a huge ordeal for the family Shilovsky. The head of the family went to the front, and very young Vsevolod Shilovsky went along with my mother in evacuation in Kazan.

    About the actor Vsevolod Shilovsky dreamed of since childhood. His artistry is also manifested early. After the war, when the family returned to the capital, young Shilovsky went to the drama club who worked at the House of pioneers. Then the boy began to take the first steps in the profession. And when he finished school, knew exactly where to go after graduation.

    In the School-Studio of the Moscow art theatre Vsevolod Shilovsky received on the first attempt. Studied acting in the course of the legendary artist Alexander Karev. In 1961 he obtained a diploma of higher theatrical education.


    In the company of the famous Moscow art theatre actor was immediately after graduation. Shilovsky debuted in the role of Cherubino in a performance of «the Marriage of Figaro». A year and a half Director Vasily Orlov has entrusted the 26-year-old actor the role of Kostyleva. This 66-year-old hero of the play «the lower depths». And the fact that no one in the audience that watched the play, did not even suspect that such an elderly person plays a young person, due to not only the makeup but also the ability to transform himself Vsevolod Shilovsky.

    On the stage of the Theater of Vsevolod Nikolaevich came out a quarter of a century. Moscow art theatre was the great love of the actor. Here he opened and held not only as an actor but as a Director.

    Directing Shilovskaya began immediately after graduation. In addition, he managed to teach at the former Alma mater. In the Studio school with students Vsevolod Nikolayevich gave the first performance of «Medea». This work saw the beloved disciple of Konstantin Stanislavsky, the great Director Victor stanitsyn. He helped Vsevolod Shilovsky be held at directing.

    Soon, at the Moscow art Theater was staged the performances, which was directed by Vsevolod Shilovsky. Theater-goers were delighted with his productions «the wise man stumbles», «Rebellion», «His people-are numbered», «sweet bird of youth», «Volokolamsk highway», and many others.


    A cinematic biography of Vsevolod shilovskiy began with a small role of a passenger in a dramatic painting by Vasiliy Pronin «Our house». But then there was a huge break, which lasted a dozen years. At this time, the actor was engaged in theatrical work.

    Many regularly removed Vsevolod Shilovsky began in the 1980s. Later the artist admitted that the cinema saved it from creative, and perhaps physical death. Vsevolod Nikolayevich, who adored Mat, because it hurt too much when favorite theater collapsed. Employment in the movie saved it.

    In cinema Shilovsky came at a Mature age, well-established and experienced actor. So soon its time on set was extremely tight. He was filmed continuously. First appeared on screen in the manner of Rossini in the film «Niccolo Paganini». Then he portrayed an alcoholic in «Military-the field novel» and Artyukhova in «Torpedo».

    Viewers and critics praised the acting Shilovsky, brilliantly played Secretary of the district Committee Pastukhov in the picture «Appeal.» Partners Vsevolod Nikolayevich here was Vyacheslav Tikhonov and Vsevolod Sanaev.

    Especially remembered by the audience images of Vsevolod Shilovsky in the remarkable films of Peter Todorovsky «Beloved woman mechanic Gavrilov,» «Military field novel», «Interdevochka». These roles were small, but so expressive and vivid that without them, the paintings would have lost a lot. It is noteworthy that in all these projects Shilovsky played completely opposite characters.

    The talented actor managed not to get lost in the new century. He appeared in the TV series «Kamenskaya», «Turkish March» and «Rostov-Papa». He managed to play brilliantly complete scoundrels and criminal authorities. But the Goodies in the films «the best city in the world», «Mixer» and «Related exchange» was no less persuasive. The explanation for this amazing ability to transform one undeniable talent.


    Vsevolod Shilovsky career in film direction is no less impressive than his acting achievements. One of the first Soviet TV series, released, called «day by Day» filmed and Shilovsky. Starring here came the real stars of the Soviet cinema Nina Sazonova, Alexei, Vyacheslav Nevinny and Yevgeni Lazarev.

    Following the multi-tape was as successful as the previous ones. In the film «In the same neighborhood,» there was Leonid Bronevoy, Anatoly Romashin, Nikolai Karachentsov and Maris Liepa.

    Soon to be removed from Vsevolod Shilovsky has become very prestigious. A brilliant Comedy «one Million in a marriage basket» where he played Michael Shirvindt, Sofiko Chiarelli and Larissa Udovichenko, once again convinced the audience and critics that the Director under the force of all genres.

    Very popular in the early 1990s used the film Vladimir Shilovsky «Code of dishonor». The picture was shot on real events. It was based on the criminal history of currency manipulation, which was turned in high party offices. In this painting reappeared Vyacheslav Tikhonov played a Central role.

    The Golden Fund of Russian cinema entered the picture Shilovsky «Wandering stars», «Sentence», «People and shadows». In the last project perfectly played Boris Shcherbakov, Larisa Udovichenko Anatoly lobotsky. But the main character, crime boss, stolen millions, was played by Vsevolod Nikolaevich. And, as always, were very convincing.

    Personal life

    Personal life Vsevolod Shilovsky is a three marriages. For the first time the actor got married when he was 26 years old. His wife was actress Yevgeniya Uralova. Says Vsevolod Nikolaevich, he married, hoping that this marriage is the first and last in his life. But it happened anyway. The couple were very different people and are unable to find common ground. Followed by a divorce.

    Short was second marriage. Wife’s name was Nina. But this Union was born the eldest son of Ilya Shilovsky. Vsevolod Nikolaevich very proud of it. Ilya Shilovsky wonderful screenwriter and playwright. One of his scripts were bought by Hollywood. Some time the son lived in the United States, but then returned to Russia. His daughter, Aglaya Shilovskaya walked in the footsteps of grandfather and makes the first steps in the acting profession.

    Personal life of Vsevolod shilovskiy is firmly connected to the third current wife Natalia. With her Shilovskaya met, when the collapse of his second marriage. They met in the South, in Sochi. Natalia was a harpist in local Symphony orchestra and had no idea who Vsevolod Shilovsky. At that time he almost starred in the movie.

    Marriage with Natalia was born the second son Paul. He graduated in Economics and went to study in the United States. In America he has own firm associated with distribution and advertising. Paul has a family, which now has a second granddaughter Vsevolod Shilovsky – Darya. Looks like she is also going to become an actress.


    • «Our house»
    • «Beloved woman mechanic Gavrilov»
    • «Military-the field novel»
    • «Speed»
    • «The Feat Of Odessa»
    • «The Life Of Klim Samgin»
    • «Prisoner of Zenda»
    • «Interdevochka»
    • «We, Lord.»
    • «Believe not believe»
    • «House of surprise»


    Vsevolod Shilovsky

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