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  • Name: Safonov, Vsevolod ( Vsevolod Saphonov )
  • Date of birth: 9 April 1926
  • Age: 66 years
  • Date of death: 6 Jul 1992
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 185
  • Activity: Soviet film and theater actor, people’s artist of the RSFSR
  • Marital status: married

    Vsevolod Safonov biography

    The audience remembered this beautiful, with delicate aristocratic appearance of an actor for many roles. But perhaps the star was played a role in the film «Business «Motley»». Here Vsevolod Safonov appeared in the form of Sergey Korshunov, this knight from the Wall. Terse, insightful «talking» eyes.

    Vsevolod Dmitriyevich Safonov was born in April 1926 in a cultured Moscow family. His youth singed by the war. In 1945, Safonov graduated from the aviation College. He wanted to serve, but a medical Commission found reason not to allow it to service. What to do next, the guy didn’t know. And here intervened his Majesty the case has put everything in its place.

    Colleagues Vsevolod, with whom he visited the circle of Amateur, asked him to try his hand at drama school. At that time the future guy was in the fog, and he agreed.

    So Vsevolod Safonov was in drama school named after Boris Shchukin. It arrived easily and even somehow relaxed. The young man was accepted on a course known teacher Anna Orochko. In 1949 he received the diploma of a famous University went to look for his place in the fascinating and complex world of art.


    Biography of Vsevolod Safonov began in the capital’s Chamber theatre. A year later he moved to the Theatre of Satire. But here was delayed only for 2 years. He searched the stage where they would feel most comfortable with. So the young actor has not just passed from one stage to the other. In 1958, he stayed in the Theatre-Studio of film actor.

    In the movie, Vsevolod Safonov debuted in 1956. And immediately the main role. The painting «the Soldiers» and its hero, Kerzhentsev Victor brought the actor’s popularity. But unlike Innokenty Smoktunovsky, who played in this tape, Farber, Directors not filled Safonova proposals. He starred in the film «Purpose in life» and «the other side». But these paintings are today not known to anyone. And in the years of their release were not the hits rolled.

    The actor’s career went up after the release in 1958, Mosfilm detective «Business «Motley»». His hero Sergey Korshunov very much to the audience of his male charisma, restraint and decency.

    «Finest hour» came to Vsevolod Safonov in 1970 along with the film «Belorussian station». He played a journalist Alexey Kiryushin. Anatoliy Papanov, Evgeniy Leonov, Nina Urgant is a wonderful acting company and a great Director Andrei Smirnov has transformed the picture with a very simple plot in the tape that was included in the gold stock of the national cinema.

    Vsevolod Safonov not so many roles in movies. The Directors do not lined up to him in turn with their proposals. Too «non-Soviet» type was this artist, too sad, and penetrating eyes.

    Moviegoers who loved and appreciated Safonov, saw him in several films in which he managed to play: «the Investigation leading Experts», «Deja vu» and «Secret tier». And everywhere Vsevolod Dmitrievich remained himself. In every way he made part of his soul and a unique style of play.

    Personal life

    With his first wife Valeria Ruble Vsevolod Safonov met in Germany, where they for a short time worked in the Theater of the Western group of troops. After returning home they got married. Soon was born their only daughter, Elena Safonova, went on to become a great actress.

    But married life of this pair did not happen. In recent years, the coexistence of Vsevolod Safonov, learning from the doctors about his terrible diagnosis – cancer of the disease – are increasingly drinking. Wife, busy working on the «Mosfilm», tried to deal with this problem. Realizing that you will not be able to cope with the disaster, filed for divorce.

    Savior, to extend the years of the artist, was the second wife. Personal life of Vsevolod Safonov has changed after meeting her, she was Elsa of Lida. Viewers remember this wonderful actress for the role of Zina’s home from the TV series «the Investigation leading experts». Ella, so she was asked to name all the friends, put the question squarely, saying that living together is possible only when Vsevolod expelled from her «third wheel» of alcohol. Safonov agreed. His life was then a very difficult period. Artist have not called in the movie.

    They lived together for 20 happy years. Vsevolod Safonov returned to his profession and found the comfort of home with a kind and sympathetic person.


    6 Jul 1992 Vsevolod Safonov did not. He had a long battle with the disease and managed to live with it for many years. But the struggle was unequal. He died in 66 years. He was buried on Khovansky a cemetery in the capital.

    Elsa Leida survived her husband for 9 years. After his death she withdrew into myself and led a reclusive lifestyle. Ella was very upset by separation from the only loved one. She died in 2001.


    • «Soldiers»
    • «Business «motley»»
    • «The hyperboloid of engineer Garin»
    • «Mother’s heart»
    • «Shield and sword»
    • «The Belarusian railway station»
    • «The investigation leading Experts»
    • «Deja vu»
    • «Back in the USSR»
    • The «secret tier»


    Vsevolod Safonov

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