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  • Name: GUDY Vova ( Vovan Gudym )
  • Date of birth: 23 April 1991
  • Age: 25 years
  • Place of birth: Kiev
  • Activity: dancer, choreographer
  • Marital status: Married

    Vova GUDY: biography

    The future choreographer Vladimir gudym, or, as called by his friends and colleagues, Vovan gudym, was born in Kiev in 1991. Parents noticed early abilities of his son and took him to the section of folk dance. Not to say that the boy loved the folk dancing, but he attended regularly. It lasted from 2nd to 9th grades. In addition to dancing is extremely agile and active Vova visited the chess section.

    In high school Dylan GUDY became interested in hip-hop. While this direction is only gaining momentum in popularity. Even more the desire to learn new dance styles appeared at Vladimir after watching the video, with appearances from renowned Australian choreographer Wade Robson. Buzzing, stunned by the incredible flexibility Robson, began to repeat what he saw, and not without success.

    When the boy turned 14, he first heard about the MTV project «Star dancing». Without thinking twice, decided to go to the casting. Although Vova GUDY had behind shoulders only school, folk dance and self-learned movements, which are repeated for Robson, he successfully passed the audition and was accepted for the project.


    After the project «Star dancing», which begins the biography of Vova Hudyma, dancer, invited the group «Street Jazz». As he himself says – «as son of the regiment». Then Vova was 14, and in order to become a full member of the team, he had a lot to work on myself. But buzz was quick and after a couple of months thinking about creating your own dance group. Conceived soon came to life. Vovan and then engage in to «Street Jazz», but in parallel he created his own band «Island-Dance». He became its artistic Director and choreographer.

    In 2007, GUDY was first performed at the festival «jazz Congress» together with his «Island-Dance» (previously he won the Grand Prix performing at the festival solo). The team, which at that time was barely 2 years, failed to win a major award, but has loudly declared itself. And its bright room has received a huge number of views on YouTube.

    In 2010, the «Island-Dance» gave its first concert in conjunction with the 5-year anniversary team. Most viewers remembered one of 8 rooms under the name «Western». He was not only the longest but also the most striking. There were a lot of special effects, scenery and acting. Vova gudym, as choreographer, has received numerous good reviews and recognition from fellow professionals.

    In 2012, Vladimir gudym participated in the project «Anastasia» on the First channel. Then he, along with choreographer Vyacheslav kulaevym set a great dance number, accompanied by funk music. But most importantly, GUDY had an opportunity to demonstrate to the audience the direction of «locking», whose leader he is in Russia.

    In 2013, the «Island-Dance» Vova took part in the project «Star Dance», which lasted 4 weeks. Each week the guys unveiled a new room. The losing team was eliminated from the project. The final could only get 3 of the strongest teams. «Island-Dance» Hudyma got. To do this, Vova came up with a brilliant number called «Mafia».

    Vova Gudim known among dancers and fans of the styles of hip-hop, popping, house, krump and locking far beyond the capital. His workshops he conducts in Khabarovsk, Saint-Petersburg, Tver. Visited the dancer in Kiev and Kharkov.

    Vova GUDY is one of the main choreographers of the TV show «Dancing on TNT». He joined the team of choreographer and mentor Yegor Druzhinin. GUDY puts rooms in different styles and directions. Each of them is bright enough and memorable.

    Personal life

    Personal life of Vova Hudyma he had a happy. He has a lovely wife Anna. But to tell the details of the life of the choreographer dislikes, arguing that that it personal to stay between two people.


    Vova Buzzing

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