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  • Name: Vladlen Biryukov ( Vladlen Birukov )
  • Date of birth: 7 March 1942.
  • Age: 63 years
  • Date of death: September 2, 2005
  • Place of birth: Nikonovo Novosibirsk oblast, Russia
  • Activity: film and theater actor, people’s artist of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: married

    Vladlen Biryukov: biography

    Vladlen Biryukov – actor from Siberia, who became famous after performing the role of James Aleinikov in the TV series «Eternal call». After the success of his paintings began to learn not only in Novosibirsk, where he worked in local theatre, and throughout Russia. Filmography of the actor has more than a hundred theatre roles and about thirty roles in the movie.

    Vladlen ye Biryukov was born March 7, 1942 in a small village Nikonovo Novosibirsk under. His upbringing mother was single-handedly the father Egor Biryukov was killed at the front, when the thing was still very young – in the age of the son did not catch it.

    Vladlen Biryukov in his youth
    Vladlen Biryukov in youth | Movie-Theater

    In school Vladlen was a good student and the good in me – affected by the strict upbringing of his mother. After high school, the future actor without problems takes a job at the local factory of radio components. Here Vladlen first touch to art, enrolling in a creative circle initiative.

    According to one interview with the actor, it is a spontaneous decision prompted his is not a desire for the beautiful – coming from a poor family, he was not love of theater or classical art. It was much more prosaic — the participants of this group were given free passes to the dance, often organised by the youth Committee.

    Vladlen Biryukov in the film
    Vladlen Biryukov in the film «Eternal call» | Kinder

    To his surprise Vladlen ye quickly became interested in theater — although he later joked that he became an actor only because of a dispute with a friend. In the autumn of 1960 Biryukov went to Novosibirsk, where the first time was able to enroll in theater school.

    Career in theater and film

    Vladlen Biryukov with distinction finished training and joined the Novosibirsk theatre. His first role on the stage was Vaska Ashes from the play «the lower depths». A journalist from Poland who was lucky enough to attend this performance, in his essay called Biryukova very talented actor and he predicted great fame.

    The prophecy was true, and Vladlen Biryukov was able to move up the career ladder, from a provincial artist to becoming one of the most popular artists of the eighties – both in the theater and on movie screens.

    Vladlen Biryukov in the film
    Vladlen Biryukov in «Young wife» | full Movie

    In 1986, on the screens of the country beyond the movie «Young wife», which is the main and most successful role of a novice actor, which made him really popular. The morning after the premiere, he woke up famous throughout the Soviet Union.

    Now he was out on the streets and asked for autographs, especially girls. Women went crazy from Biryukova. Young and good handsome has melted the hearts of women and at the same time enjoyed the reputation among the male population.

    Vladlen Biryukov
    Vladlen Biryukov | Middle Of Nowhere

    In the same year, 1986 in the theater «Red torch», he played the role skameykina in the Comedy «a Pleasant woman with a flower and Windows on the North.» Magic Biryukov fall in love with not only spectators – partner Valentina frost also could not resist its charms.

    Personal life

    Vladlen Biryukov was married several times and had a bad reputation as a womanizer, not denying himself the pleasure to have Affairs with foreign women, which clung to the actor good looks.

    With his first wife, a television operator from Novosibirsk named Lyudmila Aleksandrovna, Vladlen met, as a student, during his visit to summer camp. Here she worked as a counselor and Biryukov visited with classmates at school for speaking in front of kids.

    Wife Vladlen Biryukov
    Ludmila, the first wife Vladlena

    Ludmila and Vladlen immediately liked each other, theirs was a whirlwind romance, and after a while they decided to get married. First, they settled the parents Lyudmila and then bought their own homes.

    Despite his marriage, life Biryukova had a lot of women, but Lyudmila has accepted it – he was a famous actor with good looks and has attracted the attention of women. Wife was ready before their wedding and tried to ignore the affair of her husband.

    While working on the play «Uncle Vanya» is he closely bonded with the partner – actress Nadezhda Alexandrova. The outcome of the next novel loving artist was the daughter Biryukov refused to acknowledge the rest of his life.

    Daughter Vladlen Biryukov
    Daughter Vladlen Biryukov and Hope Alexandrova with her husband | Express newspaper online

    The reason for the divorce with Lyudmila was not this novel, and he developed alcoholism and related abuse. After the heady success of «Eternal call», he started to drink – drunk actor became aggressive and began to raise a hand on my wife.

    Lyudmila said that he had forgiven him the first time, but after the second outburst of aggression filed for divorce. It was in 1977 – and though technically the couple broke up, they still almost ten years we lived together and continued to share one bed. In 1986, the thing is gone from home for four days, which was Ludmila last straw. However, the former couple was able to maintain good relations – Biryukov frequently visits her daughter Hope.

    At the moment Nadezhda Biryukova has a family and children. She decided not to follow in the footsteps of his father and chose another profession.

    Tatiana Firsova
    Tatyana Firsova, the widow of Vladlen Biryukov | Courier.Environment.Berdsk

    A year after the divorce he met Tatiana Firsov, which will be his second and last wife. It was almost 30 years younger Biryukova. This woman Vladlen lived eighteen years, and officially, they got married only a year before the death of the artist.

    In Biryukov’s life with a second marriage, nothing has changed – he also was fond of alcohol and went «left.» Tatiana is not time was ready to leave him, but something held them together, she left him for the rest of his life.


    The last year of his life Vladlen Biryukov was seriously ill. He’s not really trying to counter the affliction: the actor agreed to go to the hospital, personally stopped treatment under the action of leaning depression.

    Photo of the grave Biryukova
    Tomb Vladlen Biryukov | Virtual necropolis

    Vladlen Biryukov died 2 Sep 2005 in Berdsk (Novosibirsk oblast). Cause of death – complications of the disease caused by alcoholism. His grave is in the cemetery, he is buried beside his mother.


    The brightest films in which Vladlen Biryukov took part:

    • Hot snow (1973);
    • Vechnyy Zov (1973 – 1983);
    • To be a brother (1976);
    • Young wife (1978);
    • Secret ballot (1980);
    • The order: not to open fire (1981);
    • The order: cross the border (1982);
    • Skydivers (1985);
    • Bread (1988);
    • Sideburns (1990);
    • Aries (1992).


    Vladlen Biryukov

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