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  • Name: Vladislav Zavyalov ( Vladislav Zavyalov )
  • Place of birth: Rostov-na-Donu
  • Activity: TV presenter
  • Marital status:

    Vladislav Zavyalov: biography

    Journalist and TV presenter Vladislav Zavyalov was born in 1964. The first years of his life were spent in Rostov-on-don, but after the divorce of his parents Wladyslaw and his mother moved to Kiev. In this city he lived for 10 years and loved it.

    Vladislav Zavyalov
    Vladislav Zavyalov | DV-Reclama.ru

    After school Vladislav Zavyalov was admitted in the engineering Institute. He was a diligent student, graduated with «red» diploma.

    Already in his student years, Vladislav thought about a career on television. Having a diploma on hand, he continued his studies at the Institute for television and radio broadcasting, specialty «Lead live». Zavyalov was lucky – he studied with Igor Kirillov.


    His career in television began on the state channel in Rostov-on-don. Vladislav has worked leading and the chief editor, and in 1999 he moved to Moscow. In the capital, he started as the host of «Vesti». In this project, Vladislav worked four years – from 1999 to 2003.

    In 2001 he was invited as presenter of the program «Federation», I had to combine two of the draft, but he did it. In 2002 Vladislav Zavyalov first appeared in the project «Morning of Russia», which leads today. The audience liked confident, erudite and stylish leading, they noted his special news. In 2009 on the channel «My planet» has published the first edition of the author’s program of Vladislav Zavyalov, in which he shared his impressions about the journey. Leading fascinatingly told about the Caribbean, the Alps and his native Donny.

    Vladislav Zavyalov with the creative team of the TV show
    Vladislav Zavyalov with the creative team of the TV show «Morning of Russia». | WOMAN

    In 2012 he had a jubilee – 25 years on television. In a rare interview with Vladislav Zavyalov says that «Morning of Russia» became his family and expensive project. He never misses a program, even when is on vacation or on a business trip abroad, trying to watch the broadcasts with colleagues.

    Personal life

    About my personal life Zavialov does not apply. There were rumors that he is Dating co-host of the program «Morning of Russia» Irina Muromtseva. Irina and Vladislav sometimes in live broadcasts supported this myth, creating the appearance of the novel. But in the fall of 2012 Muromtseva married and happily told the audience that her family is expected to replenish.

    Irina Muromtseva and Vladislav Zavyalov
    Irina Muromtseva and Vladislav Zavyalov | Tonpix

    Vladislav Zavyalov is not yet married, he does not have children. He, like any man, dreaming about strong and happy family, wants him to have had a daughter. However, while the social events, the singer comes in the company of their colleagues on the airwaves. In his spare time Zavialov pleasure skating, traveling nurses and three nephews.


    Vladislav Zavyalov

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