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  • Name: Vladislav Surkov ( Vladislav Surkov )
  • Date of birth: 21 September 1964
  • Age: 52 years
  • Place of birth: page Solntsevo, Lipetsk oblast
  • Height: 180
  • Activities: Russian politician, former Deputy Prime Minister of Russia, assistant to the President of the Russian Federation, economist
  • Marital status: Married

    Vladislav Surkov: biography

    Vladislav Surkov – one of the most prominent statesmen of modern Russia, whom colleagues call a «brilliant Communicator» able to foresee many events around the world. It is one of the ideologists and founders of the largest Russian party «United Russia», a supporter of «fair democracy» and a talented strategist, and currently the assistant to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin the issues of relations with Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Also the civil servant according to unofficial data, acts as a secret representative of the Russian Chapter in the Ukraine, for what was in the «black list» of the United States on charges of involvement in the internal Ukrainian conflict.

    Vladislav Surkov was born on 21 Sep 1964 in Lipetsk and the village of Solntsevo, which confirms his biography, posted on the official website of the presidential administration of the Russian Federation. In some sources there is information that future statesmen, was born in the Chechen-Ingush ASSR, in the village of Duba-Yurt, a native of which his father was Yuri Dudaev. He was the only child of parents who worked as teachers in the local Chechen school.

    To 5 years young Vladislav lived in Duba-Yurt, and after his father entered the military school and entered the service in the GRU of the General staff of the armed forces of the country, the mother carried the boy to his native village of Solntsevo, as the head of the family never returned to the family.

    School years the future statesman took place in a local school No. 62 of the city Skopin Ryazan region, where he remembered a diligent, attentive, talented and diligent pupil, which today hangs on the «honor roll» schools. First I finished eight classes all straight a’s in school, and high school finished in school # 1, which came out almost a medal with only three fours in the certificate.

    After leaving school in 1981, Vladislav Surkov went to conquer the capital, where he entered the iron and steel Institute MISIS. But, after less than two years, the future Deputy Prime Minister was forced to drop out of College for «family reasons», after which he was drafted into the army. Duty to the Motherland, he was sent to Hungary, where based artillery unit of the Southern troops. There is information that in fact, Surkov was a draftee in the GRU, as reported by ex-defense Minister Sergei Ivanov. He is a statesman not confirmed nor denied this fact of his biography.

    In 1986, Vladislav Yuryevich decided to get creative higher education and entered the Moscow Institute of culture in the directing and acting faculty. But in this University he has failed to get a diploma the following year, he again dropped out, citing «family circumstances». Higher education, the future politician received only in 1990 he graduated from the international University Gabriel Popov, from which a master of economic Sciences.


    In the early ‘ 90s biography of Vladislav Surov has not yet had a certain direction. But fate gave him a chance to meet Mikhail Khodorkovsky, who at the time was one of the Directors of the first officially registered in Russia commercial Bank «MENATEP». The big businessman said the future policy in the gym in training in stunt Tadeusz Kasyanov, where you can reliable guards.

    Later, Khodorkovsky said Surkov of his unique abilities in the field of creativity and advertising and increased it in the post, appointing him head of the advertising Department of «MENATEP». After 6 years, Vladislav Yuryevich began to rapidly move up the corporate ladder: first, he received the post of Deputy Prime Minister, ZAO «Rosprom», and then became the first Deputy Chairman of the Board «Alfa-Bank», the owner of which was Mikhail Fridman, a friend and classmate of Surkov by Misa.

    In 1999, the future assistant to the Russian head became the first Deputy of the General Director of ORT on PR, a position which he showed his great ambitions and made many useful contacts, which helped him to reach the greater political arena of the country.


    In 1999, Vladislav Surkov, a biography which changed the business orientation on the political, came to the administration of the President of the Russian Federation. He became the assistant to the head of the Russian administration head, Alexander Voloshin, who was appointed the novice politician as his Deputy. In his new position, Vladislav Yuryevich was prepared by the President of Russia suggestions on the conduct of domestic policy, and he also supervised the questions connected with the implementation of major projects of the Kremlin. In that period, it was noticed in the government backstage and appreciated the professionalism of colleagues.

    Achievements of Vladislav Surkov on his political career was more important than many «politicians-timers». His first creation has become a powerful promotion in the parliamentary elections, the political bloc «Unity», based on which later was founded the largest Russian party «United Russia». In 2004, Vladislav Surkov was appointed an aide to the Russian President Vladimir Putin. His new responsibilities included ensuring the organization of information-analytical activity of the head of the Russian Federation on issues of domestic policy, as well as coordination of international and Federal relations. In addition, he controlled the interaction of local governments with public authorities, communication with the media, the activities of the Council for culture and art of the country.

    In 2008, after the victory of Dmitry Medvedev in the presidential election of Vladislav Surkov has managed to retain its place in the presidential administration. The scope of duties has expanded considerably – he was also tasked to oversee the modernisation and technological development of economy of the Russian Federation, which allowed the officer to become a member of the Board of Trustees of the innovation center «SKOLKOVO».

    In November 2011 Vladislav Surkov was appointed Deputy Prime Minister. On the new position he had to deal with the development of the GLONASS project and be responsible for modernization of science, health and education in the country. Then his hands were all national projects, the development of tourism and the youth policy. A year Vladislav Yuryevich Chairman of the government Commission for development of broadcasting. In addition, he oversaw issues related to media, justice, government interference with the courts and prosecutors, with the result that, according to the scientists, became the «chief personnel officer» of the government.

    In 2013 Vladislav Surkov is Putin’s assistant in relations with South Ossetia and Abkhazia. Indirectly, he is also the unofficial party of the Russian side in the Ukrainian conflict, which was included in the sanctions list of the USA. In Ukraine he is accused of complicity with ex-President Viktor Yanukovych, and believe Surkov coordinator of the actions of the armed formations on the territory of Donbass.

    In 2016, an outstanding event in the activities of Surkov was meeting with U.S. assistant Secretary of state for European Affairs Victoria Nuland to Ukraine. They discussed all the critical moments in the implementation of the Minsk agreements that are the only way to stop the war in Ukraine. Experts believe that at the talks Surkov and Nuland decided the destiny of Ukraine.

    Personal life

    Personal life of Vladislav Surkov never disappeared from the public eye. Statesman was married twice. His first marriage was contracted almost immediately after the end of military service. Surkov’s first wife, Yulia Vishnevskaya, was an art historian and a collector of unique dolls. After legalizing relations government official adopted Julia’s son from her first marriage, but children they had. Relations of the spouses did not work because of the diversity of interests – in the end, the couple broke up. Now the ex-wife of Vladislav Yuryevich lives in London, and adopted son Artem received his higher education at MSU and works in real estate.

    The second time the assistant to the Russian President married his personal Secretary at the Bank «MENATEP» Natalia Dubovitskaya. This marriage was more successful than the first. His second wife bore three children Surkov Romana, Mary and Timur. Currently, the wife Surkov is the Deputy Director of public Affairs of the «Group of industrial enterprises of the RCP», and is also a shareholder in large companies, supporting local designers.

    Free from the politics of the time, Vladislav Surkov dedicates not only his family, but creative activities. He enjoys writing symphonic music and lyrics, playing the guitar. He also is a fan of Russian rock. There is a theory that a government official is the real author of the novel «Okolonolya», which outlined some details of his autobiography.


    Income Vladislav Surkov during 2014, according to official returns amounted to just over 8 million 200 thousand roubles, and his wife half. Family owns 6 land plots with a total area of almost 50 000 sq. m, 2 houses with an area of 1.5 thousand square meters and the apartment of 59,4 sq. m. the couple have a three — car Mercedes-Benz S-class, Mercedes-Benz Viano and Ford Galaxy, all of which are recorded on a government official’s wife Natalia Dubovitskaya.


    Vladislav Surkov

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