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  • Name: Vladislav Strzhelchik ( Vladislav Strzhelchik )
  • Date of birth: 31 Jan 1921
  • Age: 74 years
  • Date of death: 11 September 1995
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Height: 180
  • Activities: actor, theater teacher, people’s artist of the USSR
  • Marital status: married

    Vladislav Strzhelchik: biography

    January 31, 1921 in Petrograd ordinary family was born a son named Vladislav. He was the second child, but very welcome. His parents lived modestly, education they had, but more valuable was their innate intelligence. Perhaps that is why, Vladislav Strzhelchik was able the role of the aristocracy on the stage of the theatre and cinema.

    Mother worked at the Hermitage until the war began. Father, a pole by nationality, was a deeply religious man and secretly attended Church. When the sons grew up, he took them with him to the service. There, under the vaults of the temple, in the soul of Vladislav fell in love with the theatre after Church service resembles a theatrical performance. During the service the boy ran errands Abbot – bring the Holy water, gave the Church utensils and feel part of what is happening.

    The elder brother of Vladislav Strzhelchik — Peter — in the childhood was fond of literature, a good student in school, with «red diploma graduated from the Institute of communications. He was educated and intelligent, but after the war remained in the army. On this basis, the brothers had barely spoken.

    In the school years Vlad spent day and night in the drama club. Parents arranged that my son busy and off the streets. After school strzelczyk decided to enter the Studio of the Bolshoy drama theatre. It took the course of Boris Babochkin, but a year later he was drafted into the army. Then the war started – first Vladislav Strzhelchik fought on the front lines, then he was transferred to a military ensemble. In drama, he returned after the victory and continued learning.


    The first two years Vladislav Strzhelchik was in the supporting structure, but in 1947 he was accepted into the main troupe of the BDT. Debut the actor was the role of Claudio in a production of «Much ADO about nothing». Then was the role of Grekova in the play «the Enemies» – the dramatic critics were flattering about a talented young man. Vladislav Strzhelchik has frequently appeared in the costumed performances. He is remembered by the audience for roles in performances of «the Servant of two masters», «Girl with a jug» and others.

    The actor was never late for rehearsals, always thoroughly taught the text and appeared before the viewer in good shape. Gradually he began to play dramatic roles: Paradise in the «Open», Kulygin in «Three sisters». Solomon Gregory in his performance in the play «the Price» conquered even the most stringent of critics – they acknowledged his masterpiece. Vladislav so precisely managed to get used to the role of 90-year-old man, a statement showed on stage BDT 25 years: all these years the show is held exclusively for» -«.

    His sparkling humor saved and on the stage. Colleagues felt comfortable working with him, and the audience enjoyed it. A good example is the sparkling Prince Vano in the play «Hanuma». Memorable and creative tandem Freundlich-strzelczyk in the play «the ardent lover».

    He was many times invited to work in the Mossovet Theatre and the Small theatre even ordered for an actor containers to carry things in the capital, but throughout his life he remained faithful to St. Petersburg BDT.

    In 1986-1991 strzelczyk was a member of the Board, and from October 1991 Secretary of the Board of the Union of theatrical workers of the RSFSR.


    In the movie, Vladislav Strzhelchik began acting in 1942. His first screen image – Finnish officer-guard in the picture «Masha». But popularity came to an actor much later, 23 years later, when he played General Hamburga in the movie «what is your name now?».

    Many of his roles became classics of Soviet cinema. He is equally good images of Napoleon in «War and peace» swindler Naryshkin, the «Crown of the Russian Empire», the father of the bride «Straw hat», Lestok in, «Midshipmen, forward!».

    In 1965, the artist was awarded the title of people’s artist of the RSFSR, and after 9 years he became a people’s artist of the USSR. He also engaged in teaching activities: he taught at the Leningrad Institute of theatre, music and cinema in 1959-1968. at the Leningrad Institute of culture since 1966.

    The last works of Vladislav Strzhelchik in the movie have become roles in the films «Pericoli» (1984), «face to Face» (1986), «Tartuffe» (1992), «Provincial benefit» (1993), «the Tragedy of the century» (1994).

    Personal life

    Vladislav Strzhelchik was married twice. His first wife Olga gave birth to the actor’s daughter Marina. But family relationships are not formed. Vladislav continued to live with his wife for the sake of the child, until he met Lyudmila Shuvalov.

    Their acquaintance took place in the South, where both were on tour. Lyudmila was 24 years old, Vladislav – 30. She is from Moscow, he from Peter. After returning, the actor immediately called her, came to Moscow when could escape. Soon the couple decided to live together. Vladislav left the family, and the happy couple settled in a rented room with no Windows. Moving to Leningrad frightened parents Ludmila, but they let daughter.

    For seven years they lived in a civil marriage and then got married. In this Union no children – Lyudmila Pavlovna deliberately refused motherhood, devoting herself to her husband. His life was busy with theater, and all the household chores fell on the shoulders of his wife. He adored his wife and cozy house that was always clean and refined.

    Strzelczyk was very jealous, and Shuvalov turned a blind eye to his novels. Note that the famous actor Dmitry Isaev believe in the media and the actor’s environment, the illegitimate son of Vladislav Ignatievich. However, says the actor’s widow, in their house this subject was closed. Strzelczyk almost no contact with the daughter and son in life is not recognized. For the first time Ludmila Pavlovna saw the young man at her husband’s funeral.


    The first alarm was at the rehearsal of the play «Macbeth» in 1994. Strzelczyk had forgotten the text and could not speak even two sentences – this never happened before. Ludmila Pavlovna insisted on the examination the diagnosis was disappointing – a brain tumor. Husband she did not dare to tell the truth. The doctors said that the tumor was inoperable, but at the neurosurgical Institute was the doctor who undertook the operation. After the operation, Vladislav Ignatievich has become easier, he got out of bed, walked through the garden. Wife a month and a half spent in the resort, but the disease returned.

    On 11 September 1995, the actor died. He was buried at the Volkov cemetery in St. Petersburg. The widow says » — » that was the only time she was powerless to help the man she loves.


    • «War and peace»
    • «Midshipmen, forward!»
    • «Tartuffe»
    • «Superfluous people»
    • «Blockade»
    • «A courtesy visit»
    • «The green carriage»
    • «My destiny»
    • «Lights»
    • «Face to face»


    Vladislav Strzhelchik

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