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  • Name: Vladislav Ramm ( Vladislav Ramm )
  • Date of birth: 17 September 1995
  • Age: 21 years
  • Place of birth: Kemerovo
  • Activity: Singer, member of «MBand»
  • Marital status: Divorced

    Vladislav Ramm: biography

    Vladislav Ramm was born on 17 Sep 1995 in Kemerovo. Education and character building of a boy held by his father, by which Vladislav, he said, suffered a truly masculine notions of life. His father believes he is the best friend and the immensely respects. The love of music the boy inherited from his mother, who worked as the actress of musical theater. Early life boyfriend little is known: since childhood he aspired to fame and seriously into music. The boy chose a life goal is to become a musician and aspired to it in every way possible. First, the guy went to music school to play the piano, learning the musical instrument. He later studied singing at private courses.

    After school, Vladislav went in her mother’s footsteps and entered the Moscow College of theatre Oleg Tabakov, cherishing the dream of becoming an artist. Study the guy was easy, he moved to the dormitory in which he lived, all students of the institution. But in the first year Ramm has decided to leave College because he could no longer be with the girl who broke his heart.

    Vladislav Ramm: «I Want to Meladze»

    His musical career Vladislav Ramm began with participation in the television project. 30 APR 2014 the famous composer and producer Konstantin Meladze announced the beginning of the casting for the reality show «Want to Meladze». The programme of the finalists had to create a male pop group. This project was a chance for Vladislav to get into the music industry.

    On September 13, 2014 was the debut performance Frame on the TV. The guy decided to impress the audience and judges ‘ composition is an unusual thing: he descended from the roof shooting hall with a bunch of balloons and a bouquet of flowers. His feat is appreciated and valued by the contest judges, especially ex-soloist of group «VIA Gra» Vera Brezhnev queue missed young artist on the scene.

    Further, the audience’s attention was riveted on the person of Vladimir Frame with information about his marital status. 18-year-old singer told the audience that he is married to a Muscovite named Veronica. I here to support my husband.

    During the project he managed to visit the Timothy team, and then Ramm moved to Sergey Lazarev, then, like other members of his team left the show. In the end, he became one of the winners of the contest, receiving the opportunity to be part of the new team «MBAND» together with Anatoly Tsoy, Artem and Nikita Pindaroi Kiosse.

    Vladislav Ramm: «MBAND»

    24 Nov 2014 in the group «MBAND» came the first single «

  • She’ll be back». After a month on the screens appeared in the same clip. The group debuted at the concert «Big Love Show 2015», devoted to Valentine’s Day in February 2015. In the future, the team won the title «discovery of the year» and «Favorite entertainer of the year». In June 2015, it was announced about the start of filming of the reality show «One day with MBAND», which will show on TV channel «STS Love». In the framework of the four members of the group spend time together with eight of his female fans, who will be selected during a large-scale casting in Russia.

    Vladislav Ramm: personal life

    As befits a party male pop band whose target audience is women, personal life of Vladislav the Frame is filled with rumors and scandalous details. To participate in the project «Want to Meladze» the guy met with the Muscovite

  • Veronica. During the show he said that he is married, but no details about the wedding were not known. At the end of the show Ramm suddenly announced the divorce. In an interview with the magazine «Viva!» later, the actor admitted that such a decision he took before the show, but decided to keep the intrigue until the end of the program.

    On the set of Vladislav Ramm fell in love with a ballerina, with whom he began an affair. For further developments, viewers watched with the utmost care that much fueled interest in the person of a young singer. At the end of the show Ramm appeared before the cameras together with Veronica and admitted that he cheated on her on the project, so they had to leave. The girl’s response confessed to her pregnancy.

    Some took the side of the abandoned wife, but most of the fans of the artist was delighted with their newfound freedom Frame. With the dancer relationship had not developed, after the project is completed, they parted ways, and in the interview the guy said that didn’t count on a long and serious relationship. 2 Dec 2014 ex-wife, Ranma Veronica gave birth to a daughter Nicole.

    In March 2015, in the press there were pictures and rumors about the novel with the Frame member of the group «VIA Gra» Misha Romanova. Young people together to attend festivals and have a rest in Thailand, laying on their social media pages sharing photos. However, Vladislav claims that he likes to spend time in a friendly atmosphere.

    Vladislav Ramm: photo

    Vladislav Ramm

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