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  • Name: Vladislav Radimov ( Vladislav Radimov )
  • Date of birth: 26 November 1975.
  • Age: 41
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Growth: 182
  • Activities: coach, football player
  • Marital status: married Tatiana Bulanova

    Vladislav Radimov: a biography

    Vladislav Nikolayevich Radimov — formerly known footballer, the captain of Petersburg «Zenith» and also a player of the Spanish «Zaragoza», Bulgarian «Levski» and the national team of Russia. The last years he works in the club «Zenith» as a coach.

    Biography of Vladislav Radimov from the first days connected with Saint-Petersburg. He was born in 1975 in a family of dentists. By the way, for the power of the toothache is still the most terrible ordeal, worse than any injury. The boy is lucky that the parents didn’t insist that he followed in their footsteps. But they demanded that the son had little idle, and had a whole day loaded. So the little Vladislav Radimov, she saw a TV movie about d’artagnan, enrolled in the fencing section.

    Vladislav Radimov in childhood
    Vladislav Radimov in childhood

    There the guy stayed not very long, but managed to win bronze medals of the championship of Leningrad among their peers. Rapier Vladislav Radimov has changed on the soccer ball when it is in the third grade took to the football school «Change». Teaching in the secondary school moved into the background, though the teenager tried not to get bad grades, or the coach is not allowed on the workout. Himself recalls Radimov, in football terms, he has not grown as fast as we would like his mentors. Perhaps it was due to the fact that the player came to the sport later accepted age. However, he managed to make a great career and make a significant contribution to domestic football.

    Football player and coach

    To debut at senior level Vladislav Radimov had at the age of 16 years when he played for the Second League club «Smena-Saturn». It was the only match for the home team, as almost immediately the athlete moves to Moscow and becomes a member of CSKA Moscow, which appeared four years. And that as a soldier Radimov came to the Russian team and went to the European championship in England. Later in his career appears Spanish «Zaragoza». The first season he was a major player, but then gave way to the competitors.

    Vladislav Radimov
    In the «Zaragoza» surrounded by players of «Barcelona» | Zetaestaticos

    Had to go to rent. First in the football biography of Vladislav Radimov is of the Moscow «Dynamo», and then «Levski» from Sofia. Although the athlete the time to remember not like, but in the Treasury of his achievements was added the Russian Cup final and the gold medal Bulgarian championship. At the beginning of the XXI century Vladislav was about to hang up football boots on a nail, but agreed to play in Samara «Wings of the Soviets», and not only gained a second wind, but also became a leader and team captain.

    Vladislav Radimov
    Radimov, the coach of the reserves of Zenit St. Petersburg | Russian Football

    A year later, Radimov is in the favorite football club of his childhood, in «Zenith». It is believed that at that time it was the most expensive transfer transition for Petersburgers. Here, the player became the champion of Russia, won the Cup and the Supercup. Not without the help of Vladislav «Zenith» has won on the international stage, winning the UEFA Cup and then beaten in the UEFA super Cup, the legendary British club «Manchester United». After a career of Vladislav Radimov left in the structure of «Zenit». He started coaching the youth team, and now heads the reserve team.

    Personal life

    In his personal life Vladislav Radimov had two official wives, one the actual marriage, as well as several novels. First time he married Larissa Bushmanova, who gave birth to the footballer’s daughter Alexandra. Together the couple moved to Spain together and experienced the many changes of clubs. But after a few years the wife of Vladislav Radimov left for another man, a serious businessman, and he himself, two years later, met a TV presenter Julia Izotov, with whom he lived about three years in a de facto marriage.

    Lora Borisova and Yulia Izotova
    First wife Radimov, Lora Borisova, and civil wife, Yulia Izotova

    In 2004, during a joint interview in the framework of «the star with the star says» met Vladislav Radimov Tatyana Bulanov, a very famous Russian singer. They fairly quickly started a romantic relationship, which led to a beautiful Declaration of love atop the Eiffel tower and colorful wedding in October of next year. Tatiana gave birth to Radimov son Nikita and Vladislav tried to find a common language with Alexander, the son of the wife from first marriage.

    Vladislav Radimov Tatyana Bulanov and children
    Vladislav Radimov Tatyana Bulanov with children | Telenedelya

    Unfortunately, in recent years, increasingly began to climb up the topic of divorce and Vladislav Radimov Tatyana Bulanova. The press attributed the football coach and cohabitation with the daughter of a famous jeweler Anne of Ananova and fitness coach Irina Yakovleva. Adding fuel to the fire my wife and she Radimov, which is posted on their pages in social networks «posts of despair», where we share with the audience their fears and pain. A lot of fans of Tatiana Bulanova and her husband are confident that their couple that everyone thought was very beautiful, may soon disintegrate. But officially no divorce Radimov and Bulanov has not yet been issued.


    Vladislav Radimov

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