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  • Name: Vladislav Listyev’s ( Vladislav Listiev )
  • Date of birth: 10 may 1956
  • Age: 38 years
  • Date of death: March 1, 1995
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activity: TV presenter, journalist and first General Director of ORT
  • Marital status: was married to Albina Nazimova

    Vladislav Leaves: a biography

    This man is rightly called a legend of Soviet television. In his short life Vladislav Listyev managed to completely change the format of the broadcast in the late Soviet and early Russian Federation, creating a series of blockbuster gear. That he obliged the audience of the TV program «Chas PIK», «name that tune» and «Field of dreams».

    Vladislav Listyev — human heavy and dark destiny. He managed to build an entire television Empire, bravely defended its principles, but was unlucky in his personal life. Leaf tried to kill himself and for some time suffered from alcoholism.

    About Vladislav shot more than a dozen documentaries and written several books, the latest of which is dated 2014. New facts from the biography of the presenter continue to emerge even now, 20 years after his death.

    Vlad Leaves born on 10 may 1956 in Moscow, in the family of ordinary workers of the plant «Dynamo». The boy was in the sports boarding school of the society «Spartacus», was involved in athletics at a young age became a USSR champion in run on 1000 metres.

    When Vladislav was in the tenth grade, his father had killed himself by drinking a poisonous solution. The tragedy occurred due to the fact that Nicholas, the Leaves were afraid of being accused of theft of money from the factory offices. This was a huge blow for the Government, but troubles were not over. After a short period of time, Zoe, to have Power brought to the house of another man, who was himself abused alcohol, and bowed to it Zoe. After a few years of Vlad got married and moved to his wife.

    First Vlad, even while studying at the faculty of journalism of Moscow state University, did not plan to go on TV, as the coaches predicted a young athlete’s dizzying future. The young man worked as a sports coach and he was preparing for the Olympics-80. It all comes down to the fact that the Leaves had become the champion and hope of the Soviet sports. However, due to stress, family problems and financial distress sports Authority was getting worse, and so he had to abandon the career of the athlete.

    The young man delved into the study. New knowledge and Vlad were learned so well that after graduation he was offered an internship not just anywhere, but in Cuba. All of a sudden refused the Leaves. He had already firmly decided what he wants to do, and so decided to gain a foothold on radio and television.


    Starting with internships at radio and television, Vladislav thanks to his talent and tenacity quickly managed to make his way upstairs. Already in 1982 he began working as an editor in the Department of broadcasting, which specialized in broadcast abroad — in other words, for propaganda. There Vlad made a number of useful contacts among colleagues, and in 1987 moved to Central television as co-host of the popular program «

  • Look». According to the decision of the CPSU Central Committee, this program was supposed to be for young people an alternative leisure and a substitute for foreign radio stations in the late eighties was interested in adolescents and young adults. The format of the program — infotainment. In the Soviet Union it was one of the very few legal ways to hear foreign music and touch the Western culture. In addition, in the program «the View» was raised many difficult political and social issues. The calculation was justified, the program became immensely popular to the extent that when in 1990 it tried to close, in front of the hotel «Moscow» was going to rally.

    In the same year Vladislav Leaves with the team founded a TV company VID, whose logo is well remembered every lover of television programs in the nineties. In 1991 Vlad received the position of General Director of the company.

    The idea of Vladislav Listyev was a show «

  • Field of dreams,» which first appeared on television in 1991. This man was the first leading newly minted TV show. Vladislav told me that the format of the show it gave the appearance casino roulette and the name of the program, the team took from the tale of Pinocchio. Similar programs in the former Soviet Union was not. Because of the newness of the concept and the active participation of stars of show business, television and film as guests, the new show was simply doomed to success. Thanks to Vladislav Listeva also appeared one of the first talk shows in the Soviet Union — the «
  • The theme of» where were discussed topical social and political problems. Since 1993, when Vladislav took the position of Director of television, he began to have serious disagreements with the team. All the Leaves stayed on the post about a year and a half, after which he was dismissed by former colleagues.

    In early 1995, the broadcaster moved to the newly formed company

  • ORT, where he held the position of General Director. In connection with the active work in the new workplace Vladislav Leaves were subjected to repeated threats. Lead wanted to break the current monopoly of the advertisers and have seen their task is to make television a means of advertising and propaganda, and public educational and cultural center. After the Leaves are decided on a moratorium on ads on TV, the number of threats has increased. Colleagues and friends advised the master to call security, but he still didn’t believe that he actually is threatened. Nothing…


    Unfortunately, the life of this talented leader was broken before. On the first day of March 1995, Listyev was shot dead in the stairwell of his home, when the journalist was returning from filming «Rush Hour.» He died instantly. Statement on the death of the TV presenter made himself President Boris Yeltsin. Leaf was buried at the Vagankovskoye cemetery in Moscow.

    The murder of Listyev caused a huge public resonance for several reasons. First, the Leaves have lost their lives at the peak of his popularity, and secondly, it was obvious that the crime was not robbery (personal values of Power remained intact).

    The investigation Listyev lasted until 2009, but investigators failed to track down the responsible for the incident, although, according to them, things were going very well. It was said that criminals have found patrons among influential people, so it was doomed to failure.

    There were various versions of causes of the tragedy, but they all boiled down to political motives of the crime. So, some linked it with the names of Alexander Korzhakov, as well as the oligarchs Boris Berezovsky and Sergei Lisovsky, but the official version of the investigation did not give about it any comments.

    At the moment, the murder of the legendary broadcaster suspended.

    Personal life

    His first wife

  • By Elena Ninoy Vladislav met at a sports camp, even as an athlete. Lena also engaged in athletics. Vlad instantly fell in love, and very soon the couple got married. Then first child was born, very weak boy, do not live a day. Elena suffered a severe nervous breakdown, began to behave with the husband is very aggressive. And Vlad, they say, began to stare at other women. In the end, despite the birth of her second child, the couple separated. With his daughter Valeria Leaves no contact. The second choice of the journalist and presenter became his colleague in the shop
  • Tatiana Lyalina. Unfortunately, this marriage too was not happy. The couple got married, they had a son named Vladislav in honor of his father, but the boy very soon lost sight and hearing, and died at preschool age. And though the family grew up the second son of Alexander, Vlad Leaves was in a very depressed state to enjoy life. The presenter tried to commit suicide. After he was rescued, the Leaves began to drink, not paying attention to his job. Tatyana tried to appeal to man’s mind, but the result is not given, and the couple broke up. From the bondage of alcoholism Vladislav Listyev pulled third wife
  • Albina Nazimova. It is a force brought the beloved of the noisy companies drinking, quit my job and all my time was devoted to her husband. Rumor has it, thanks to her Sheets reached such heights. Albina itself these rumors were denied. Beloved got married two years after Dating and were together until death separated them.

    TV shows

    • Field of dreams
    • The theme
    • Rush hour
    • Name that tune
    • Finest hour
    • L-club
    • Silver bullet
    • Look


    Vladislav Leaves

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