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  • Name: Vladislav Lisovets ( Vlad Lisovets )
  • Date of birth: 9 August 1972
  • Age: 44 years
  • Place of birth: Baku, Azerbaijan
  • Height: 187
  • Activities: Russian hair stylist, hairdresser, designer and presenter
  • Marital status: divorced

    Vladislav Lisovets : biography

    Childhood and youth of the famous stylist Vladislav Vasilevich Lisovets were held in Azerbaijan. Vladislav was born in a hot August, 1972 in Baku. His family came here in the 1930s. Grandparents Lisovets have Russian and Ukrainian origin. In Azerbaijan they came, fleeing from hunger. Here were born the mother and father Vladislav.

    Parents Lisovets were ordinary people who had no relationship to the world of art and Bohemia. My mother worked in the railway lab, dad worked on the same RAILWAY by the locomotive engineer. But the younger son (Vladislav has an older brother) grew up a creative person and artistic.

    At 7 years of age, the mother took Vladislav to the ballet school, which he attended for several years. Growing up and realizing that their future with ballet associate does not want Lisovets threw dances. But classes left a distinct mark on his life.

    Back in high school Vladislav Lisovets was fond of hair styling. His first customers were relatives and classmates. Vlad liked to make people more beautiful. He was able to notice in the appearance of the familiar pretty features, and learned to make them focus. The guy had great taste and could give good advice, after which his «client» has become much more attractive. Even then, Vladislav thought about a career stylist.

    A few years Vladislav Lisovets studied at the ballet school, where he received a musical education. He has learned to understand art and music, acquired good manners.

    Some time Lisovets worked as a hairdresser in his native Baku. But in 1994, Vlad took a leave of absence and went to Moscow. Life of the capital is immediately captured and fascinated him. And so charmed that Vladislav Lisovets could stay here forever.


    To live in the capital, was the necessary money. Vladislav Lisovets has made diligent efforts and found a job in his field. He got a master in most ordinary hair salon. However, it was in this place and something unusual: it was located in the «bowels» of the television station «Ostankino». So sometimes, it looked quite recognizable media personalities.

    Once in Barber came the band «Agatha Christie». The Authorities drew attention and was offered to star in a new clip of the famous team. Of course, he gladly agreed. And then, according to the Lisovets, «spun and spun». The first proposal was another. Vladislav, which has a fairly bright appearance of the model was observed. He starred in videos with Christina Aguilera and many other stars.

    After 2 years of work in Ostankino Barber shop, there was another event that radically changed the lives of Power. On the street he was approached by a stranger who noticed a bright guy, stand out from the crowd. He offered to work as a model. The offer has not become so much of a surprise to Vladislav Lisovets. He explained that already has a specialty and working in a Barber shop. The stranger immediately made another suggestion – try your hand at one of the best of the capital’s salons. Of course, an aspiring stylist from distant Baku immediately agreed.

    For the period of work in a new salon Vladislav Lisovets learned a lot. He was lucky to work with craftsmen of the highest class. Young stylist avidly as a dry sponge, absorbing new knowledge. The number of its customers grew, and among them were more and more people knows the whole country. Many of them have become regular customers of the talented master. The services of a stylist used Zhanna Friske, Avraam Russo, Anita Tsoy, Irina Ponarovskaya, Tatiana Vedeneeva and many others.

    Vladislav Lisovets – stylist the first of the group «Brilliant». Participants in this group used his services since the first days of formation of the group. Initially I was skeptical about the stylist only Olga Orlova, which was its own master in one of the most expensive Metropolitan beauty salons. But soon it moved to the ‘ in the capable hands of Lisovets.

    One of the clients became and Valery Leontiev. According to Davis, Valery Yakovlevich was a very creative person and really enjoyed all new. Although the star has been already formed his own style, he is easily walked on experiments and well-perceived innovations.

    Career Vladislav Lisovets is rapidly moving up. In a moment come to understand that he doesn’t have to work in someone else’s salon: it’s time to open your. The number of regular customers has been so great that it alone was not easy. So Lisovets opened on Sretenka his workshop, calling it the «Barber’s office.» Now Vladislav Vasilevich Lisovets has an extensive network of own beauty.

    In addition to his favorite works by the famous stylist, after moving to the capital, was seriously engaged in their education. He received a specialty «Psychologist» in one of the Moscow universities. The acquired knowledge was no less important than professionalism in creating hairstyles and makeup. Because most network clients workshops Lisovets come to the salon not only cut, but also to socialize, to relax, to get helpful tips.

    Biography Vladislav Lisovets is not only a stylist, but also participation in TV projects. He is a frequent guest on the reality show. In his active participation in the «Feminine form», «Fashion Academy» and «Top model in Russian». Having studied television, Lisovets soon presented its own program, calling it the «Week of style». Then on the channel «Home», was released the second draft of Power «Beauty requires».

    Viewers saw Vladislav Lisovets and on movie screens. Since 2000, he starred in the project «Daddy’s girls», «Zaitsev+1», «Your world» and «March 8, men!».

    Personal life

    Now known stylist and artist for 40. At the moment he has no family and children. But the personal life of Vladislav Lisovets it is arranged, according to the man himself. Not to be married not to be lonely, he says.

    But in life, Vladislav was one failed marriage. The stylist got married when he was 25 years old. But this marriage was short-lived. As explained Lisovets, he soon realized that he and his wife have very different interests and views on life. Extinguished interest to his beloved was decisive, and after 2 years the couple parted.

    Vladislav Lisovets accustomed to the current status and said that a new marriage interfere with his love of freedom and selfishness. But who knows, will not evaporate if these qualities, when Vladislav meet a true love.


    • «Daddy’s girls»
    • «Your world»
    • «Zaitsev +1»
    • «The Eighth of March, men!»


    Vladislav Lisovets

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