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  • Name: Vladislav Kotlyarskii ( Vladislav Kotlyarskiy )
  • Date of birth: 2 August 1972
  • Age: 44 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Vladislav kotlyarskii: biography

    Actor Vladislav kotlyarskii is familiar to viewers on the many roles of law enforcement officers, which periodically appear in the TV series and movies. His main role was the image of a police major Stanislav Karpov from the television series «Capercaillie» and «carp» for a long time established artist the role of a policeman. However, the way in cinema for Vladislav was long and thorny.

    The boy was born on a warm summer day, August 2, 1972 in Moscow. His family had no relation to the movie, but Vladislav from a very early age was determined to become an artist. Parents did not approve of his choice, and his father even saw his son, a factory worker.

    When it came time to enter University, kotlyarska filed documents at drama school. But the exams to join the future actor failed due to lack of knowledge and basic experience of acting, which many future artists receive in the children’s circles initiative. Frustrated, the guy enrolled in one of the most prestigious educational institutions of the capital of the MSU faculty of Geology. Although the school Vladislav is not known for good grades and preferred to laze around, he had enough knowledge to pass all the exams except math. With exact science Kotlyarskii helped an older brother, who took the passport of the future artist and easily passed the subject — despite the fact that the brothers were outwardly absolutely not similar.

    The training guy is not inspired, and two years later he left the University and again filed papers in a theater. Once again he was denied, then kotlyarskii returned to MSU, but at the Department of psychology who left in the second year. Finally, in 1998 Vladislav manages to successfully enter the Russian Academy of theatre art directing Department, where the competition was much less.

    Upon completion of training, kotlyarska become the actor of the theatrical troupe «At Nikitsky gate». The roles he played on stage, seemed to him insignificant, while the ambition of the actor demanded something more. The artist changed his work place at the theater «Art-house», but he continued to pursue a sense of dissatisfaction. One time kotlyarskii even thought of changing my profession and together with friends to do business, despite the crisis. Everything changed when Vladislav has finally found its niche in the Russian cinema.

    Vladislav kotlyarskii: TV shows

    Your path to glory Vladislav kotlyarskii began in 2002 with a small role of the doctor of «ambulance» in an inconspicuous series «Russian Amazons». Student RATI in no hurry to call for a serious role, preferring to use his artistic abilities in the episodes. Gradually the number of paintings with the participation of Vladimir all increased, making his acting CV more solid. In his record there are such roles as major, the battalion commander, the police, the collector and even the police captain, creating around artist sustainable image of the policeman.

    When Kotlyarskii finally invited for the role of major Karpov television series «

  • The wood-grouse», for his shoulders were more than eight police roles. The first time Vladislav even refused to participate in the project. The actor was offered a choice of two roles: Karpov, who was part of the main plot, and a cameo role of a speculator, which is the intent of the writers was to steal a passport from the representative of GAI. Kotlyarska wanted to choose the swindler, but Director Timur Alpatov has insisted on the role of major and not lost. The role was quite difficult, the character was a complete opposite of the character of the actor. To reliably play Karpov, the artist for some time plunged into the life of an ordinary police officer: along with the real guards, he went in for questioning and the duty, catching villains. By the way, these skills would help him not only on the set: during the pre-Christmas hustle a couple of guys tried to steal from Vladislav documents, but due to long work with the police artist was able not only to return the property, but to detain criminals.

    The image of major Stanislav Karpov enjoyed great popularity among viewers after he appeared in several episodes of the series in 2008. The following season he became a regular character in the picture, and four years later was awarded its own TV show of the same name «

  • Karpov». His character also appeared in the TV series «Pyatnitsky». At the moment, the actor is mainly involved in the project «carp» and enjoys considerable success with the audience, which is already the seventh year of faithfully watching the life of his on-screen lover Tegeler. Kotlyarska intends to appear on the show as long as the writers are able to create an interesting and exciting plot, just like it happened to them in the third season.

    Vladislav kotlyarskii: personal life

    About my personal life Vladislav kotlyarskii says very little: it is known that he is still not married and met his lady love. After starring in roles Stanislav Karpov had numerous fans, who associate the actor with his on-screen image. The status of eligible bachelor gives the girls a rest, and they are striving to attract the attention of the artist.

    Sometimes came to quite unexpected situations: after one of the performances of Vladislav fan tried to kiss the actor, and he had to defend himself from annoying girls. Often the man made gifts, sometimes very unusual: one early winter morning, the courier brought him a huge bouquet of roses with a note. This was one of the reasons for the change of place of residence, which Collarskilled not to advertise for the sake of personal peace of mind.

    Vladislav kotlyarskii: filmography

    • Russian Amazons
    • Russians in the city of angels
    • Return Of Mukhtar
    • Tatiana day
    • Cinderella.Gee
    • Grouse
    • Law and order: Criminal intent 3
    • Mine
    • Pyatnitskiy
    • Karpov
    • Interns
    • Courage

    Vladislav kotlyarskii: photo

    Vladislav Kotlyarskii

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