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  • Name: Vladislav Demin ( Vladislav Demin )
  • Date of birth: 22 June 1974
  • Age: 42 years
  • Place of birth: Nazarovo, Krasnoyarsk Krai
  • Height: 187
  • Activities: actor, martial artist
  • Marital status: married

    Vladislav Demin: biography

    Vladislav Demin amazing person who has been through an unusual path to acting career: he was a master of martial arts, led by the Federation of karate and unarmed combat and even held the Deputy post. And as an actor movie fans know Demina for such films as «the Fighter», «Fellow police», «SWAT» and many others.

    Vladislav was born in the town of Nazarovo, which is located in Krasnoyarsk region. His parents belonged to the local intelligentsia. Father Anatoly Pavlovich was an engineer, known to the town, and her mother Lyubov Konstantinovna taught in school.

    When Vlad was about 14 years old, it began to attract martial arts. The teenager enrolled in a section of Wushu and quickly achieved significant results. For example, after six months, Demin won the silver award at the regional competitions. After school Vladislav decided not to leave the world of sports, so he entered the faculty of physical culture of the Krasnoyarsk pedagogical Institute.

    At the age of 22 Vladislav Demin headed the Krasnoyarsk Federation of martial arts. And he was not only head for show. During the leadership of the Government of this organization, the regional team achieved the highest results, and in Krasnoyarsk in 2000 for the first time held the championship of Russia on hand-to-hand combat.

    In the late 90-ies Demin entered in block of Alexander Lebed «Honor and homeland» and was elected to the territorial Council. Over the years the social activities of Vlad dealt with issues of tourism and sport in the Krasnoyarsk territory. Later he moved to Moscow and was Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation for the LDPR list. But soon the young man realized that he wanted a new challenge and left politics.

    In 2007, He enrolled in the famous University for creative people GITIS, where at the professional level have mastered the art of acting. And although by this time he had movie roles, after graduating from the theatre Institute Vlad began to receive more serious sentences.


    When the Director Evgeny Serov decided to shoot the action movie «the Fighter», he needed people familiar with martial arts firsthand. Thus, non-professional actor Vladislav Demin first got to the set, played in the film the boxer bandit Anton Sweet, nicknamed Sweet. In five years he will return to the same role in the second part of «the Fighter. The birth of a legend».

    Also early in his career, the Power he starred in the military drama «Main caliber», detective, «Jail. Theodore case Sechenov», Thriller, «Snap», a biopic about the «black berets» «the Marines».

    The first big acting job was the crime drama of the Ukrainian manufacture «Good guys», after which he was invited to two major projects: the Thriller «SBM» modern detective «the police Comrades». He then starred with Yuri Krieger in the adventure film «Bully», with Makar Zaporozhye in the action movie «22 minutes» and with Artem Tkachenko, the military drama about Vietnam «Alien war».

    Now Vlad Demin involved on the set of tragicomedy «Teli and Toli» and another crime detective «Cossacks».

    Personal life

    In 2009 Vladislav Dyomin met Angela Dannyboy who was younger than him by 13 years. The girl distant from the world of cinema and show-business in General. Despite the large age difference, the pair looks harmonious and perfectly finds common language.

    About a year Vlad and Angela met, and in 2010 played a beautiful wedding. The wife took her husband’s name. They soon became parents of a beautiful girl, called Daria.

    I must say that Vlad Demin left sports. Moreover, since September 2014, he headed the Federation of the mixed fighting single combats of MMA in the Moscow region.


    • 2003 — Fighter
    • 2006 — Jail. Theodore Case Sechenov
    • 2006 — Chronicles Of «Ada»
    • 2008 — the Good guys
    • 2011 — Comrades officers
    • 2011 — SBM
    • 2012 — The Brigade: The Heir
    • 2013 Wins
    • 2014 — 22 minutes
    • 2014 — Alien war


    Vladislav Demin

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