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  • Name: Vladimir Zhirinovsky ( Vladimir Zhirinovskiy )
  • Date of birth: 25 April 1946
  • Age: 70 years
  • Place of birth: Almaty, Kazakh SSR
  • Growth: 182
  • Activities: Russian politician, Chairman of the liberal democratic party of Russia
  • Marital status: Married to Galina Lebedeva

    Vladimir Zhirinovsky: biography

    Vladimir Zhirinovsky is one of the most outstanding, colourful and controversial figures on the «political horizon» of Russia, the founder and Chairman of the liberal democratic party, Vice-speaker of the state Duma of Russia fifth convocation.

    Zhirinovsky, born Vladimir Volfovich, April 25, 1946 in Alma-ATA. His biological father, Volf Isaakovich Edelstein was a lawyer and agronomist, according to recent press, he worked as the head of the supply Department of chemicals and fertilizers in the firm «Amir» in tel Aviv. Mother Alexandra Petrovna Makarova — Russian by nationality, was married to Vladimir Zhirinovsky, worked in the dining room of the local veterinary Institute. Vladimir Zhirinovsky was the sixth child in the family, was raised by a stepfather, five stepbrothers and sisters on mother. It is known that until 1964, the future politician had the name of the biological father Edelstein, who had never seen and knew of him only from the words of the mother. But adulthood, took the name mother and became Zhirinovsky.

    Studied future political figure of Russia in a secondary school № 25 of them. Dzerzhinsky in his native Alma-ATA. After school, the young hero decided to go to conquer Moscow and selected for admission to the Institute of Oriental languages at Moscow state University, where he entered the historical-philological faculty. In parallel, He studied at the University of Marxism-Leninism at the faculty of international relations.

    In 1988 He defended his doctoral thesis on «the Past, present and future of the Russian nation». He owns four foreign languages, in particular English, French, German and Turkish.

    Vladimir Zhirinovsky: politics

    Political biography of Vladimir Zhirinovsky began in his student years. His first job was the Soviet peace Committee, in 1983, he headed the legal Department of the publishing house «Mir». There Zhirinovsky began to show himself as a political figure, speaking at open party meetings, statements about necessity of a cancelling of the principles of nationality and partisanship in the appointment to senior positions in state agencies.

    Political activity of Vladimir Zhirinovsky started in the last years of the Perestroika period, during which he actively manifested themselves at rallies and participated in some political organizations. In 1989, He became one of the founders of the liberal democratic party, and in March 1990 it was headed. Through the year he first ran for President, then the results of the vote Zhirinovsky took third place after Boris Yeltsin and Nikolai Ryzhkov, gaining 6.2 million votes.

    In 1993 Vladimir Zhirinovsky was elected to the State Duma, where he was unanimously elected leader of the LDPR faction. In 1999, He took part in the gubernatorial elections in the Belgorod region, but lost it to the incumbent Governor Yevgeny Savchenko. Not retreating a step from his goal to sit in the seat of the President of Russia in 2000, Vladimir Zhirinovsky the third time participated in the elections for the presidency of Russia, but of the two million votes it was not enough to win.

    In 2007 by results of voting the politician re-entered the composition of the state Duma and became one of the nine Vice-Chairman Boris Gryzlov. In the same year, Zhirinovsky once again applied to participate in the presidential elections, which scored 9,37% of the vote.

    In 2011, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, once again led by the liberal democratic party. In the same period, the fifth time he decided to fight for the presidency under the slogan «Zhirinovsky or will be worse», but again was defeated, finishing in fourth place after Vladimir Putin, Gennady Zyuganov and Mikhail Prokhorov.

    For all his political activities, Vladimir Zhirinovsky gained a reputation as the most eccentric politician known obscene insults to the address of key European figures, calls for military action and controversial fights with his opponents in the state Duma. His political «trick» there were many unusual bills which he proposed to stop funding foreign countries to introduce criminal prosecution for politicians-liars, to remove the moratorium on the death penalty.

    Vladimir Zhirinovsky: scandals

    The first scandal with Zhirinovsky occurred in 1995, when a politician in a live program «one on One» poured opposition leader Boris Nemtsov with orange juice. In the same year he distinguished himself among his colleagues in the state Duma, staged at the plenary session the fight with the Deputy Evgenia Tishkovskaya, which seriously contend for the hair and tried to strangle him.

    Another «victim» of Zhirinovsky became Deputy Boris Nadezhdin, the Deputy-speaker has launched a glass of water through a debate bill on Russian citizenship only in Russian. Then Nadezhdin had the temerity to be sarcastic in address Zhirinovsky, according to this law, Vladimir Zhirinovsky never become a citizen of the Russian Federation.

    In 2003, Zhirinovsky scored again, writing an appeal to US President George Bush, in which it strongly blamed the war in Iraq, bill Clinton, Monica Lewinsky, Condoleezza rice, using profanity.

    In 2014, tough Zhirinovsky insulted pregnant journalist Stella Dubovitskaya, who after his statements in the address was in the hospital. Then the politician-rowdy apologized to the girl, with a link that did not know about the pregnancy of the journalist.

    Except in this case the eccentric MP has repeatedly been the defendant in a judicial scandals. Court cases Zhirinovsky mainly lie in public is unacceptable behavior, accusations and statements of policy.

    Vladimir Zhirinovsky: the situation in Ukraine

    About Ukraine Vladimir Zhirinovsky expressed in their traditional manner and style. He does not consider Ukrainians «a fraternal nation» and confidently stated that the situation in Ukraine could provoke a Third world war, what the fault of the Ukrainian government.

    According to the politician, in five years there will be a complete disintegration of Ukraine, which will only be a few areas with a population of about 115 million people, and the rest are «extended» in the neighboring state, according to him, it will be Poland, Russia, Hungary and Romania. The «monster of Russian politics,» believes that the fate of Ukraine can be solved only by Russian President Vladimir Putin, saying that even the decision has already been made.

    Zhirinovsky said that the war in Ukraine is nothing short of genocide of the Russian people that live in the territory of the Ukrainian state. He believes that the fault for this lies with the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk. In support of the militias in 2014, Zhirinovsky sent them your personal jeep SUV «Tiger».

    Vladimir Zhirinovsky: personal life

    Personal life of Vladimir Zhirinovsky is not as controversial as his political career. In 1971 he married his childhood friend

  • Galina Lebedeva, whom he met at summer camp. Wife Zhirinovsky profession virologist, has a master’s degree in biological Sciences. In 1978, the couple Zhirinovsky broke up, but in 1985 their family back together. In 1993, Zhirinovsky’s wife prior to the celebration of their silver wedding to legitimize their relationship in the Orthodox rite and married in the Church. Zhirinovsky’s son Igor Lebedev was born in 1972. He has a law degree and went in his father’s footsteps in a political career. He worked as an adviser to the Minister of the Ministry of labour and social development of the Russian Federation, and in 2000 succeeded his father as leader of the LDPR faction in the state Duma. In 1998, the Lebedev family had twins Sergey and Alexander, in connection with Zhirinovsky immediately became twice the grandfather. Currently, Zhirinovsky grandchildren are studying in the boarding school at Moscow state University.

    According to policy-kicker in 2013, he switched to a vegetarian diet, completely abandoning meat products. According to Vladimir Zhirinovsky, meat is a very harmful product and soon all the members of the liberal democratic party will follow his example and become vegetarians.

    Vladimir Zhirinovsky: photo

    Vladimir Zhirinovsky

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