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  • Name: Vladimir Zherebtsov ( Vladimir Zherebtsov )
  • Date of birth: 7 December 1983
  • Age: 33 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: Russian film and theater actor
  • Marital status: married Anastasia Panina

    Vladimir Zherebtsov : biography

    Vladimir E. Stallions — native Muscovite. He was born 7 December 1983 in a family where no one was connected to either a theatre or cinema. Acting talents were noticed at the boy at an early age. So parents took my son to a Metropolitan school, where she worked as a theater Studio «Jupiter». Here and debuted thirteen-year-old Vova Stallions. He played the Apprentice in the play «Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme» of Moliere.

    Next was work in productions of «Miracle», «Night of errors», «Pygmalion», «Andromache», and others. But especially good for the novice actor was able to play Holden Caulfield in the performance of Galina «the catcher in the rye.» Stallions managed to deeply and accurately convey the image of the protagonist and the complexity of the transition to adulthood.

    Vladimir constantly worked on myself and improved acting skills. To this end, he often participated in competitions of readers, presenting at various venues in Moscow and St. Petersburg the programme. In many contests he has won a few prizes.

    But kid had other Hobbies. For example, when he got to high school, it’s great to be fond of hockey and football. And yet the love of the world of theatre and cinema won. In 2001, after graduation, Vladimir Zherebtsov entered the Schepkin theatre school, once on the course Ivanov and Bayliss.

    Vladimir Zherebtsov: theatre

    In the first year, the young actor made his debut in the play «Secrets of the Madrid court» Bayliss. The performance took place at the Maly theatre. With this small role of the page and began the creative biography of Vladimir Zherebtsov. In the second year the young actor played Romeo in the play «Romeo and Juliet», which took place on a scene of Theatre of Pushkin. Game Zherebtsova was highly appreciated by theater critics and the actor received the award «the Moscow debut».

    Year 2004 was very productive for the artist. He played in the movie «puss in boots», productions of «the Scarlet flower» and «Nights of Cabiria». Diploma performances Zherebtsov became «Doctor of philosophy» and «Eldest son».

    Schepkin Vladimir graduated in 2005, having received excellent training diploma. Immediately the young actor was admitted to the troupe of the familiar him a theatre where he a few years ago played with as a student. It was a theatre named after Pushkin, where Vladimir were interesting and useful experience playing in the play «the happiness Letter» directed by the Director of Dilinger. The actors were taught the words and immediately went to put the staging.

    In the production of «Bullets over Broadway» woody Allen film Vladimir Zherebtsov got a huge role. Put Evgeny Pisarev, and the young artist was extremely interesting to see his directorial approach.

    Alla Sigalova is a young and promising artist of the Stallions got a role in «Madame Bovary» and was able to observe quite other principles than Pisarev. Vladimir says that he received great experience working with such different Directors and techniques of production.

    Vladimir Zherebtsov: movie

    A cinematic biography of Vladimir Zherebtsov started in 2002 year. The actor started with the episodes, but pretty soon he began to trust and a major role. The image of the young Utesov was the first important and big job Zherebtsova in the movie. Serial tape «Rocks. Song of a lifetime» for Vladimir were interesting and the fact that he was fortunate to work together with the already recognized movie stars.

    No less informative was the work on the sets of such TV series and films as «Return of Faith», «Paris», «frost», «Wide river». Each of these strips was noticeable, and after their release Vladimir Zherebtsov became recognizable. He appeared first fans.

    The most complex paintings Vladimir called «Paris» and «Life, which was not» where needed subtle psychology and skill transformation.

    The last significant work of Vladimir Zherebtsov has become a popular series «

  • Sklifosovsky» Andrey Selivanov, where the actor played Peter surgeon. On the set he worked together with Maxim Averin, Elena Yakovleva, Emanuel Vitorgan, Dmitry Miller and other artists.

    Vladimir Zherebtsov: personal life

    The actor married. Personal life of Vladimir Zherebtsov got a job soon after graduation. For the first time the actor saw his future wife in a very romantic atmosphere when you worked on the play «Romeo and Juliet». Then their paths crossed again when they played in the production of «Bullets over Broadway». It was a sign: Vladimir Zherebtsov and Anastasia Panina in this performance played a couple. Soon the young people began to meet and become couple in reality.

    In the summer of 2010 the couple Panina and Zherebtsova was born a daughter, Alexandra. Spouse dream that the girl learned a few languages, so it has already found teachers.

    In addition to the theatre and cinema Vladimir Zherebtsov is fond of martial arts.

    Vladimir Zherebtsov: filmography

    • To restore the faith
    • Cliffs. Song of a lifetime
    • Broad river
    • Pair
    • My
    • Life, which was not
    • Doctor Tyrsa
    • Moscow. Three station
    • PE
    • The memory of the heart

    Vladimir Zherebtsov: photos

    Volodymyr Stallions

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