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  • Name: Vladimir Zelensky ( Vladimir Zelenskiy )
  • Date of birth: 25 January 1978
  • Age: 39 years
  • Place of birth: Krivoy Rog
  • Activities: actor, screenwriter, broadcaster
  • Marital status: married

    Vladimir Zelensky: biography

    Ukrainian TV presenter, showman and actor Vladimir Zelensky is a versatile personality. He was born in the city of Krivoy Rog, on 25 January 1978. Some time, the Zelensky family lived in Mongolia, as there he worked for his father Vladimir. Little Dylan went to the Mongolian school, and training started when he was eight years in accordance with Mongolian laws. The boy was fluent in Mongolian, however, without a practice after returning to Krivoy Rog, quickly forgotten language.

    After returning to Ukraine, Vladimir started going to the theatre and actively involved in sports. He was very restless and active child. In early childhood Zelensky wanted to become a border guard, and in a more conscious age dreamed to be a diplomat or translator.

    Vladimir Zelensky: KVN

    Vladimir Zelensky received by the local branch of the Kiev economic University, choosing a legal specialty. The creativity of the student is immediately noticed. Volodya called to put the dance numbers in the KVN team

  • «Zaporozhye, Krivoy Rog-Transit». After some time, Zelensky, and he began to take an active part in the rooms. In 1997, Zelensky, along with several members of the team of KVN has created his own team
  • «95 quarter». Zelenski played the role of team captain and writer of the rooms. Two years later major League KVN invited me to his talented team. Each performance was appreciated by the jury guys become popular among fans of the famous game and began to give concerts almost all over the CIS. In addition to the concert activities of Vladimir Zelensky also been moonlighting writing scripts for various corporate events and concerts. Part of «95 quarter» in the WHC lasted until 2003, not yet had a quarrel with AMIK, Zelensky with his team ceased to participate in the project.

    Vladimir Zelensky: TV

    «95 quarter» is interested in Ukrainian TV channels. Channel «1+1» was released on talented guys with a proposal to make a program, which would include the best rooms. Thus, the KVN team was converted into a Studio

  • «Quarter-95», the Manager and owner of which was Vladimir Zelensky. In 2005 there was a transfer
  • «Evening quarter», first broadcast on channel «1+1», then the rights to the show bought the «inter». Zelensky acted as the main leader, ideologue and author. The program has gained enormous popularity, and the Studio Zelensky constantly releasing new projects:
  • «Fight club» and
  • «Ukraine, get up!»

    Zelensky participated in the television project

  • «Dancing with the stars», where he performed with
  • Alena, Shoptenko, and in the end, the couple won in a TV show. Then Zelensky in duet with Ruslana Pysanka has become a leading TV show
  • «Office romance» on TV channel «inter».

    In 2010, Zelensky began acting in the television show

  • «Laugh comedian» with
  • Dmitry Shepelev. From 2010 to 2012 Zelensky held a post of the General producer of «inter».

    Vladimir Zelensky movies

    Vladimir Zelensky – is not only a successful comedian and host, but also actor, and to his credit several films and musicals. His first significant film was the Comedy

  • «Love in the city», where he acted as the ex-soloist of group «VIA Gra»
  • Vera Brezhneva, Aleksey Chadov and other stars of Russian cinema. The film received positive reviews, the audience liked, and after some time was opened the second part, followed by a third.

    Zelensky then starred in the remake

  • «Office romance. Our time» in the role of Novoseltsev, but the film itself was heavily criticized. Vladimir has also starred in Comedy
  • «Rzhevskiy against Napoleon» in the role of the French conqueror. Critics of the picture is not much. In 2012 Zelensky played in the romantic Comedy
  • «8 first dates», and in 2015 came out.

    Vladimir Zelensky: personal life

    Vladimir Zelensky married

  • Elena Kiyashko, which before the wedding dated for seven years. The pair is known since childhood, studied in parallel classes in high school. Elena plays the role of one of the authors of the Studio «Kvartal 95», despite the fact that she is also a lawyer by education. Officially, the couple married after the team «95 quarter» has gone from KVN. A year Zelensky became a father to a daughter Sasha. In 2013, Helen gave birth to her second child, son Cyril.

    Zelensky – family-oriented, and calls the main qualities of a real man – the responsibility for their loved ones. Zelensky acknowledged that spoils their children, as well as the wife, trying to compensate for their frequent absence.

    Vladimir Zelensky: TV shows

    • Evening quarter
    • Fight club
    • Song of the year in Ukraine
    • Dancing with the stars
    • Porobleno in Ukraine
    • Pure NEWS
    • Laugh comic
    • Factor A
    • Sunday with Quarter
    • Evening Kiev
    • I want to Meladze
    • The League of laughter

    Vladimir Zelensky: photo

    Vladimir Zelensky and Elena

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