Vladimir Zeldin

photograph of Vladimir Zeldin

  • Name: Vladimir Zeldin ( Vladimir Zeldin )
  • Date of birth: 28 January 1915
  • Age: 101 years
  • Date of death: October 31, 2016.
  • Place of birth: Michurinsk, Russia
  • Height: 170
  • Activities: Soviet and Russian theater and film actor
  • Marital status: married

    Vladimir Zeldin: biography

    Vladimir Mikhailovich Zeldin was born in January 1915 in the city of Kozlov, Tambov province (now Michurinsk). He Saldini family grew four children. Vladimir with brother and sisters grew up in a very warm creative atmosphere. Michael Zeldin was a professional musician and conductor. He enjoyed playing the trombone. My mother worked as a music teacher. The love of art instilled in children from an early age. They all learned to play different instruments.

    The civil war forced the family to move to Tver, where at that time lived with an aunt of Vladimir Zeldin first name. There is a small Vladimir went to school. But studied it only to 4-th class: in 1924 the family again changed their place of residence. This time Soldini moved to Moscow.

    Happiness and family idyll did not last long. 5 years after moving died, the head of the family. Did not long survive his father and mother: she died 3 years after her husband’s death. But 14-year-old Vladimir Zeldin was able to resist the harmful influence of the street. He went to the Taganka, where he enrolled in military school. Here reigned severe discipline. The students heavily involved in sports. Zeldin has mastered skiing, tennis, playing football and volleyball.

    Vladimir Zeldin
    Vladimir Zeldin

    Upon graduation, Vladimir Zeldin was thinking about a military career: he was going to become a marine. But not good eyesight not allowed to carry out these plans. The guy went on plumbing plant. Here he first came on the scene. The fact that the company operated circle initiative, where Zeldin signed up to take the free time. Soon he so liked to act that he went for an audition in the Theater Mossovet, where just recruited an acting course. Vladimir enrolled in the students.

    Movies with Vladimir Zeldina

    Vladimir Zeldin studied on the course Eugene Liptovskeho. Dance skills the students were taught the famous dancer Vera Mosolova, who left the Bolshoi theatre.

    In 1935, Vladimir Zeldin graduated from the course. With its release has managed to achieve success only two students: myself Zeldin and Nikolai Parfyonov. Vladimir left to work in the Mossovet Theatre. Here, he played his first roles in plays. But after 3 years the young actor moved into another theater. (Now the Theater named Gogol, and then he was called Theater Transport). This scene was played productions of the works of Shakespeare («the Comedy of errors»), Schiller («Intrigue and love») and Russian classics.

    In 1940 biography of Vladimir Zeldin did a tight turn. His performance in the play «General competition» saw the assistant of famous Director Ivan pyreva. She immediately recommended a talented actor Ivan Alexandrovich. So Vladimir Mikhailovich Zeldin received his first starring role in a movie. It was the cult film «pig and shepherd». He played the Musayyib. Paired with Marina Ladynina got a great creative Duo.

    Vladimir Zeldin and Marina Ladynina
    Vladimir Zeldin and Marina Ladynina

    But after the successful film debut of the lull. The Great Patriotic war. The theatre, which served Vladimir Zeldin, was evacuated. Of the year worked in Kazakhstan. After returning to the capital in 1943, he returned to a familiar scene. Zeldin has performed for wounded soldiers and common citizens, raising morale. For valiant labor after the war, he was awarded a special medal.

    In 1945 Zeldin began performing on the stage of the Central academic theatre of the Russian army. He worked extraordinarily hard time to play brilliant roles in new productions and at the same time to act in films. With the participation of the artist of the year came out in several films. The most famous of them — «the dancing Master», «carnival night», «Woman in white», «Uncle Vanya», «Ten little Indians», «the Mystery of blackbirds» and «Park of the Soviet period».

    In recent years, due to the age of Vladimir Mikhailovich removed rarely, but if appears on the screen, in a very striking and characteristic roles. Viewers love his character in the popular TV series «Matchmakers»: Zeldin played the father of Olga Nikolaevna. His wife in the film was Olga Aroseva.

    And in 2014 on the domestic screens came melodrama called «the Best girl of the Caucasus», in which Vladimir Zeldin played one of the main characters.

    In the Bank of the people’s artist of the USSR Vladimir Zeldin played 57 roles in the movie. He has many awards, among which the most prestigious in the domestic film industry. This is somewhat of awards «Nika», «crystal Turandot», «Golden mask» and 3 of the order «For merits before Fatherland».

    Vladimir – was the oldest player-actor on the planet. His name is listed in the Guinness Book of records. Another artist record was in 2013, when Zeldin took part in the Olympic torch relay.

    Personal life

    In the artist’s life were 3 marriages, 2 civil. The first wife of Vladimir Zeldin was Lyudmila Martynova. This woman artist lived only year since 1939. To this Union was born the only son Zeldin, who died in childhood.

    The second wife of the artist was the actress Henriette Ostrovskaya, with whom Vladimir met on the set of the painting «the dancing Master». They lived together for several years, but this marriage was short-lived.

    Vladimir Zeldin with his wife Yvette Kapralova
    Vladimir Zeldin with his wife Yvette Kapralova

    Personal life of Vladimir Zeldin changed in 1964, when he married Yvette Kapralova who was younger than her husband by 20 years. Kapralova — a journalist by training. For a long time she worked as an editor in the Bureau of propaganda cinema. Together the couple lived until the last day of the artist’s life.


    31 October 2016, Vladimir Zeldin died in the Sklifosovsky research Institute, where the artist within three weeks was on treatment. According to his wife Yvette, the actor was suffering from low blood pressure, causing doctors made the decision about hospitalization.

    News about the state of health of Vladimir Zeldin was disappointing. The doctors were informed of the serious condition of the beloved artist. 31 October at 09.00 the heart of the beloved actor stopped beating. Vladimir Zeldin has died at the age of 101 years.


    • «Pig and shepherd»
    • «The dancing master»
    • «Carnival night»
    • «The woman in white»
    • «Uncle Vanya»
    • «Ten little Indians»
    • «The mystery of blackbirds»
    • «Park of the Soviet period»
    • «Matchmakers»
    • «The best girl of the Caucasus»


    Vladimir Zeldin

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