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  • Name: Vladimir Zamansky ( Vladimir Zamanskiy )
  • Date of birth: 6 February 1926.
  • Age: 90 years
  • Place of birth: Kremenchug, Ukraine
  • Activity: the Soviet and Russian film and theater actor, people’s artist of the RSFSR
  • Marital status: married

    Vladimir Zamansky : biography

    The life of a famous actor and people’s artist of the RSFSR Vladimir Petrovich Sumanskogo deserve to be the film.

    Zamansky was born in February 1926 in the Ukrainian Kremenchug, Poltava region. Son just brought my mother. But it did not, when in 1941, entered the city by the Germans. Since then, the son was thinking only about one thing – how to get to the front. It was a daunting task, because Tamanskom was not 18 yet. The guy had to cheat and go to the front as a volunteer.

    Vladimir Zamansky had to do some fighting, and heroic. In the summer of 1944 he participated in the battles near Orsha as a radio operator. Having been wounded in the head, managed to rescue his commander out of the burning self-propelled. To heal, in February 1945 Zamansky again participated in the fighting. Together with the crew of his artillery, he was able to knock out a German tank to destroy fifty enemy soldiers and a long time to hold a strategically important crossroads.

    For these merits to the Motherland, the future artist was awarded. After the war he continued to serve in the army, where he was an unpleasant story. In 1950 Zamansky, along with colleagues beaten and their commander were court-martialed. Having 9 years in the camps, he and other prisoners worked on the construction of high-rise buildings. One of them is MSU. The dangerous work of Vladimir Tamanskom reduced the term. He was released in 1954.


    After his release from prison Vladimir Zamansky became a student of the School-Studio MXAT. After graduating from high school, the aspiring actor began to take the first steps in his career. He replaced two of the theater, having served in each of them for 8 years. First, the artist went on stage «Contemporary», then appeared on the stage of Theatre Studio of film actor. A short time served in theatre of a name of N. N. Yermolova. Further Zamansky refused to work in the theatre, but went on a contractual basis, concentrating forces at work in the movie.

    A cinematic biography of Vladimir Sumanskogo – almost 80 paintings. The debut was the film «the steamroller and the violin», released in 1960. The Director of the famous Andrei Tarkovsky.

    Soon Tamanskom was given the main role in the dramatic film of Grigory Aronov «no man alive». During this period of 60 years – the role of the actor poured as from a cornucopia. He was very popular and disappeared on the set all day.

    In 1971, Vladimir Petrovich played a starring role which brought him incredible fame. This war drama «Check on roads». Got the image of the policeman Alexander Lazarev brought Tamanskom not only all-Union popularity, but also rewards. However, the USSR State prize for this work, as the title of people’s artist, was awarded only in 1988.

    The 1970s and ‘ 80s also proved to be fruitful for creative work Sumanskogo. The most famous pictures with the actor appeared in these years. Drama «this is our home», where Vladimir Zamansky played a major role, «one…», on the site where he met Elena Proklova and Vladimir Vysotsky, the painting «Tomorrow was the war», «Eternal call», «the Two captains» and «In the zone of special attention» — many of these wonderful films included in the Golden Fund of Russian cinema.

    The paintings, which completes the filmography of this wonderful actor – «one Hundred days before the order» and «Botanical garden». The last tape was released in 1997. More Zamansky starred in the movie.

    Personal life

    Vladimir Zamansky in the early 1960s, he met his future wife, actress Natalia Klimov. Many viewers of the older generation remember her in the role of the Snow Queen from the same movie-tales. It was one of the most beautiful couples of actors of the Soviet Union. Klimova shone with «contemporary». Zamansky was at the Zenith of glory after «Checks on the roads».

    But then misfortune and disease began to stalk the couple. Natalia was ill severe form of tuberculosis. For frequent sick leave she got kicked out of the theater. And Vladimir Zamansky began to suffer from the effects of the front wounds: the actor had terrible headaches.

    The couple decided to escape by faith and retired from the worldly life in the old Moore. There they bought an old wooden house on the banks of the Oka. Near the house stands the Church that this couple regularly attends.

    It is known that in recent years Vladimir Zamansky almost never leaves home because of illness.


    • «Steamroller and the violin»
    • «No man alive»
    • «Perforazione»
    • «Check on roads»
    • «The only…»
    • «Tomorrow was the war»
    • «Eternal call»
    • «Two captains»
    • «In the zone of special attention»
    • «One hundred days before the order»


    Vladimir Zamansky

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