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  • Name: Vladimir Zaytsev ( Zaytsev Vladimir )
  • Date of birth: 28 September 1958
  • Age: 58 years
  • Place of birth: Yekaterinburg
  • Height: 174
  • Activities: Soviet and Russian actor of theater, cinema and dubbing, Honored artist of Russia
  • Marital status: married

    Vladimir Zaitsev : biography

    Vladimir Zaytsev was born in Yekaterinburg in September 1958. The early childhood and family Honored artist of Russia there is little information. We only know that his parents are not associated with the world of theatre and cinema.

    The artistry in this man manifested itself very early. In the 6 years Vladimir Zaitsev was involved in the movie. At that time only as an actor dubbing. Looking ahead we can say that today voicing characters foreign films occupies an important place in his career.

    And the debut for Zaitseva was an American film «Mary Poppins». Then, in 1964, Vladimir voiced the character of George banks. It is in those moments a little boy for the first time felt the atmosphere and spirit of the cinema and started dreaming about his own role in the movie. In elementary school he enrolled in drama school and appeared on stage in Amateur productions.

    The zeal of the young artist was rewarded. In 1972, 14-year-old Vladimir won the role of the second plan in drama Omar Gvasalia «residence permit». Thus, after graduation from the applicant GITIS Zaitsev was already the first item in his filmography. Vladimir easily enrolled in drama school and was enrolled in a course of Vladimir Andreyev.

    In 1980 he received the diploma and continued his artistic career in the theatre, Maria Yermolova, where for 2 years worked.


    The debut role of Vladimir Zaitsev in ermolovskoe theatre was Kai from «the Snow Queen». This work opened the artist’s way to other roles, larger and key. Looking ahead, we say that today Zaitsev is a leading artist of the theater. Although he often went to other stage as a guest actor. In the Vakhtangov Theater and «the New Opera» he also played a significant role.

    A cinematic biography of Vladimir Zaitsev began to develop rapidly from 1981. This year has been a turning point for the artist. He was offered starring roles in two movies: «Against the tide» and «They were actors». A young and bright artist immediately drew attention. Since then, he appears in the new paintings regularly.

    Fans of the cinema said the Studio game lead in high-profile projects, «Admiral», «Counsellor» and «the Barber of Siberia». In these tapes, Vladimir got the role of the second plan, but he was able to play them clearly. Creative ensemble consisted of Vladimir Zaitsev, Elizabeth Boyarsky, Konstantin Khabensky and Yegor Beroev was brilliant.

    Is the filmography of actor and role in the ranked series. The most popular of these «Flowers from winners», «Groom for Barbie», «Dasha Vasilyeva: a lover of private investigation», «Think like a woman» and others.

    It is noteworthy that Vladimir Zaitsev organic in different roles. But he often got negative characters, and they are known to be well-remembered by the audience, and playing them harder than Goodies. Today, the assets of the artist more than 80 paintings. But the exact number is difficult to call, because rabbits today at the peak of popularity and demand. Every year his work appears in several new projects.

    As mentioned above, the actor often voices different foreign tapes. His voice often «speaks» Hollywood heroes. Domestic audience, probably more than once watched the box office hits featuring johnny Depp, Kevin Bacon, Jason Statema and Willem Dafoe. All these characters are voiced by Vladimir Zaitsev. Now in its coin box already one hundred and fifty films.

    In 2015 hares pleased admirers of his talent a brilliant work in the acclaimed drama «Battalion» playing Alexei Brusilov.

    Personal life

    In the first years of work in the Ermolova theatre, the young actor met with a colleague Tatiana Noise. Broke novel soon turned into a strong marriage. But first he was a civilian. Only after the birth of children, my daughter Lydia and son of Ivan – the couple formalized their relationship. This Union was never marred by the scandals and rumors. The couple now play together on the same stage. Vladimir Zaitsev said that married for money. This calculation was to find a good woman and have good kids. It just happened.

    Today the personal life of Vladimir Zaitsev is his beloved wife, two children and two adorable grandchildren that my grandparents gave to daughter Lida. The children didn’t follow in the footsteps of their parents – they are economists. But in the granddaughter Katya grandfather already sees the finished actress.

    The actor in an interview, shared the secret of family happiness. He claims that 80 percent of the time he and his wife quarrel. It is a guarantee that indifference in their relations there.

    In his spare time Vladimir Ivanovich writes poetry and prose. And he is very graceful and dances beautifully. From a young age Zaitsev was a good vocal. He plays the guitar and sings.


    • «Against the tide»
    • «They were actors»
    • «Admiral»
    • «The state Counsellor»
    • «The Barber of Siberia»
    • «Flowers from winners»
    • «Groom for Barbie»
    • «Dark horse»
    • The team
    • «The battalions are asked to fire»


    Volodymyr Zaitsev,

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