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  • Name: Vladimir Epifantsev ( Vladimir Yepifantsev )
  • Date of birth: 8 September 1971
  • Age: 45 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Growth: 182
  • Activities: actor, Director, TV presenter, music video Director
  • Marital status: married with Anastasiya Vedenskaya

    Vladimir yepifantsev: biography

    Vladimir yepifantsev was born on 8 September 1971 in Moscow. Father George S. was a famous actor. In three years the head of the family took their son to his native Moscow art theatre.Chekhov, which the boy soon began to consider his second home. Largely on the upbringing and Outlook of Vladimir influenced by his father, whom he remembered for the kindness and incredible energy.

    The boy grew up in a constant atmosphere of celebration and theatre, which was somewhat marred by the place of residence — district of Tushino in Northwest Moscow. However, the boy grew up a rebel, listening to rock music and the time wore long hair. In the same period, he often misbehaved, sometimes even appearing in the children’s room of militia.

    After graduating from secondary school, he transferred to the school for working youth. There for two years he worked in a factory, then decided to realize his dream in life and to follow in the footsteps of his father.

    Vladimir Yepifantsev
    Vladimir Yepifantsev | Peoples.ru

    Yepifantsev has filed documents in the School-Studio of MKHAT. However, the guy did not take, has been affected by the dislike of the theatrical world to his father, who promoted too innovative ideas for the theatre of that time. The guy is not desperate and enrolled in drama school named after BV Shchukin, becoming a student in the course of the actor, Vladimir Ivanov. From the first days of school, Vladimir was trying to show his vision of acting, which, however, did not find a response in the hearts of teachers. He watched with envy the development of experimental theatre in Europe.

    Having received the diploma of the actor in 1994, Epifantsev decided to continue his education and enrolled in GITIS in the directing Department.

    In 2008, the actor sued the company «Feniks-film» because he refused to comply with the terms of the contract. According to the agreement, Vladimir was supposed to star in the sequel film «Two of the casket», but it absolutely did not suit the conditions on the set. The khoroshevskiy district court of Moscow satisfied the claim of «Feniks-film» and set the amount of compensation of 750 thousand rubles. To pay a penalty, Epifantsev had to sell his car and apartment.


    In the theatrical society Vladimir yepifantsev were still in early childhood. At the age of three he became a regular at the theater. Chekhov, where he worked and promoted his ideas by his father. At the age of six, the boy appeared on the scene as a children’s mass together with his older brother Michael.

    Vladimir Epifantsev in the play
    Vladimir Epifantsev in the play «Duck hunt» | the OTHER THEATRE

    Enrolling in GITIS, in parallel with studies Vladimir organized a theater project «Good theatre». At its creation, the guy spent a penny, taking advantage of the abandoned room the abandoned factory of the cardboard, where for two years worked his experimental theatre. Learning at the directing Department contributed to a more qualitative and professional approach to the production of his first performances.

    In 1994 he staged a controversial performance of «Jesus wept,» based on the paintings of Adrian Brouwer, and some time later saw the light production of «plague Ball» on the works of Pushkin. In subsequent years, Vladimir was also the Director of four plays, including the famous work of William Shakespeare «Romeo and Juliet».

    It is noteworthy that in all his productions Epifantsev plays a major role, revealing the idea and the story not only as a Director but also as actor. He is considered one of the most spectacular Directors. Performances of Vladimir are always innovative and creative approach that wows and fascinates the audience. Special popularity he’s got among connoisseurs of avant-garde art.


    His controversial vision of the art of Vladimir brought to television. In 1997 he founded the television program «the Sandman», where he became a leading. First show specialized in showing music videos, but soon breaks between shows Vladimir began to carry a small avant-garde performances in the spirit of his art-theatre.

    Vladimir Yepifantsev
    Vladimir Yepifantsev | Things-Dryukov

    In the air, «TV-6» the program lasted a year before it shut down for advocating violence. He participated in the filming of the program «Muzoboz» and «Hoe», but due to their extravagant views did not find understanding with the leadership projects and was forced to leave.


    In 1999, Vladimir made his debut as an actor in Arthouse the project «Green elephant». The film received extremely low ratings from critics and the actor himself later admitted that he was in the picture accidentally. It begged the Director Svetlana Baskova before Epifantsev gave his consent to the shooting. After the premiere, the actor didn’t even bother to look at the picture. However, in the circles of the avant-garde youth, the picture became sort of a symbolic milestone, a pioneer of the genre and is popular still.

    A year later, Vladimir made his debut on television in the series «the Border. Taiga romance», where he appeared as a fugitive. Given the specific appearance of the actor, the role of a negative character, a criminal or military fast enough rooted in Epifantsev. Such roles he got in the films «Antikiller 2: Antiterror» and «Attempt».

    Vladimir Epifantsev in the film
    Vladimir Epifantsev in the movie «lucky» | Ukrainian following

    The first fame came to Vladimir after starring in the film «lucky», filmed in 2006. The actor got the role of the protagonist Vadim Uporov, whose denunciation sent to the camp of the GULAG. A year later he appeared as the Director of the funeral Agency in the dramatic Comedy «I remain».

    In 2010, the TV screens went multiseries tape «Gang» with Vladimir Epifantsev in the title role. As in many previous projects, he got the role of disillusioned with life in the military, which decides to work on the gangs.

    In the same year he played in the adaptation of popular American series «Escape». The series enjoyed great success with viewers and was renewed for two seasons, but the shooting of the third has not begun. However, the success of the show with the audience of have not prevented critics to make a comparison of the original and the Russian version is clearly not in favor of the latter.

    Vladimir Epifantsev in the film
    Vladimir Epifantsev in the film «Generation P» | Kinofilms

    Most popular Vladimir brought the main role in the acclaimed Russian film «Generation P,» based on the works of writer Victor Pelevin. Shooting has become a serious creative challenge for the actor, they lasted about five years — because of independent financing happened this time. Epifantsev one time regretted participating in the project, but found the strength to get to the end and wait for the premiere. The film was a resounding success and was very warmly received by the critics. The role brought unprecedented popularity and forced him to change his opinion about the picture.

    Now Epifantsev is a popular movie actor, playing mainly the role of the military or criminals. For fifteen years career on screen he has played in more than fifty films.

    Personal life

    With his future wife, actress Anastasiya vedenskaya Vladimir met at the Shchukin school. Between them began an affair, and they began to live together.

    Vladimir yepifantsev and Anastasiya Vedenskaya
    Vladimir yepifantsev and Anastasiya Vedenskaya | Things-Dryukov

    When Anastasia was seven months pregnant, he persuaded her to legitimize their relationship to the child born in wedlock. The wedding took place at the end of 2004, a few months later they had a son proud. In 2008 the couple had a second son named Orpheus. Children christened in the Church of Holy Wisdom, their godfather was the famous actor Ivan Okhlobystin.


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    Vladimir Yepifantsev

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