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  • Name: Vladimir Yaglych ( Vladimir Yaglych )
  • Date of birth: 14 January 1983
  • Age: 34 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow, Russia
  • Height: 185
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: divorced

    Vladimir Yaglych: biography

    Vladimir Yaglych was born in Moscow in the winter of 1983. About his childhood he says little, we only know that he didn’t even think about the role of an actor, and dreamed of a professional pilot. Now in aviation Vladimir occupied only as an artist: Directors often offer him a similar role.

    In 2004, Vladimir Yaglych graduated from the WTU them. Shchukin (course of V. Knyazeva). According to his confession, where he fell for a girl who was nice to him and wanted to go to the drama Department. In the end, she never finished College, but Aglic was really enthusiastic about this. He entered the top ten prospective graduates of theatrical high schools of Moscow, received the diploma of the Guild of teachers and Directors. Triumph for him was the number of «Matrix» where the guy impressed the jury for its artistic and plastic expressiveness.

    Vladimir Yaglych acted in the Moscow academic theater. He participated in the performances: «adventures of red riding hood», «fastidious Horses», a production of «a Plague on both your houses». These works have become important creative and career milestone in the life of an actor.

    But he later made a choice in favor of the movie and left the theater. In a short time working in film Vladimir Yaglych earned a name for himself in the world of cinema, played many memorable roles.


    Vladimir Yaglych made her film debut in 2003 shortly before graduation. At this time, came two films with his participation — «On the nameless height», where his character was a Lieutenant, and «My Prechistenka», where he played the son of the Prince.

    Talented Muscovite starred in the TV series «Two fates», «Not born beautiful», «Soldiers», military project «Carousel», the films «We are from the future» and «We’re from future-2». It began to learn, he gained real popularity. Actor began to take the proposals to the shoot, but starring in his films are rare. One of the major works of Vladimir Yaglych was the role of a soldier Stepan Lobova in the movie «the Night of a lifetime».

    In recent years it has become more acting in TV movies: «My big family», «Open up, it’s me», «Only you.» In the first Vladimir played a major role for the first time in a long time. After this work in the career of the actor has been restarted. He began to play less military personnel and more likely to appear in paintings that are not associated with military operations. Played the roles in the drama «Beam turn», the action «Operation «Puppeteer», the Comedy «Ticket to Vegas» and «Five brides».

    In 2014 they released new movies with Vladimir Yaglych — «Family business» and «speak of the devil».

    The actor prefers to settle for good scripts, he does not pursue income. In his record — the most interesting roles in the paintings of recognized masters of the genre. Just on account of Vladimir Yaglych — more than 40 roles in films and television series.

    In addition to filming in films and television series, Vladimir Yaglych involved in a TV show. In 2013, the year he, along with his partner Oksana domninoj was the winner in «Ice age 4». In 2014, Aglic becoming a leading musical show «Artist».

    Personal life

    Personal life of Vladimir Yaglych is the object of attention of fans. The main event on the personal front, the actor was a 5-year marriage to actress Svetlana Khodchenkova (2005-2010).

    In the winter of 2013, Aglic reported affair with figure skater Oksana domninoj, whom he met on the show «Ice age». But a few months in the media appeared information about the separation of the pair: Domnina returned to the athlete Roman Kostomarov.

    In 2015, Vladimir Yaglych became friendly with the actress Antonina Papernaya. She was born in a family of Ukrainian artists Evgeny Paperny and Olga Sumy.


    • «My Prechistenka»
    • «On the nameless height»
    • «Not born beautiful»
    • «Soldiers»
    • «We from the future»
    • «Love is not what it seems»
    • «We’re from future-2»
    • «Sky on fire»
    • «Five brides»
    • «Operation «Puppeteer»


    Volodymyr Aglic

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