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  • Name: Vladimir Vysotsky ( Vladimir Vysotsky )
  • Date of birth: 25 January 1938
  • Age: 42 years
  • Date of death: 25 Jul 1980
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 170
  • Activities: Actor, singer, poet
  • Marital status: was married Marina Vlady

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    Vladimir Vysotsky became a legend of Soviet music, theatre and cinema. Vysotsky’s songs have become indisputable classics and eternal hits. His work is very difficult to categorize, as it goes beyond and expands them. Usually, Vysotsky considered to bard music, but its manner of execution and themes of the texts are completely different from those in the Amateur environment. He also disowned the movement.

    Vladimir Vysotsky
    Vladimir Vysotsky | First channel

    Childhood and adolescence

    Vladimir Vysotsky was born on 25 January 1938 in Moscow in a huge communal apartment. The father of the poet, bard and actor, a native of Kiev, WWII veteran, and my mother is a interpreter. When the war started, Vladimir Semenovich was only four years old, so my mom decided to leave with his son in Orenburg oblast. Vysotsky lived there about two years, and after the evacuation of the family returned back to Moscow.

    Two years after the end of the war her parents separated. At the age of nine Vladimir Vysotsky was in post-war occupied Germany, so his childhood can not be called a rainbow, in contrast to peers who are in the capital of the USSR. Being in Germany, Vladimir took lessons of piano. His mother has remarried, with a stepfather Vysotsky was in a difficult relationship. Father married the second time, but with her stepmother have a relationship better.

    Vladimir Vysotsky in childhood
    Vladimir Vysotsky in childhood | Kulichki.com

    Back in Moscow, a young poet in 1949, he settled with his father and his wife. It was there they got acquainted with Vysotsky’s music, but rather with the fun youth of 50 years, which led to him singing. The first chords of Vladimir Semenovich is a explanation rogue romance, a popular destination for those whose childhood was spent during the war. In the evenings, the company were going to play the guitar songs of the Kolyma, Vorkuta and Murka. Then Vladimir Vysotsky began a serious affair with the guitar.

    At the age of 10 years old Vladimir Semenovich began to attend drama club. Then he hadn’t quite realized that his future belongs to theatre. After school, Vysotsky entered the Moscow building, but after six months realized that was not there» and left school.

    Vladimir Vysotsky
    Vladimir Vysotsky | Humus.livejournal.com

    According to legend, Vladimir did it suddenly and quite eccentric. The entire new year’s eve, the future actor along with a classmate spent preparing for the session, making drawings, without which it was impossible to gain admission to the exams. After several hours of hard work the drawings were ready – and then Vysotsky grabbed from a table a jar of ink and poured it on his letter. Vladimir realized that he could no longer be in this school and the other half decided to spend on preparing for the new arrival.

    After this charismatic young man entered the Moscow art theatre and three years later debuted on the theatrical stage in the educational performance of «Crime and punishment». Then Vladimir Semenovich has played a small role in the film «Peers».


    After graduating from the school-Studio of MKHAT Vysotsky arrived to work in the theater. Pushkin. Soon the actor went to the Theatre of miniatures, playing there in small episodes and the extras that great of enthusiasm has not caused. There was also an unsuccessful attempt to break into the theater «Contemporary».

    Vladimir Vysotsky in the role of hamlet on stage of Taganka Theatre
    Vladimir Vysotsky in the role of hamlet on stage of Taganka Theatre | RIA Novosti

    In the end, like Vladimir Semenovich came to the Taganka Theatre, where until his death he worked. Here Vysotsky was trying on the imagery of hamlet, Pugachev, Svidrigailov and Galileo. Along with the Taganka Theatre actor, toured, he almost traveled the world, performing in France, Poland, Germany, Hungary and Bulgaria, few times was able to go to the U.S., visited Mexico, Canada and Tahiti.


    The lyrics of Vladimir Vysotsky wrote himself. The first verses of Vysotsky wrote in high school. The poem «My vow» a young poet dedicated to Stalin, and in a lyrical manner, mourned the death of the leader. The first song Vysotsky himself calls «Tattoo», which was performed in Leningrad in 1961 year. This song began in the poet’s cycle of the yards, «cool» works.

    Despite statements by the artist, there is another story, dated a year earlier. This song is called «49 days». It is written about the heroism of Russian soldiers who drifted across the Pacific ocean. The poems were dedicated to a noble theme, but it didn’t Vysotsky love for his creation. He called this song as a guide for the hacks and spoke about it very negatively. According to the author, you can compose a lot of poems simply by opening the category of current events in any newspaper and rewriting names. For a poet, it was important to pass the work through, so «ticky-tacky» song «49 days» he did not recognize.

    Author’s inspiration drew from Vladimir Vysotsky, Bulat Okudzhava, to the last day of his life and considered his mentor. «Song of Truth and Lies» was dedicated to him. To write music and lyrics, the actor began in the 60-ies. First the audience did not appreciate the «backyard» motives of the musician and the Vysotsky they are not particularly liked. As a musician, Vladimir Semenovich has matured a little later. In 1965, the song «Submarine» was a sign that teenagers early poet ended. Later, the actor wrote songs for films, which starred himself and took an active part in their creation.

    Vladimir Vysotsky
    Vladimir Vysotsky | Rock Cult

    In 1968, the year he published his first record with songs of Vladimir Vysotsky. It was a collection of his songs for the film «Vertikal», including the first heard in this film, and later became one of the trademarks of a musician «a Song about a friend».

    In 1975-m to year for the first time, and, as it turned out, the last time in an official Soviet collection was published the poem of Vladimir Vysotsky. Lucky poem «From the road». In the same year, the musician recorded a new album «St. Vysotsky. Self-portrait». It was a great collection, with the author’s asides before each song and the accompaniment of three guitars. But the record turned out only partially and only after the author’s death.

    In 1978, the year Vladimir Vysotsky has received the highest category of singer soloist of the pop. It showed that the Ministry of culture recognizes the creativity of Vysotsky and ready to recognize him as a professional performer.

    Vladimir Vysotsky
    Vladimir Vysotsky | TV Center

    In 1979, toured, he has performed in new York and Toronto. Vysotsky’s songs so impressed the audience that in law-abiding America in the same year without the permission of the singer came out of a pirate recording of the concert mixed up with the order of the songs.

    In the same year, Vladimir Vysotsky took part in creating the famous samostatneho of the almanac «Metropol». It was the uncensored edition, a collection of texts of those authors who could not publish officially. A total of 12 instances, but one of them who was able to illegally export to the US, where the anthology was officially published.

    Vysotsky continued to tour. In France he met a Gypsy musician in a duet which sang many songs and ballads. The singers had planned to record the album, but Vladimir did not have time to do so.

    In the last years of his life the artist didn’t stop to give concerts. He played in the Leningrad, Kaliningrad and Moscow, continued to play hamlet at the Taganka Theater.

    The repertoire of the musician and poet more than 600 songs, and nearly 200 poems. His concerts were attended by crowds of fans. The works of Vladimir Vysotsky to this day does not lose relevance. The musician gave over a thousand concerts worldwide. During the life of Vysotsky produced 7 own albums and 11 collections of songs by other musicians for his performance.

    Accurate discography of all albums and compilations, which involved Vysotsky, to create almost impossible, as they were issued in different countries, were withdrawn from sale and re-wrote. After the death of Vysotsky, his songs continued to appear on records.


    In the biography of Vladimir Vysotsky equally intertwined theater, cinema and music. His first cameo role in the film «Peers» Vysotsky played while studying at the Moscow art Theater. But really, the cinema was opened by Vladimir Semenovich as an actor in 1961, after starring in the movie «Dima Gorin’s Career». Then followed the «713-th requested landing» and other films. But the main roles and was not, Vysotsky began to abuse alcohol. It turned a lot worse.

    Major success came only in 1967 with the release of «Vertikal», to which he wrote the song. About Vysotsky was immediately recognized by the whole country, and as an actor and as a musician.

    Further Vysotsky played in the films «brief encounter,» «Intervention,» «two comrades were Serving», «the Master of taiga», «Dangerous tour».

    Vysotsky’s songs were criticized by the Central Committee of the Communist party and subservient press. Vysotsky could not ignore and after caustic articles on the topic, what sings Vysotsky, sent the Central Committee a letter in which he called the criticism harsh and unsubstantiated.

    The idol of millions Vladimir Vysotsky became insignificant Soviet power. He was frequently denied the role, and the songs not broadcast, so for 70 years the actor starred little. At the Taganka Theatre he was fired for drunkenness, it is again claimed for the main roles. Vysotsky several times almost «went» to the light because of a weak heart, fatigue and prolonged drinking bouts. But at the same time, it was during this period Vysotsky played his hamlet, which is remembered by millions. The most complex and compelling role Vladimir is reflected in a special way and infinitely talented.

    On television came the Estonian transmission, dedicated to Vladimir Vysotsky, «the guy with the Taganka». This was the first appearance of the actor on the TV in the film. About the actor a lot written and filmed. About him was an article in the journal «Theatre», later Vysotsky was invited to perform on French TV, where he performed his biography «the Ballad about Love». But on national television, none of the interviews or the concert of Vladimir Vysotsky in his lifetime has not been demonstrated. Sometimes there were attempts to record an interview for Central television. For example, Vysotsky spoke with Valery Perevozchikova, but later film transfer washed away, leaving nothing but a small final fragment for a few minutes.

    A significant role of Vladimir Vysotsky in film series «the meeting Place cannot be changed», where the actor played your favorite hero – Gleb zheglova and also acted in the role of Director. In this film the songs of Vladimir Semenovich is not sound, although at first he showed such a desire. Then the Director was opposed to such creativity, as, in his opinion, charismatic Vysotsky could overshadow the image of his character.

    The Beatles wanted to star in the American film «Red». He recorded a video message to Warren Beatty, which was to become a film Director. But the USA never came.

    Personal life

    When Vladimir Semenovich was a first rate Theater, he met a classmate Iza Zhukova, which eventually became his first wife in 1960. The marriage did not last long, the couple often quarreled, not after living together for a year, divorced. The second wife of actor became Lyudmila Abramova. They met a year after his divorce Vladimir Semenovich with his first wife. In this marriage Abramov gave the musician two children that are unable to save the family, and in 1968 the pair also went. Both sons of Vysotsky later also became artists and have linked their lives with the movie. The younger son, Nikita Vysotsky, manages the State cultural center-Museum of V. S. Vysotsky.

    Isolde Zhukova and Vladimir Vysotsky
    Isolde Zhukova and Vladimir Vysotsky | Woman.ru

    The third time Vysotsky married Marina Vlady, which was first seen in the film «Bewitched» and immediately fell in love with the actress. For many years he was dreaming about a beautiful woman, looking at a picture with her. Their acquaintance still happened. One day, after watching the performance of Vysotsky visited the restaurant where the rest of the Government. Then the man went to her, took her hand and for a long time was watching Marina’s eyes. In 1970 Vysotsky and Vladi got married. Personal life of Vladimir Vysotsky then turned over, realized his longtime dream. It lasted 10 years, until the death of the musician. During this period, Marina Vlady was the actor not only the woman, basis, but the main Muse.

    Vladimir Vysotsky and Marina Vlady
    Vladimir Vysotsky and Marina Vlady | AdMe.ru

    But in this family it was not so smooth. Vysotsky had a scandalous reputation about him and his women were a lot of rumors. In our time in the biography «Vysotsky. Thank God I’m alive» follows the novel of the artist with a certain Tatiana Ivleva in the last years of his life. Girls with such name never existed, but this does not mean that the famous musician slandered and attributed to a married man nonexistent love on the side.

    Last Vysotsky was a student Oksana Afanasyeva. He accidentally fell in love with at first sight. As later told Oksana he became her first and perhaps only true love. The difference between the lovers was more than 20 years. Oksana was the daughter of the famous writer, therefore, felt no fear of well-known personalities, much more she feared for the popular musician with a reputation as an alcoholic and a womanizer, she would be the only entertainment. But it was real feelings with a gentle courtship and admiration.

    Vladimir Vysotsky and Oksana Afanasieva
    Vladimir Vysotsky and Oksana Afanasieva | Woman.ru

    Wife of Vladimir Vysotsky at this time, lived his life in Paris, but knew about her husband’s mistress. Oksana even moved into the apartment to Vladimir, she knew he was married, but perceived it as something distant and not understandable. Musician cheated on her. Vladimir Vysotsky did not hide their relationship, openly introduced the girl with your friends and colleagues.


    Vladimir Vysotsky, despite the confident appearance and high growth, did not differ good health. Hard to say, was this innate premise or the role played by the tendency of the artist to alcohol. Vysotsky smoked a pack of cigarettes a day and for many years was addicted to alcohol. He was a creative person, but his work was constantly criticized, pressured and put it off. With all this, he helped me stop or at least zakodirovatsia many of his famous friends. He caught them around the city in periods of exacerbations, persuaded, gave brought with Marina France pills. So he pulled out least Dahl and Livanov. Many friends of the musician claim that in the last years of his life and Vysotsky himself stopped drinking alcohol.

    Vladimir Vysotsky | HitGid

    However, for a long time Vysotsky had heart problems and breathing

    The first serious attack happened in 1969-m to year. Vysotsky started bleeding throat, called an ambulance scared wife. At first, doctors refused to hospitalize the musician, considering his case fatal, but the Authorities barred the door and threatened a diplomatic scandal. Vysotsky was saved by the perseverance of his wife and the fact that doctors recognized the famous singer and actor. The operation lasted 18 hours.

    Alcohol addiction has taken its toll, causing kidney and heart. The doctors tried to deal with particularly difficult conditions of drug substances series. It is unknown whether this was a cause of addiction or the musician himself decided that the drugs will help him to abstain from alcohol and to cope with their illness, but the fact remains that by the mid-70s Vysotsky developed a drug addiction. He gradually increased the dose of morphine and amphetamine until 1977 Wysocki could not live without daily drug use. At that time, the musician was already doomed, attempts at treatment have not worked and Vysotsky predicted death within a few years, or overdose, or withdrawal.

    Vladimir Vysotsky
    Vladimir Vysotsky | ThePlaCe.ru

    In 1979 in Bukhara possible Vysotsky survived clinical death. Biographers still argue about this fact.

    July 25, 1980 Vladimir Vysotsky died. Death occurred during sleep in the apartment where lived the musician. The artist walked around the room and told his mother that he knows that he would die that day. He fell asleep only after the injection of sedative and died in her sleep.

    At the requests of relatives an autopsy was not performed so an exact cause of death of Vysotsky never installed. According to several sources it can be assumed that the poet, musician and talented actor died of a heart attack or asphyxiation due to overdose of sedatives.

    Friends and wife recognize that Vysotsky killed drugs, but indirectly, overdose never cited as the probable cause of death.

    Podanie with Vladimir Vysotsky | Russian Courier

    In Newspapers and on television virtually did not advertise the death of Vladimir Vysotsky. This happened not so much due to the fact that he was objectionable to the authorities the poet as of the date of death. Vysotsky died during the summer Olympics in Moscow. Nobody wanted to ruin such a great international event obituary. The message about the death of the actor posted in the window of cash Taganka Theatre and around the theatre almost immediately a huge crowd gathered. No one bought tickets for these performances Vysotsky did not pass them.

    Funeral information is actively suppressed, but in parting with the musician, seemed to come out of the whole city. As later described this Marina Vlady, not even buried kings. To get on the Vagankovsky cemetery the coffin with Vysotsky had to drive past the Kremlin. The official authorities tried to wash away the flowers and whip the portrait to be seen who are using the center of Moscow, but before that quietly mournful crowd stood to protect the procession. People with umbrellas covered the flowers, screaming at the police. Pictures of this mess went all over the world.

    Podanie with Vladimir Vysotsky
    Podanie with Vladimir Vysotsky | Russian Courier

    In order that the great musician was able to bury near the entrance, the Director of the cemetery had to sacrifice his position. The grave of Vladimir Vysotsky was just covered with flowers. Fans of genius did not forget him for many years. Still a lot of fans Vysotsky visit it last refuge and leave flowers. In 1985, the year the standard headstone was replaced by the monument to the musician. The statue echoes its song «monument» depicts a man trying to escape from the concrete shell and from the chains of creative canons.


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    Vladimir Vysotsky

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