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  • Name: Vladimir Voroshilov ( Mr Kalmanovich )
  • Date of birth: 18 December 1930
  • Age: 70 years
  • Date of death: March 10, 2001
  • Place of birth: Simferopol
  • Activities: production designer, producer, presenter, Creator of «What? Where? When?»
  • Marital status: not married

    Vladimir Voroshilov: biography

    Vladimir Yakovlevich Kalmanovich (Voroshilov) was born in Simferopol on March 10, 1930. The father of the future Director Yakov Davidovich held a responsible position in the Ministry, and his mother sewed clothes to order. The family lived in prosperity and comfort until the evacuation began. In 1943, had to drop everything and move to Moscow. But the life of an educated family does not become worse. Vladimir studied at the Moscow school for gifted children after her at the Academy of arts. Another area of study was the School-Studio of MKHAT, where Voroshilov was engaged in at the faculty.

    After graduation he worked as an artist in the theater group of Soviet forces in Germany. The return of Vladimir Yakovlevich worked first as a Director at various theaters of Moscow. In theaters Sovremennik, Lenkom and the Theater on Taganka worked as a Director. Short temper and a special vision of art has led to frequent scandals with the authorities. One of these conflicts went in a serious fight, and he was kicked out of the manuscript.

    A few years after the incident of Vladimir Yakovlevich invited to work on the TV. In those years it was not considered a great achievement. On the contrary, the artists believed that television are only the losers who have not found a place in the theater. For lack of other work the Director agreed and some time was engaged in filming of documentary and educational films. A lively mind and a lot of original ideas brought Voroshilov popularity and fame.

    Vladimir Voroshilov: TV

    Voroshilov came up with new, exciting shows, and as before felt no fear of the authorities, therefore, could say in response, strong language, and even to argue with management. For such liberties his projects were often closed and not released into the air, and from the credits removed surname. Popular transmission «Auction» was closed, considering it unworthy to show to the audience. The incident occurred when one of the guest artists sang their own song with the banned for TV.

    In the project scenario by Vladimir Yakovlevich has reappeared on the show «come on guys» who enthusiastically watched children of different ages. But after the tragic death of one of the parties to transfer Voroshilov was fired and the program was closed.

    After streaks Vladimir Voroshilov becomes the host of the popular «What? Where? When?». By the way, he came up with this intellectual show. Power television station, still hold onto his anger, not released leading to air, and he became a «voice from nowhere», and the audience for a long time did not know who owns the voice-over, and who is the «Moderator».

    Programs that have taken hold Vladimir Voroshilov, he himself invented. Innovative ideas do not always liked the leadership, but the stubborn Director was doing everything on his own. Up to a certain point, the audience had no idea about the existence of man with the same name.

    In addition to the famous show «What? Where? When?» Vladimir Yakovlevich tried himself in the role of the program host, «brain-Ring», but, after several editions, resigned. Permanent employment did not give him time for another project. Russian Academy of television arts «taffy» Voroshilov was awarded the prize for intellectual show «What? Where? When?» in 1997. Three years Vladimir Yakovlevich left her the only heir to Boris Kryuk. Work on programmes and advanced age made itself felt.

    «What? Where? When?» was so popular that literally descended from the TV screens to the masses is still across the CIS regularly hosts competitions of experts among applicants. The project has created a whole subculture of fans to tickle your brain» interesting questions.

    Vladimir Voroshilov: personal life

    Over the years, Vladimir Voroshilov were a lot of women, whom he gave his favor, but officially the Director was in a relationship four times. On the first three chosen little known. Fourth wife Natalia Stetsenko was a co-author of the program «What? Where? When?». It was her son, Boris Hook Voroshilov and left the business of his life.

    The latest darling of the famous TV host was Natalia Klimova. But marriage with her is not officially registered. At the age of 67 years, lead has become the happy father, law wife gave him a daughter, Natasha.

    The legacy of the great Director for a long time continuing trials between his last two women, who can not divide property that was left.

    Vladimir Voroshilov: death

    25th anniversary of the program «What? Where? When?» was marred by the tragic event: in the result of a massive heart attack killed the Creator of the beloved show. Voroshilov posthumously awarded the award «TEFI» for contribution to development of television.

    Two years after the death at the grave of Vladimir Yakovlevich, a monument in the form of a black cube. By sculptor Nikita Shangin this cube symbolizes the black box that so often appeared in the famous intellectual casino.

    Vladimir Voroshilov: projects

    • Hiroshima
    • Auction
    • Contact
    • Come on guys
    • Stories about the profession
    • Sprint for all
    • The court is

    Vladimir Voroshilov: photo

    Vladimir Voroshilov and Natalia Klimova

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