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  • Name: Vladimir Vinokur ( Vinokur Vladimir )
  • Date of birth: 31 March 1948
  • Age: 68 years
  • Place of birth: Kursk
  • Height: 176
  • Activity: comedian, singer, actor, TV host, teacher, people’s artist of the RSFSR
  • Marital status: married

    Vladimir Vinokur: biography

    March 31, 1948 «Kurskaya Pravda» informed readers that in the city hospital, was born a boy-hero. Weight newborn to 4 kg: This hero was Vladimir Vinokur. He was born and grew up in a close-knit family. Father Vinokur supervised the construction trust, mother taught Russian language and literature at school.

    Vladimir Vinokur in childhood
    Photos from the family archive | Events and people

    The artist recalls that his older brother Boris pampered more because he was fun and energetic child. He is a stout boy with crooked legs, taciturn by nature. In childhood Volodya often played alone, because his feet for healing purposes were buried in special sand. To 14 years the teenager has changed dramatically – became communicative, constantly laughing and joking.

    In school he studied without enthusiasm. But in the 4th grade homeroom teacher began to have Vinokur – the boy was forced to catch up in school. Russian literature he knew all six points that mothers did not have to blush for him.

    Vladimir Vinokur in his youth
    The future star of the silver screen

    With the father of the future humorist was a relationship of trust. The boy had told him their secrets, shared their problems, asked for advice. In the family Vinokurov father jokingly referred to as «chief Director».

    Biography of Vladimir Vinokur from childhood is connected with music. He sang fine, so his parents enrolled him in the choir of the pioneer. At the first competition the team with the lead singer Vinokur took first place and was awarded a trip to the camp «Artek». There talented guy noticed semen Dunaevsky. He was advised to take a pause in the vocals to seventeen years, until the breaking voice. The guy listened to the advice Dunaevsky. My parents didn’t understand why he had stopped singing, he was persuaded, punished, forbidding him to play in the street. As a result, the father said: do not want to sing – go in civil engineering.

    Anton Vinokur
    With comrades in the service | success Stories

    Vladimir did so. After College he worked in construction and at home vocal training with teachers. It helped him in the military service – Vinokur has performed with the ensemble of the Moscow military district.

    In 1969, Vladimir sent documents to GITIS – while he was still in the army. The applicant has successfully passed all competitions and became a first-year student.


    When Vladimir studied in the 4th year of GITIS, Director of the Metropolitan operetta theatre invited him to his company. In this theater he worked for two years and has played many roles.

    Anton Vinokur
    Photo of Vladimir Vinokur in his Theater of parodies | 1news.az

    In 1989, the artist founded the Theatre of parodies Vladimir Vinokur. Eight years later, the theater was given the status of state. Within the walls of this institution was a success of the play «I Go out alone…», «whether extra ticket», «Wine-Show-Chickens».

    Vladimir Vinokur has worked for many years with Arkady by Arkanova, Alexander Shirvindt, Lyon Izmailov, Sergei Drobotenko and other comedians.


    The creative biography of Vladimir Vinokur continued to develop. His singing career began in 1975 in the popular ensemble «Gems». There it was recommended to the pianist Michael Bank. Two years later, the artist became the winner of national contest and thought about a solo career.

    In 1977, he moved to work as a soloist of «Mosconcert». Vladimir Vinokur has performed at major venues in Russia, including the Kremlin Palace. He has participated in concerts with Joseph Kobzon, Lyudmila Zykina, Lev Leshchenko, Muslim Magomayev and other masters of Soviet music. At the time, Vladimir Vinokur was one of the few artists who toured in Germany, America, Belgium, Mexico and other countries.

    His latest musical project is a Duo «levchik and Vovchik». Vinokur and Leshenko first performed together on the anniversary of Gennady Khazanov. Since then, their vocal tandem is popular with the public. Songs of Vladimir Vinokur was loved by the audience.

    Humorist sometimes invited to act in films. In the filmography of Vladimir Vinokur, more than ten different roles. He debuted as a movie actor in the 1979 film «the Last magicians». Five years later, winokur starred in the film «What a jumble.» Among other works, the film «Military-the field song», «goldfish», «silenced Pistol», «the Kingdom of crooked mirrors».


    By the end of the 70s, the artist began regularly invited to the television broadcast. He acted in popular at that time, the program «Around the laughter» and «new year’s attraction». Skits and monologues of Vladimir Vinokur was his trademark.

    National love and recognition came to the comedian after the telecast of «full House» in which he played for many years. In 1985-86 Vinokur appeared on screens as co-host of the programs «One fall» and «One winter».

    Parodies Vladimir Vinokur often heard on the radio. He has participated in the program » good morning!», led radio program «Monitor», «You, me, and song.»

    Personal life

    With his wife, ballerina Tamara Pervakova, humorist met at a children’s performance of «don’t hit girls». Winokur played the losers, and Pervakova – the clockwork doll. The girl liked an artist: she was serious and strict, immediately stopped his advances. But winokur didn’t give up – covered in a Dorm table, invited Tamara and began to molest her. She cried and left. He ran after her to apologize and reassure. In that moment, as recognized by Vladimir Vinokur in his soul something happened.

    Vladimir Vinokur with his wife
    With his wife Tamara Pervakova | HELLO!

    Tamara Pervakova was not like everyone else. Before her marriage she was called exclusively on «you». 8 June 1974 they became husband and wife. The wedding took place in the concert hall «Russia». Since the personal life of Vladimir Vinokur is inextricably linked to Tamara.

    The couple rarely quarrel – except that due to the fact that it was poorly prepared and humorist always loved to eat. Over time Pervakova learned to cook, but once in the home kitchen appeared culinary masterpieces, winokur decided to lose weight.

    For a long time the couple never had children. Daughter Nastya was born, when Tamara turned 32, and he was already 37. To deal with the baby and the house, Pervakova quit ballet.

    Vladimir Vinokur with his family
    With his wife and daughter Anastasia | Around TV

    Anastasia followed in the footsteps of mother in 2003, she graduated from dance Academy and now works at the Bolshoi theatre. December 10, 2015 Vladimir Vinokur became a grandfather – he was born the grandson of Fedor.

    The actor admits that a sense of humor and frequent touring has strengthened their marriage, because the longer he was away from home, the more it was drawn there. Vinokur loves guests, so try lots and lots of parties with feasts and invite friends.


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    Anton Vinokur

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