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  • Name: Vladimir Vdovichenkov ( Vladimir Vdovichenkov )
  • Date of birth: 13 August 1971.
  • Age: 45 years
  • Place of birth: Gusev, Kaliningrad oblast
  • Height: 185
  • Activities: Actor
  • Family: Married Elena Lyadova

    Vladimir Vdovichenkov biography

    Biography of Vladimir Vdovichenkov originates in the small town of Gusev. The family raised three children. Father and mother worked in a factory of lighting fittings. Svetlana held the position of engineer, and father Vladimir – chief engineer. Vladimir Vdovichenkov is the younger brother of Constantine and an older sister, Irina.

    A small town where the family lived previously belonged to East Prussia, and then came into the possession of the Kaliningrad region. Gusev is a cluster of businesses that turned out to be useless. At one of these factories earned his livelihood the parents of the actor.

    At a young age Vdovichenkov was a fan of Jean Claude van Damme and played sports. He received his secondary education at the Kronstadt naval school. In 1989 graduated from high school and joined the ranks of the recruits. Military duty performed in the Baltic and North sea for four years. During his service he received the title of senior sailor of the reserve, that land sounds like a corporal.

    After Navy Vdovichenkov was trying to find himself. Started working as a waiter in a restaurant, after he became head waiter, then he turned into chefs. When the kitchen is tired, he decided to make a stretch of cars from Poland. Permanent employment does not interfere with the Vladimir Vdovichenkov dream of becoming an actor. Then the man decided not to wait for the fate of the gift, and yourself to change your biography.

    For many years obsession was not left in peace until he dropped everything and went to realize a dream. Moscow greeted him warmly, however, to enter the cinematic course failed, the set was over. Persistent desire to be an actor, not scattered through the year expectations. Vdovichenkov was preparing to enter the preparatory courses of cinematography, and then successfully passed the exams and was enrolled in a course for G. G. Taratorkin.

    One of the most spontaneous actions and great achievements Vladimir Vdovichenkov considers moving to Moscow and enrolling in one of the best University without bribes, cronyism and money. The profession received in 2001, but acting career began long before graduation.

    Vladimir Vdovichenkov movies

    The career of Vladimir Vdovichenkov began in his student years. Manly appearance, military background, and textured figure did not leave a student unnoticed. He was invited to perform the respective roles in such films as «April», «Turkish March», «the President and his granddaughter» and many others. At the end of the course, starred in the legendary series

  • The «team» that brought instant success and recognition of the audience. Perfectly played the role of Phil brought a lot of offers from filmmakers. Soon Vdovichenkov filmography has been less popular videos
  • «Boomer», and then followed by a series of serious roles, which predicted the talented actor to new heights. Among these paintings is to pay tribute «Paragraph 78», «Taras Bulba», «the White guard» and many others. Besides filming in movies Vladimir Vdovichenkov on a regular basis plays in the theater. Vakhtangov. Involved in such productions as «Uncle Vanya,» «Royal hunt». Over the last performance was awarded in 2003 theatre award «Seagull» in the nomination «Fatal man».

    In 2006, the actor was awarded the prize»Golden Aries» for best male role in the second part of «Boomer». It is worth noting that it is «Boomer» brought Vdovichenkov and his colleagues in the film than one award and premium.

    In 2006 was awarded as honorary citizen of his native town of Gusev. Was partly involved in the music, or rather, acted in music videos A. Gazmanov, group Roots, lube, etc. In 2008 was the understudy of the main character of the animated production of «Volts».

    In 2014, was screened loud

  • «Leviathan», a role in which Vdovichenkov almost missed. Then he was asked to star in a foreign film «Black sea», remains in the dark Vladimir has already started to prepare for her departure, however, abruptly called Andrey Zvyagintsev and said that shooting begins on «Leviathan». «Leviathan» by Vdovichenkov in one of the main roles has received numerous prizes at festivals, including
  • «Golden globe», which was a great event in Russian cinema, because for the first time this award went to the film «War and peace» in 1969 Film «Leviathan» was named best foreign film. The plot tells the story of residents of a provincial town, who opposes a corrupt mayor who is trying to take his house and land. The plot of the biblical story of the prophet job that the Director has modernized and moved to the Russian soil.

    Vladimir Vdovichenkov: personal life

    While still eighteen boys, Vladimir confused family ties with a school friend from a parallel class. However, the difficult 90-ies became a test not only of the economic situation in the country, but also the social environment in the microclimate of individual families.

    After a few years in the personal life of Vladimir Vdovichenkov was the second marriage. A young wife, Anna, in 1993, gave birth to the actor’s son, Leonid. However, soon the Alliance fell apart. The woman left her husband’s name, but took the child in Saint Petersburg. Then Vdovichenkov was not able often to see my son and to give him due attention.

    The third wife of Vladimir was Natalia Davydova, however, this Union was not long-term.

    In 2005, the fourth wife Olga Filippova Vdovichenkov gave birth to a daughter Veronica. In 2014, Filippova Vdovichenkov and confirmed the rumors that they’re splitting up.

    In the summer it became known that the Vdovichenkov meets with a colleague in «the Leviathan» Elena Lyadova. In the film they played lovers that, perhaps, was the reason for a romantic relationship. Some time before the official Declaration, the team of actors were present at the award ceremony «Golden globe» in Cannes. Even then the press was full of juicy photos Vdovichenkov and Lyadova and sensational headlines. Paparazzi filmed Vladimir cares for Elena, escorted her everywhere, gently put his arm around her waist.

    After breaking up with his ex-wife, the lovers announced their engagement. April 2, 2015 it became known that Vladimir Vdovichenkov and Elena Lyadova got married. The wedding stars «Leviathan» was held in the beginning of the year, on a modest ceremony attended by only the closest pair.

    Vladimir Vdovichenkov: filmography

    • «Citizen chief»
    • «Team»
    • «Kamenskaya 3»
    • Bumer — 1, 2
    • «Stargazer»
    • «Paragraph 78» — 1, 2
    • «Taras Bulba»
    • «Uncle Vanya»
    • «August eighth»
    • «Leviathan»

    Vladimir Vdovichenkov: photo

    Volodymyr Vdovichenkov

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