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  • Name: Vladimir Turchinsky ( Vladimir Turchinskiy )
  • Date of birth: 28 September 1963
  • Age: 46 years
  • Date of death: December 16, 2009
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 175
  • Activities: actor, athlete, TV presenter, singer
  • Marital status: married

    Vladimir Turchinsky: biography

    Vladimir Turchinsky was born in Moscow, but up to 6 years lived in Ulyanovsk. There in one of the military units he served his father Evgeny. Mother Nina was involved in the beef industry and after returning to Moscow rose to the position of Deputy Director of the Cherkizovsky meat-packing plant. After the divorce of her parents raising the boy was engaged stepfather Vyacheslav Silaev, a KGB officer, who himself Turchinsky is perceived as a father.

    The fact that the family has a hero, the parents might guess from the very first moment: Vladimir was born weighing more than 5 pounds! Already in elementary school he began to seriously get involved in the sport. In 5th grade the boy in the championship of Moscow on free-style wrestling took second place, and three years later was included in the national team of Moscow on Sambo. In high school a guy passed the standards and received the title of master of sport in Sambo and judo, and freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling «came» to the candidate master of sports.

    After school boy three courses studied at the programmer in the Moscow Institute of engineers of civil aviation, but then he had an independent an irresistible desire to know the army life. After demobilization returned to his native University, he did not, and was transferred to the Institute of physical culture and received the diploma of the trainer.

    In the late ‘ 80s, Vladimir Turchinsky had to work as a photographer and a bodyguard, including the singer Dmitry Malikov, and in the protection of the plant, and in the computer field. Even a little translating from English to Ukrainian sports press. He had some time to take the position of teacher of physical education at school.


    In professional sports Vladimir Turchinsky has been quite unusual for our country the game of American football. He joined the team «Moscow bears», which in 1991 won the first and only national championship. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, a young man came to America, where he played in one of the lower leagues in the football team «the Moscow giants». For his achievements in the sport and for contribution to friendship between Russia and USA was named an honorary citizen of the city of Marlborough, Massachusetts.

    Inspired by athleticism, Vladimir Turchinsky and in this field have achieved good results. He is listed in the Guinness book of records as the strongest Russian for set several records. For example, he moved the plane «Ruslan», which weighs 260 tons, raised the elephant and the car with 12 passengers, with one hand stretched out a 20-ton double-Decker bus for a length of 100 meters.

    Repeatedly athlete participated in the competition among the strongest people in the world world’s Strongest Man». Also the last 6 years of his life he was the President of the Russian «Professional League of strongest extreme».


    In the mid-1990s, Vladimir participated in the popular TV show «gladiators», which became famous as the Gladiator nicknamed «Dynamite». As a leading Turchinsky tried in 1999 in the youth program «Star-Start», where he was invited as a guest, but then entrusted the microphone.

    He later led a number of TV programs: «Mom, dad, I — sports family», «fear Factor», «the strong man», «Slaughter League». Basically he did a sports show, but some were of a different kind.

    For example, children’s educational program «sesame Street», a humorous program «Laughter without rules» and a musical show about jazz and Blues «Last of the Mohicans».

    By the way, Vladimir Turchinsky had a direct relation to the music. In the early 2000’s, he along with his friend actor Alexei Kravchenko created the rock band «Guarana» and was vocalist.


    In 2001 Turchinsky was offered a cameo role in the TV series «Cobra. Antiterror», but when he began acting, the script was rewritten and made his character one of the key. After the debut was still about 30 paintings. Of course, most often he was given the role of burly military: «SWAT», «the homeland waits», «the Storm gate», «the Soldiers. A new call».

    But Vladimir took part in Comedy series «Daddy’s girls», «Happy together», «Matchmakers». Also on account of his role of an enchanted Prince in the fairy tale «Cinderella 4×4. It all starts with desire» and co-owner of a gay sports club in the Comedy «Bitch for the champion». The last film with the actor «Sky on fire» was released in 2010, already after his death.

    Personal life

    Vladimir Turchinsky has been married three times and all his wives were related to the world of sports. First wife Irina – multiple world champion in arm wrestling. From this marriage the athlete had a son Ilya. Second wife-Larissa Nikitina famous athlete, who immigrated to Australia, speaking over the competition.

    Third wife the actor has lived the rest of his days. Irina, by the way, a full namesake of the first wife Turchynov, — the General Director of the club «Miss Fitness» and coach in the TV show «Suspended people.» In this family, in 1999, a daughter, Xenia.


    Before the death of Vladimir Turchinsky was filmed in the program «Good evening, Moscow!» and managed to give an interview to the program «rush hour». At 5am he awoke to the fact that he became ill. Getting out of bed, Vladimir lost consciousness and fell to the floor. His wife Irina Aleksandrovna called the ambulance, the ambulance arrived but could only ascertain the death in a heart attack.

    Widow Turchinsky filed a complaint to the investigating authorities, as the ambulance arrived at the scene almost an hour and a half after the call. But the Prosecutor’s office examined the case, found no reason for criminal process. Actor and athlete was buried in the cemetery in the village of Voskresenskoe, near the grave of her stepfather.


    • 2001-2003 — Cobra. Antiterror
    • 2002 — Riot
    • 2003 — Motherland awaits
    • 2006 — an Impossible task
    • 2007 — antidrug
    • 2008 — Cinderella 4×4. It all starts with desire
    • 2008 — Invincible
    • 2009 — movers and Shakers
    • 2009 — Bitch for a champion
    • 2010 — the Sky is on fire


    Vladimir Turchinsky

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