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  • Name: Vladimir Troshin ( Vladimir Troshin )
  • Date of birth: 15 may 1926
  • Age: 81 years
  • Date of death: February 25, 2008
  • Place of birth: sat. St. Petersburg, the Ural region, Russia
  • Activity: singer, actor of theatre and cinema, people’s artist of the RSFSR
  • Marital status: married

    Vladimir Troshin: a biography

    In the settlement of Mikhailovsky, which is also called the «Ural Switzerland», in mid-may, 1926 in the family of Turner Troshin was born a boy Volodya. He was destined to become a legend of Soviet music, which is loved the world over. The boy was the tenth child in a close-knit family. Rodovid artist goes back to centuries before the construction of the Demidov plants. Mikhaylovskiy Zavod has long been famous to create the most subtle of roofing sheets. Later production switched to the foil cover, which was used in the aircraft industry.

    Anton Troshin
    Vladimir Troshin | the Unofficial website

    Ancestors of Vladimir were not only masters of metallurgy, but also great singers. The boy’s father, Konstantin, had a deep bass and played in the local Opera of the national theatre. He successfully sang the role of Ivan Susanin in the production of the eponymous Opera. In the house Troshinym was always slender polyphony, and the little boy is already 10 years old knew how to play the balalaika and harmony.

    The difficult years of adolescence

    In the mid 30-ies Troshina moved to Sverdlovsk, as the head of the family chose as one of the best turners of the region, to work in advanced and responsible company Uralmash. Konstantin was homesick and wanted to soon return to introduce his younger son to metalloprokatchikov. But the war interrupted all plans: son Michael went to serve at the front, but the father died at work six months after the start of the war to the end by doing his duty to the Fatherland.

    Vladimir Troshin in his youth
    Vladimir Troshin in youth | Unofficial site

    42 Vladimir begins to learn at a local theatre school. A year later, in connection with the death of V. I. Nemirovich-Danchenko, the Commission of the Moscow art theatre begins to search for talent across the expanses of the country and comes to the capital of the Middle Urals. Viewed 280 students of the master of the Moscow Theatre taken only four. Among the lucky ones to Moscow for training is sent and Vladimir Troshin. The talent in the young man considered himself. M. Moskvin, and classmates of the young men become future legends of Soviet art: Mikhail Pugovkin, Vladimir Druzhnikov, Vladlen Davydov, Anatoly Verbitsky.

    Already studying at the Studio School, Vladimir had their voice data. Voice coach suggested the young man be transferred to the Conservatory, but Troshin remained faithful to his choice. Acting student success, the young talent became the role of Oleg Koshevoi in the senior production of «Young guard», seeing that the hero’s mother noted the great resemblance of the actor with his son. After finishing School Vladimir entered the service in the Moscow art theatre, and his debut in the play «Days and nights». I. Plantarum was made vocal number «Girl guitar». This song for many years was included in the repertoire of the artist.

    Theatrical career

    The work of the actor at the Moscow Academic was successful. At the age of 25, he won the Stalin Prize for her role in the play «Second love». The audience stood in the huge queues for tickets to get on the beloved actor. For almost half a century of his acting career Troshin played the role in more than 80 productions of the Moscow art theatre on the plays of Shakespeare, Chekhov, Ostrovsky, Gogol.

    Vladimir Troshin in the play
    Vladimir Troshin and Alexander Mikhailov in the play «Young guard» | Unofficial site

    1954 marked another masterpiece performed by Vladimir Troshina. The role of poseur at the Royal court in a production of «twelfth night» was decorated with 10 vocal numbers, the authors of which were friends of the artist: E. kolmanovskiy musician and poet Pavel Antokolsky. After showing the TV version of the play on national television, Vladimir Troshin was fond of the whole country.


    At this time, the artist began to record songs by Soviet composers, each of which becomes a hit. In 1956, he literally saves the song of St. Soloviev-Sedoy «Moscow nights», which the authors had already written off as a failure. First performance of a piece Troshin instantly made this song immortal. And its recording in the arrangement of conductor Victor Knushevitsky spread throughout the planet, becoming the musical visiting card of the Soviet Union.

    The peak of glory of Vladimir Troshina accounts for 50-60 years. His song «Cranes», «the long Road», «City sleep», «Morse», «Why», «I’m Sorry», «Old album», «Silence» sang the whole country. On stage the singer was lucky to work with such legends of the stage as Claudia Shulzhenko, mark Bernes, Lydia Ruslanova, and even Marlene Dietrich, who gave the only concert in Moscow. Vladimir Troshin was famous among composers singer who’s able to make any song a hit.

    The movie

    For all his life Vladimir Troshin, despite its popularity, starred in 25 films. Due to this it was a great time in the theater. But, nevertheless, his role from the film «it happened in Penkovo», «hussar ballad» loved by the public.

    Vladimir Troshin in the film
    Vladimir Troshin in the movie «Stalingrad» | Film-Theatre

    Very often the actor played the role of party leaders and politicians: by K. Voroshilov, V. Churchill, N. Podgorny. And in 1990 in the foreign film about Chernobyl, he played the only President of the USSR.

    Personal life

    A strict upbringing by Vladimir Troshin, a long time did not allow him to decide on major changes in his personal life. But closer to 30 years his heart melted Raisa Zhdanov, ballerina of the Bolshoi Theatre. Young people turned out to a wonderful family, evidence of which is a large archive of family photos.

    Vladimir Troshin with his wife and son
    Vladimir Troshin with his wife and son | the Unofficial website

    In 1959, the couple had a son Constantine. Despite its excellent musical ability, the boy went to his father’s footsteps and graduated from the Forestry Institute and became kotoshogiku. Vladimir and Raisa Troshina three grandchildren: Vladimir, Yegor and Valeriya.

    Recent years

    In recent years, Vladimir Troshin was engaged exclusively in the vocal career. He refers in his work to the romances and ballads, written on poems by Esenin S. Pushkin. In the last decade of his life Troshin is completing a book about his biography, «My years — a scattering of gems», which was published a year before his death.

    Anton Troshin
    Vladimir Troshin | the Unofficial website

    In the Urals creates a vocal festival named after Troshina. In 2003 and 2006 are the concerts of the legend of Soviet music. In the winter of 2008, the artist died quietly at her hands.


    Vladimir Troshin in his youth

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