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  • Name: Vladimir Tolokonnikov ( Vladimir Tolokonnikov )
  • Date of birth: 25 June 1943
  • Age: 73 years
  • Place of birth: Almaty, Kazakhstan
  • Activity: Soviet, Russian and Kazakh film and theater actor, Honored artist of the Kazakh SSR
  • Marital status: widower

    Vladimir Tolokonnikov: biography

    On the wave of popular actor Vladimir Alekseevich Tolokonnikova made the role of Sharikov in the tragicomedy Vladimir Bortko «heart of a Dog». But in his filmography there are many other stunning works. As for theater roles, here the artist managed to achieve even greater success than in film.

    Vladimir Tolokonnikov was born in 1943 in Alma-ATA. During the war years in Kazakhstan was restored to health after serious injuries of many Soviet soldiers. One of them was the father Tolokonnikova. However, Vladimir never met him. Mother raised the boy alone. But never said father Vladimir a bad word.

    The artistry manifested itself in the boy is still in childhood. He was an excellent painter, gladly played at school events and was always a crowd favorite. First Tolokonnikov dreamed of becoming a pilot, but in high school realized that on the stage he will be able to play not only the role of the heroic pilot, and many others.

    But the Saga with the arrival of a theatrical institution was long. Tolokonnikov was involved in the drama club Michael Azov, gave a start in the world of cinema by artists such as Lev Prygunov and Vadim Abdrashitov. Despite the excellent training, to act in one Metropolitan University, he could not. Four unsuccessful attempts and the revelation of one of the members of the selection Committee that the reason for the failure of the talented guy in universities is its specific appearance, could break anyone. But not Tolokonnikova.

    Vladimir knew that nothing else in life will not be able to do. And he managed to get a theatrical education, enrolled in the Yaroslavl theater school.


    After graduation Vladimir Tolokonnikov returned to Alma-ATA and in one season played several roles in local youth Theatre. The promising artist was accepted into the troupe of the largest theatre of Kazakhstan – Russian drama theatre named after M. Lermontov.

    The theatre was a safe haven for the artist. For a long-term role in the movie avoided it, Tolokonnikov successfully realized his creative potential on the stage. He now lives and works in his native Almaty, happy theatregoers, regularly appearing on stage in the new images.


    By and large this remarkable actor from Kazakhstan was opened by Vladimir Bortko. By choosing a little-known 45-year-old Tolokonnikova in the role of Sharikov, the Director has presented domestic and world («heart of a Dog» as one of the 100 best films of the century) a true masterpiece of cinema that it is impossible to imagine with anyone else in the way of Bulgakov’s character. But for Vladimir Tolokonnikov this role has been successful and brought a lot of unpleasant moments at the same time. Balls the stigma attached to the actor for life.

    However, today this film is a cult classic. Its premiere triumphed in 32 countries. After Vladimir Tolokonnikov was an instant international celebrity.

    Unfortunately, the ball overshadowed a lot of other great works of the artist on the screen. In the 1990s, the domestic audience saw a brilliant tragicomedy «the Cloud-Paradise», shot by Nikolai Dostal. The film has collected many prestigious awards, largely due to Tolokonnikova, ably played the role of Filomena.

    At home the artist became famous after the release of the series «Crossroads». After this successful project came the transfer of «In the kitchen with Tolokonnikova». The guest host was a star cinema, who come on tour to Kazakhstan.

    Another project of Vladimir Alekseevich – a humorous television show «Tomobiki», which is not the first year is broadcast on the channel CTC.

    As for the cinematic biography of Vladimir Tolokonnikov, after «heart of a Dog», she has successfully developed. The artist can be seen in many popular TV series such as «the citizen the chief», «Land» and «Enchanted land,» «destructive power-5», «Soldiers» and «viola». He starred in the excellent feature films «the Cloud-Paradise» (continued) and «Kolya – perekati pole». Some phrases from the last film even became airborne. For example, «the Earth is round, Yes, life is flat.»

    Personal life

    In the life of an artist very different from his «star» character ball. This intelligent man, an interesting conversationalist and connoisseur of art. Within 5 years, the actor has built a country house in which there was a place by the fireplace. But the main thing – there is a rose garden where Tolokonnikov personally grow your favorite roses. Every morning he comes to admire the Royal colors and say Hello to them.

    Personal life of Vladimir Tolokonnikov today is his sons. Unfortunately, in 2013 he died beloved wife of the artist.


    • «Heart of a dog»
    • «The cloud-Paradise»
    • «Citizen chief»
    • «Plot»
    • «Enchanted land»
    • «Destructive power-5»
    • «Soldiers»
    • «Viola»
    • «Nick – rolling stone»
    • «Crossroads»


    Volodymyr Tolokonnikov

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