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  • Name: Vladimir Sychev ( Vladimir Sychev )
  • Date of birth: 6 June 1971
  • Age: 45 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: Actor
  • Marital status: married to Olesya Velikanova

    Vladimir Sychev: biography

    Vladimir Sychev was born on 6 June 1971 in Moscow. The boy grew up in a poor Soviet family. At an early age Vladimir began to earn money and also play with classmates in various games for money. The boy was a bully and a bully, I fought a lot. In addition, he was seriously engaged in the struggle.

    At school Vladimir studied frankly bad. In his studies was affected by frequent absenteeism, after-school job and a busy schedule of filming — the boy soon began to act in films. The guy loved to make fun of teachers together with classmates, he laid out the studs on the chairs, putting needles in the arms and rubbing the blackboard with wax. Through the antics Volodya was often summoned to the headmaster, but the boy was saved by a relative of the headmistress — she had Sychev aunt. Exact Sciences Vladimir did not like, preferring physical education and French. The French language was in the list of favorite items only by arrangement with the teacher. Galina Egorovna once asked Vladimir to not break the discipline in her classroom, for which he received the right to quietly go about their business during class, and during tests it was transplanted into straight a student, which undoubtedly helped the boy to get a good grade.

    After school, Vladimir began to prepare for admission to GITIS. The boy was advised to remain silent about their quite rich experience of filming as a local policeman, a friend of the family, suggested in the interview to say that Stanislavsky is «Gorbachev perestroika theater.» Examinations in the Institute Vladimir passed easily, and on the interview repeated the phrase of the district, than has introduced some confusion in the admissions office. But despite the confusion, the boy was taken to the Institute to the course Director Alexei Borodin.

    While training in GITIS students were strictly forbidden to act in films and the actor was able to concentrate at school. Vladimir was the best student in all disciplines. The exception was the French language that the boy chose to study English instead. He seriously lacked the knowledge of the school curriculum on language, which he failed to obtain a rating of «excellent» in French. The only bad mark was deprived of his honors that Sychev could get in 1993, after graduating from the Institute.

    But in the movie, the actor came back not at once. In those years the country was In crisis, and films filmed a bit. Together with the guys from his course Vladimir began to appear in the first Russian TV series, and settled on the theater. In 1997, Sychev left the acting profession and began to earn money to feed his family. According to the actor, this time he was involved in «shadow economy».

    He only came back two years ago, standing on the account in «Mosfilm». Soon went the first sentence, and the actor once again began acting.

    Vladimir Sychev movies

    In the movie, Vladimir Sychev hit at the age of twelve thanks to a happy coincidence. For the rehabilitation of the boy was sent to a camp, where he was made standard bearer. At school Volodya was sent with a delegation to the Palace of pioneers, as a single standard bearer. There he was invited to the first audition.

    Vladimir auditioned for the role in the film «the Debtor», but it never took. Later, the boy was invited to the newsreel «

  • Jumble», which became a launching pad for his career. The film was shot for children, and its main participants were children, so the filming process, the young actor was held in very comfortable conditions. For his first episode, titled «the Brazilian system» Vladimir had a long time to train to beat a football. However, footage of the ball was filmed using a stunt double, a boy from a child lineup. Sychev often traveled in the framework of the «jumble». One of his favorite places was Yalta, where he not only starred, but also rested. With the onset of autumn all the children involved in the filming, are intertwined in a local school, which the young actor is often skipped. The latest edition of «jumble» for Vladimir was the episode «Scrap metal», released in 1987. Sychev was actively invited to the shooting and other Soviet films. In 1985 the world saw a picture «
  • Malicious Sunday», filmed in an unusual for the Soviet viewer-style comedic farce. There, a young actor played the role of Paaluhi. At the time of training at the GITIS, Vladimir has stopped acting in movies. After graduation, he, like many other actors of that time, it has been difficult to get back into the profession. The crisis engulfed the movie industry and some movie studios continued to shoot. Sychev together with fellow students took part in the filming of the multi-tape «
  • The little things of life», broadcasted on screens since 1992, and 1997. In 1994, Vladimir took part in the filming of the picture»
  • Sickle and hammer,» directed by Sergei Livnev.

    After filming in the «stuff of life» Sychev for some time disappeared from films, returning only two years later. In 1999, the actor has been on record in «Mosfilm» and waited for the invitation to audition. He was soon invited to a small role in the Comedy film «

  • DMB» the Novel»», where Vladimir played the steward. From the moment the actor began shooting regularly in many Russian TV shows, where he got a cameo role. Vladimir can be seen in the popular TV series»
  • Truckers»,»
  • Daddy’s girls»,»
  • Friend or foe» and the movie»
  • Boomer».

    Big dramatic role, the actor was the image of the «Ditch» from the film Stanislav Mitin «

  • Lyubka», was released in 2009. However, the greatest popularity brought Vladimir shooting to two hundred and fifty serial film»
  • Yard». The sitcom, which was released on Russian screens in 2010 and enjoyed great success among the audience due to its simplicity and incredible credibility. Residents of a small three-story «Stalinka» was shown very authentic, and the stories of their lives left no one indifferent.

    The next visible project involving Sychev became the series «

  • The teacher» tells about people of the nineties who are looking for their place in modern life. The actor played the role of Alexei, nicknamed «Psycho», who is the best friend of the main character of the Comedy of Thomas, played by the talented actor and presenter Dmitry Nagiyev. Dmitry Vladimir immediately developed a great relationship, it turned out that lead has grown to «Jumble» and saw the movie «Boomer» in which the actor played, which greatly contributed to establishing contacts between artists. The series premiere took place in 2014 on TNT. The success of the picture allowed to extend it first for a second season, and then on the third, which will show on TV in the fall of 2015. In March 2015, the premiere of the series «
  • The law concrete jungle», where Sychev has played a major role. He got a character named Valery V. Antipenko, which is an army friend of my father goshi, the youngest guy in teenage gangs. The series has been quite successful and enjoys great interest from viewers, thanks to that it was renewed for a second season. The actor himself calls this project one of the most successful in his career.

    Vladimir Sychev: personal life

    In the late nineties, Vladimir Sychev met his future wife

  • Alex Velikanova. At that time, and Vladimir and Olesya were in other respects, but this has not prevented the appearance of the senses and of the novel. Olesya worked in the Fund for the development of television, and later went into business, real estate, and Vladimir at that time was unemployed. For a long time they lived together, but to register their relationship, decided shortly before the birth of her first daughter Anne in 2010. Two years ago, the couple had a second daughter, Maria. In his spare time, Vladimir prefers to travel the world, doing extreme kinds of tourism. He visited Latin America and many countries in southern Africa, where much time is spent in the society of the natives.

    Vladimir Sychev: filmography

    • Jumble
    • Malicious Sunday
    • Little things in life
    • DMB
    • Truckers
    • Boomer
    • Daddy’s girls
    • Friend or foe
    • Lyubka
    • Patio
    • Duhless
    • PE
    • The Law Concrete Jungle

    Vladimir Sychev: photo

    Vladimir Sychev

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