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  • Name: Vladimir Steklov ( Vladimir Steklov )
  • Date of birth: 3 January 1948
  • Age: 69 years
  • Place of birth: Karaganda, Kazakhstan
  • Height: 169
  • Activities: Soviet and Russian film and theater actor, people’s artist of Russia
  • Marital status: married

    Vladimir Steklov : biography

    Today, actor Vladimir Steklov is one of the masters of national cinematography, people’s artist of Russia. It seems that the star of such a bright and talented actor had to deal with instantly. But his path to success was long and arduous.

    Vladimir Steklov was born in January 1948 in Karaganda. A year later the family moved to Astrakhan, where he spent his childhood and teenage years Steklov. The boy grew up without a father, but love mom and grandma was enough that Vladimir did not feel deprived.

    The school years were the most carefree time for Steklov. To learn he didn’t like, and he is not happy mom excellent grades. From time to time the guy grew up in the courts, where he held his first «universities». But that all changed after mom got a job in accounting in Astrakhan Folk theater. One day Vladimir came to my mom and got backstage. Since then, the theatre became for him the most beautiful place in the world.

    Beginning with 9 th grade Vladimir Steklov began seriously to be engaged in a theatrical Studio. Even then he was focused on the profession of the actor. And although the guy had a big problem with the diction, he still knew that in the future he would become an artist.

    In 1966, after graduating from secondary school, Steklov entered a local drama school. For 2 years he managed to cope with defects of diction and decided to try his luck in the capital. But in the Moscow GITIS received him not. Vladimir returned to his native Astrakhan and continued learning.


    After graduation, Vladimir Steklov began his career ascent. First, to prove our professional competence we had in the provincial theatres. 10 years, he took to the stage in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Then there were several years in Kineshma, where the glass very quickly became a star number one for local theatergoers.

    Once the theater troupe with their performance of «the Idiot» went on tour to the capital. On the stage of the Metropolitan theatre Vladimir Steklov came in the image of Prince Myshkin. Probably, this day was one of the happiest in the creative biography of the artist. His brilliant game was immediately praised by Alexander Tovstonogov. He called a provincial artist in his company.

    Thus began the Moscow biography of Vladimir Steklov. In the decade he took to the stage drama, managed Tovstonogov, and won the hearts of thousands of theatergoers. Steklov has played many diverse roles. Equally well he managed and the ball from Bulgakov’s «heart of a Dog», and «complex» heroes of classical works.

    In the perestroika years, the artist moved to the «Lenkom», directed by mark Zakharov. And here he was able not to get lost among the many talented artists.

    The skill of reincarnation of Vladimir Steklov highly appreciated by the audience and critics. But over time, the artist moved to contract-based work, and as a «free actor» had the opportunity to work in many theatres of the capital. Thus, enjoy the game Steklov could the audience of «Satyricon», the Mossovet theatre, school of modern plays and many other temples of art.

    Since 2000 Vladimir Alexandrovich began to appear on the stage of the «Russian enterprise Mikhail Kozakov» and was appointed artistic Director of the theatre «Art school».


    A cinematic biography of Vladimir Steklov started quite late. For the first time on the screens of this wonderful actor came in 1983, when he was 35 years old. His debut film is called «the Hurricane comes unexpectedly».

    After 4 years, the audience saw the actor in the acclaimed series by Svetlana Druzhinina «midshipmen, forward!». This tape is made Steklov recognizable. Increased popularity after the role of Azazello in Yuri Kara filmed the novel «Master and Margarita» in 1994. Yes, and how could it be otherwise, if on the screen he appeared with such stars of the first magnitude, as Anastasiya Vertinskaya, Mikhail Ulyanov, Nikolay Burlyaev, Valentin Gaft and Alexander Filippenko.

    From this moment the career of an artist is developing rapidly. «The criminal Quartet», «Plumbum, or dangerous game», «Tycoon», «Gagarin. First in space» is only a small part of the paintings, which were attended by Steklov and which become favorite for millions of viewers. The entire filmography of the actor has almost a hundred titles.

    In the new century, Vladimir is also not lost. He willingly participated in the popular TV series, where he excitedly invite domestic Directors. «The case of kukotskiy», «Dead souls», «Kadetstvo», «Soldiers» and many other serial projects are proof that this artist is not just talented, he is able to play diverse roles and never fixate on one role.

    Personal life

    With his first wife Lyudmila Moshenskoy Vladimir Steklov met in Astrakhan. Father Moshenskoy led drama club, which produced future artist. For the first time Lyudmila has noticed this red-haired guy, when he read poems Yesenin. Despite the fact that his diction left much to be desired, he recited the divine. All the shortcomings of the departed on the second or even third plan.

    But married Vladimir Steklov and Lyudmila Moshenska immediately. This was preceded by a failed marriage, the actress, which happened while the glass was in the army. At that time, the entire course of the Astrakhan theatre school went to work in Kineshma. There’s a couple still met and never parted for long 20 years. In this marriage a daughter was born to Agrippina Steklov – now a famous actress.

    Perhaps the time has come when that marriage has outlived its usefulness. The couple broke up quite peacefully. Furthermore, the former spouses continued to talk.

    Steklov second wife was the daughter of film Director Mark Zakharov – the actress of theatre and cinema Alexander Zakharov. They lived together for 9 years and divorced.

    Personal life of Vladimir Steklov connected with the woman is irrelevant to the world of art. The third wife of the actor – dentist. To this marriage was born a daughter Glafira. It is noteworthy that the first wife of the actor and the third, Olga, willing to communicate.

    Vladimir Steklov is proud that he has twice the grandfather. Agrippina Steklov gave him two wonderful grandchildren – Mary and Daniel.


    • «The hurricane comes unexpectedly»
    • «Midshipmen, forward!»
    • «The criminal Quartet»
    • «Plyumbum, or dangerous game»
    • «Oligarch»
    • «Gagarin. First in space»
    • «The Case Of Kukotskiy»
    • «Kadetstvo»
    • «Soldiers»
    • The team


    Volodymyr Steklov

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