Vladimir Solovyov

photo Vladimir Solovyov

  • Name: Vladimir Solov’ev ( Vladimir Solovyov )
  • Date of birth: 20 October 1963
  • Age: 53 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: journalist, TV anchor, radio host
  • Marital status: married to Elga the SAPP

    Vladimir Solovyov: biography

    Vladimir Rudol’fovich Solovyov was born on 20 October 1963 in Moscow. The father of the journalist Rudolf Manikowski (surname Soloviev it took a year before the birth of his son) was a famous historian. After graduating from the historical-philological faculty of the pedagogical Institute, he worked as a teacher of history in College. Mother of Vladimir, Inna Solomonovna Shapiro, father became acquainted in his student years. She studied in the same pedagogical Institute, after which he received a degree in art history and got a job in the Museum-panorama «Borodino battle». When the son was six years old, Rudolph and Inna broke up, maintaining mutual respect and friendship.

    In order for their son to have mastered the English language, his parents sent the boy to a specialized school n 27 specializing in English. At that time it was an elite school, which was located on Kutuzovsky Prospekt in downtown Moscow, where studied the children of Soviet diplomats and party officials (today it is school No. 1232). During his school years, the future journalist has shown the propensity to theatrical art, and since the ninth grade. his Hobbies are added karate and Eastern philosophy.

    Vladimir Solovyov: business

    After graduation in 1980, Vladimir Solovyov entered the Moscow Institute of steel and alloys. In those years students of this Institute were Mikhail Fridman and Vladislav Surkov. After graduating from the Institute, receiving a diploma, Solovyev continues training in postgraduate study of Institute of world economy at the Russian Academy of Sciences, where he defended his thesis, the theme of which reveals trends in the use of the latest construction materials and their application in Japan and America.

    After graduate school from 1986 to 1990, the future journalist is a teacher of astronomy and mathematics in his native school №27. In 1990 Vladimir Solovyov goes to the United States of America, where he teaches Economics at the University of the city of Huntsville, Alabama. During his work in America, Vladimir becomes an active participant in local political life. Returning two years later to return to Russia, Solovyov creates his own business in the field of development of high technologies. He owns a small manufacturing enterprise in Russia and the Philippine Islands.

    In the mid 90-ies he started producing disco lighting equipment, which, in his own words, has been successfully sold in America and European countries. In addition, a successful businessman is a member of the Committee of entrepreneurs of America, and also heads the Association of young economists.

    Vladimir Solovyov: journalism

    Being a man very well known in the business circles of Russia, Vladimir Solovyov eventually begins to acquire and nation-wide popularity. So, in 1997 he began work as a presenter on radio

  • «Silver rain». Through the year he published his first program, the morning show, «Nightingale’s trill,» which is available today. The format of the show includes a conversation with listeners and Studio guests on various topics. In the transmission rubrics dedicated to cars, cooking, world of art, literature, social life, program for children. Since 1999, began the work of Vladimir Solovyov as a TV presenter. He works for several leading Russian TV channels including ORT, NTV and TV-6. Along with a well known leading
  • Alexander Gordon in the year Vladimir leads the program
  • «Process», the theme of which is entirely devoted to public-political life of the country. At the same time on the channel TV-6 goes his program «Passion for Solovyov». After the notable success of these projects lead working on a series of author’s programs, including
  • «The Breakfast with solovevym» and
  • «Nightingale night», which was published on the channel TV-6.

    The most famous project of Vladimir Solovyov is the program

  • «To the barrier!». The essence of the transfer was to ensure that the Studio had invited well-known people who held diametrically opposed views in any matter. Their verbal fight was held in three rounds: the first was in the immediate dispute between the parties in the second round from each side are connected to a seconds in the third round questions were asked by the host. The final winner was determined via audience voting. During the existence of the program guests of the Studio became such well-known characters of secular and political life, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, Valeria Novodvorskaya, Anatoly Chubais, Viktor Erofeev, Boris Nemtsov. Many issues ended the conflict with the subsequent litigation, however, it only increased the ratings of the program.

    Vladimir Solovyov: personal life

    The presenter is married to the daughter of the famous writer Viktor Koklyushkin

  • The Elga The SAPP. Before Vladimir Solovyov was twice married. The host is the father of eight children, five of whom were born to his present Union with Elga. Among the leading Hobbies can be called sport — Vladimir Solovyov played in the football team of the Russian Jewish Congress. Vladimir Solovyov has written 15 books on different topics: he shares with readers his experiences of survival, weight loss, socializing with famous people, the experience of relations of business and authorities and political views.

    During his career, leading was winner of several awards, including twice the «Order of Merit» of Russia and Armenia, «Order of Friendship» and «the Order of Alexander Nevsky».

    Vladimir Solovyov: television work

    • Silver Shoe
    • Passion for Solovyov
    • Process
    • Breakfast with Solovyov
    • Nightingale night
    • To the barrier!

    Vladimir Solovyov: photo

    Vladimir Solovyov

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