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  • Name: Vladimir Simonov ( Vladimir Simonov )
  • Date of birth: 7 June 1957
  • Age: 59 years
  • Place of birth: Volgograd
  • Height: 195
  • Activities: actor, people’s artist of Russia
  • Marital status: divorced

    Vladimir Simonov: biography

    People’s artist of Russia Vladimir Simonov was born on 7 June 1957. He spent his childhood in the small town of Oktyabrsk in the Samara region. Family Simonovyh was creative: his father Vladimir worked as a locomotive driver, his mother a Secretary.

    Peers belonged to Volodya prejudiced by the mother’s place of employment, and teachers, on the contrary, was kind and often did him credit, although the boy didn’t need them. He grew up an obedient child, do not skip class, and after class with pleasure play ball in the yard.

    Later Vladimir Simonov confessed that he led a double life. In high school he was able to sing songs with a guitar until dawn and drinking port from the bottle. Returning home in the morning, took one of the two hundred volumes of «world literature» and enjoyed reading. He loves pigeons, one time even kept the birds and looked after them.

    In the 8th grade Vladimir decided that it would be a clown, but fate stepped in. In 9th grade boy went with his mother to Leningrad, where he was fortunate to see three performances in the theatre and the Pushkin theatre. It was enough that he loved the stage. Vladimir realized that this art is very interesting to him and began to prepare for admission. After school he applied in the Kuibyshev Institute of culture. Over the years of study he played a lot on stage, and rejoiced that he had obtained.

    In the Kuibyshev Institute of culture he left because he failed the exam on the Russian language in the Shchukin theatre school. In 1976 Vladimir Simonov again filed papers in the «Pike» and this time received. In College his nickname was «Pocket knife» because it was flexible, plastic. Simonov said that fellow students were packing it into the suitcase and closed it.


    After drama school Vladimir Simonov worked at the Vakhtangov Theatre. In 1983 he joined the troupe of the Moscow art Theater and worked in this theatre for six years. The audience memorable performances of «the Seagull» and «Tartuffe» with his participation.

    In 1989, He returned to the Vakhtangov Theatre, where he works today. His acting touched the audience so that they come even in rehearsal with Vladimir Simonov.

    The actor said that to reveal his theatrical talent helped Rimas Tuminas – «directed by God», to his advice Simonov always listened and brought them on stage. In the theatre he played more than 40 roles.

    For three consecutive years Vladimir Simonov was awarded the prestigious prize «the Seagull» for a role in «Othello», «don Quixote», «Amphitryon». In 2012, his great acting was the award «Figaro».


    In 1978 Vladimir Simonov made his debut as an actor in the film «Sibiriada». But popularity brought him a picture of «Uncle Vanya» based on the eponymous story by Chekhov. In 1982, viewers saw Simon in the film «Sasha».

    In the 2000s, the actor often starred in the soap operas and melodramas. His filmography includes projects «Samara», «Russian chocolate», «Dostoevsky», «big city Lights», «the Border. Taiga romance», «viola», «Kamenskaya» and many others. In total, Vladimir Simonov starred in 120 films. In the movies «Video stream», «Hot Saturday», «white Horse» he has played a major role. The actor says that he prefers to play a minor role than to play in scenes where you need to give.

    Actor in films of any genre and admits that does not divide roles on favourite and least favourite, they are all important. From the type, which Simon has played on screen, he refuses.

    Vladimir dreams about the philosophical role that will give him the opportunity to think about their purpose.

    Personal life

    He was married three times. All three marriages ended in divorce. The first wife of the actor – the granddaughter of Director Ruben Simonov. To this Union was born a daughter Asya. She is now married and lives in America. In the United States, she moved even at school age, when parents divorced. ASI has a son Oliver.

    Second wife – actress Ekaterina Belikova. She gave Simon the son of Basil. The guy continued the work of parents in 2010 he graduated from the Shchukin theatre school and now works in the Vakhtangov theatre. Simonov-senior is confident that his son will surpass the father.

    Third wife, a student of GITIS, the relationship also did not work. From this marriage he had a son Vladimir.

    With all the ex-wives, the actor has maintained friendly relations, helping them in everything. With children actor communicates frequently goes to rest with them when we can.

    Vladimir Simonov is trying to spend more time away from the city, in a quiet village near Krasnogorsk. In his house live two cats and a dog.


    • «Gold chain»
    • «After the duel»
    • «The border. Taiga novel»
    • «The key from a bedroom»
    • «Children Of The Arbat»
    • «Ermolovy»
    • «20 years without love»
    • «Double life»
    • «Kuprin. Pit»
    • «OZ»


    Volodymyr Simonov

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