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  • Name: Vladimir Shevelkov ( Vladimir Shevelkov )
  • Date of birth: 8 may 1961
  • Age: 55 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Activities: actor, Director
  • Marital status: married

    Vladimir Shevelkov: biography

    Vladimir Shevelkov – Russian actor and Director, famous in his youth due to the main role in teen drama «In my death I ask blame Klava K.». Then Shevelkov has gained immense popularity after the release of the adventure scenes, «Gardemariny, vpered» and «hearts of three».

    He was born and raised in Leningrad. In the childhood was fond of sports and not very much time devoted to the school, although always paid tribute to the lessons of literature, especially poetry. From an early age, he was repeatedly invited to the Leningrad Studio for the filming of children’s film, but the boy stubbornly refused, not wanting to become an actor.

    After school Shevelkov entered the Leningrad electrotechnical Institute. But that’s where him and catches up with destiny. Physical education teacher recommended cute student filmmakers film studios, and Vladimir hits the cinema. As he remembers, this event was not without star disease, but education and life priorities helped to cope with copper tubing.

    In 1980 Shevelkov throws Leningrad University and went to Moscow to study at the all-Union state Institute of cinematography. On one course with him was numbered such future stars as Natalia Vavilov, Elena Shilkina, Alim Guliyev and Andrei Gusev. But VGIK classes was not easy. Vladimir Shevelkov in parallel studies starred in many movies, often missed a couple and after a 4-year student was expelled. A year later he was able to negotiate with the Commission and retake the final exams to finally get a diploma.

    After the University had several roles in film and theater, but then suddenly the actor happens to be a big break in his career. In fact, he thought that the scope of this profession him close. Vladimir wrote poetry and prose, sang, dreamed of directing and didn’t want to be limited to the embodiment on the screen of someone else’s ideas. It comes completely on the works for some time helps sibling in his family cafe «Dessert lounge». But then Shevelkova «saved» for the art of the Leningrad television.

    He began working in the advertising business, and also created the program «Music phone» and «Telefact». In the 90-ies Shevelkov as a filmmaker has made quite famous videos, «Take», «Remember the main», «Bochkarev proper beer» and others. In addition, Vladimir has experience filming music videos. He collaborated with the singer Tatyana Bulanova and made her video for the song «Only you,» «my Clear light,» «Here comes the sun village» and «My dear».


    In 1979 Vladimir Shevelkov debuted in family drama «grandma’s grandson». In the same year had a role in a Comedy detective «the adventures of Prince Florizel», and the picture that brought him fame throughout the country. It was a youth drama about the first love «In my death I ask blame Klava K.», which brought to life the famous saying and the next day after the film show Shevelkov woke up famous.

    But the real popularity, bordering on delusions, struck the actor in 1987, when film Director Svetlana Druzhinina shot historical adventure mini-series «midshipmen, forward!». A trio of friends played by Dmitry Kharatyan, Sergei Zhigunov and Vladimir Shevelkov, literally became a national hero. Sequels to this film Shevelkov refused to act, but together with the above actors appeared together in the romantic-adventure film «hearts of three», which was filmed on the script by Jack London.

    About to break off cooperation with the film, Shevelkov was conceived during the filming of «Cadets», and after 1992 still embodied this idea in life. Only 12 years later the audience was able to see again the beloved actor. And Vladimir returned sufficiently promoted the TV series «Opera. Chronicles of lethal Department» where he played the vicious and serious senior Lieutenant Pavel Ikonnikov.

    Since then, the actor at least once a year there is a new movie. Received recognition melodrama «Love under surveillance», criminal drama «Thirteen months,» psychological Saga «Vasilyevsky island» and love story «Hello, You!». Not to mention directing the work of Vladimir Shevelkova. He has removed many of the last pictures, where he played himself. Also as a Director had a hand in the comic series «Wait and see», the melodrama «Born a star» and medical drama «pregnancy Test». The last picture is of a talented person became a comic and mystical film «what the French».

    Personal life

    In the early 90-ies Vladimir Shevelkov met a model named Irina, which lives happily until today. At the time of the meeting, he was in a deep depression, and that future wife helped to restore the morale of the actor and Director. They married when Vladimir was 31 years old, and Irene is just 23.

    Subsequently, the family grew. First, the couple had a son Andrew, and a few years later, daughter Sasha. Son has dabbled as an actor, however, is only in commercials.

    Vladimir Shevelkov youth interested in sports, especially football. So, when I organized a team of artists, happy to have entered into its composition. Besides, the star is happy skier, and sometimes plays hockey. The ability to skate, he confirmed in the second season of entertainment sports TV show «Ice age», which was performed together with professional skater Irina Lobacheva.

    Shevelkov realized himself as a writer. In 1995, from his pen came the historical novel «Modern» — that is to say, not a serious result of serious reflection about the roots of the Russian revolution. After a few years together with Vladimir Root, he published another novel, «the Last Hierophant. The beginning of the century novel about the end», which can be read as modern literature, and as a philosophical vision of the authors.


    • 1979 — In my death I ask blame Klava K.
    • 1984 — the Road to yourself
    • 1985 — the Train schedule is
    • 1987 — Gardemariny, vpered!
    • 1988 — Eighteen-year-old
    • 1991 — Cherry night
    • 1992 — hearts of three
    • 2004-2006 — Opera. Chronicles of lethal Department
    • 2007 — good for you!
    • 2014 — don’t leave me, love


    Volodymyr Shevelkov

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