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  • Name: Vladimir Shainskiy ( Vladimir Shainskiy )
  • Date of birth: 12 December 1925
  • Age: 91
  • Place of birth: Kiev, Ukraine
  • Height: 170
  • Activities: composer, people’s artist of the RSFSR
  • Marital status: married

    Vladimir shainskiy’s biography

    Perhaps, there is in our country person who named «Vladimir Shainsky» wouldn’t smile, didn’t remember about Gena and Cheburashka, about Clouds, about the composer, a fun ball is jumping around the stage. Yes, he is cheerful, active, energetic, swiftly rowdy and lively. About himself said that he was happy, but date of death not known to them. But how to stay that way, having lived over 90 years?

    Biography of the composer

    A native of Kiev, was born December 12, 1925, from 9 years learned to play the violin at the Palace of pioneers, and a year later was in the 4th grade in a special school at the Kyiv Conservatory, although my parents were far from music: father is chemist, mother is a biologist.

    During the great Patriotic war the family was evacuated to Tashkent. Vladimir Yakovlevich continued his studies at the Tashkent Conservatory, and in 1943 went to the Red Army, served in Central Asia, in the regiment of communication. There’s also the first song I wrote on the poems of his friend – on military communications.

    Vladimir Shainskiy
    Vladimir Shainskiy | Resurgent

    In 1945, the Moscow Conservatory, orchestra faculty, and then worked for three years with Utyosov in his orchestra, and later taught in music school violin. And did not cease to write music, so it was logical his arrival in 1962, the composition faculty of the Conservatory of Baku. After graduating, he returned to Moscow. Here his composer biography cool went up: he wrote more than 400 songs for famous performers, and the significance of the song for children can not be overestimated. Shainskiy for all kids in our country for more than 40 years has been and remains as important as Barto, Marshak, Chukovsky.

    Vladimir Shainskiy
    Vladimir Shainskiy.

    Since 2000 began the life of Vladimir Shainsky in several States, lived in Israel, became a citizen of the country, moved to the southern United States, in San Diego, has a residence permit, often coming to Russia and nostalgically speaks about Ukraine.

    A few years ago revealed the cancer, but it does not bother Shainsky to stay cheerful and sociable person, as throughout his musical life.

    Musical career shainskogo

    While still studying at the Conservatory in 1963, Vladimir Shainsky wrote his first string Quartet, and two years later the Symphony. He had always loved the work of Tchaikovsky and tried to guess the secret of his music, he wished success in the field of classics.

    Vladimir Shainskiy
    Vladimir shainskiy | Open lesson

    Vladimir shainskiy has repeatedly said that considers himself part of the Jewish culture, and his music is born from the motives of the Klezmer – the Jewish folk melodies. Were the songs written for the Yiddish. Although serious classical composer’s works, there is a tradition of the European school. But the key has a zest for life, passion for pranks, the love of children-preschoolers and irrepressible temperament overcame all his efforts to be serious.

    Vladimir Shainskiy
    Vladimir shainskiy with the children’s choir | music Museum

    Once at the Studio gramzapisi «the Melody», Department of symphonic music, Shainsky so actively demanded the Studio Director that the frightened head of the Department had complained about him to the jury Entino, at that time head of children’s Department. He went to get acquainted with such an amazing composer. It was a historic meeting. Shainsky claimed to be a classical author and then, within 5 minutes, humming Antino on his poems about a boy Antoshka funny song.

    With her, and they went to the Studio «Soyuzmultfilm», where then did all the famous magazine cartoons «Carousel». Yeah, and the Intro to the magazine, too, was invented Chinskim! Thus appeared the first of his children’s songs and began his growth as a composer. Later, since the 1970-ies, for children were written the Opera «Three against Marabuka» musicals «AZ, Buki, Vedi», «Journey of Nils» and other large musical work.

    Vladimir Shainskiy
    Vladimir Shainskiy | MuzzTop

    But shainskiy would not be Shainskiy, had stayed on one thing. He, like his Horse, was in a hurry to live and enjoy life in the music, making a much more happy life of young listeners. Vladimir Yakovlevich wrote the music for the cartoons «Cheburashka», «Shapoklyak», «boat», «Little Raccoon», «Hello Hello!» and many others. Still remember the tunes for the movie: «Aniskin and Fantomas», «the luncheon on the grass», «School waltz», «Finist — the clear Falcon».

    Temperament shainskogo forced him to live at full capacity to listen to your inner voice, to write songs for children and adults, performing at concerts, play, albeit episodic, but all the same role («DMB» for example). Even a photo of a musician reflects his joie de vivre, and live concerts demonstrating enthusiasm for their work.

    Vladimir Shainskiy
    Vladimir Shainskiy | Muzcentrum

    Shainsky was a member of the Union of composers of the USSR Union of cinematographers of the USSR and many other organizations, including the party «United Russia».

    Vladimir Shainsky was awarded the order «For merits before Fatherland» IV degree, Order of Honour, Order of Friendship, badge «For merits to Polish culture» (Poland, 1974). He received the State prize of the USSR, the Lenin Komsomol Prize, the title of people’s artist of the RSFSR, Honored art worker of the RSFSR, and many others.

    The personal life of the musician

    In his youth Shainsky was trying to become a successful composer. But life in the home or family was not adjusted, remaining a big kid. It could work not one concert a day, but didn’t know how to drive nails or to prepare their own lunch. Got along well with the guys and girls of any age and their children came later. If there suddenly was a tool, then after a couple minutes, the bustling company has developed into a chorus, guesses the song is the composer’s first the music, and he was fun at the same time.

    Vladimir shainskiy with children
    Vladimir shainskiy with children, Parents

    Married very late, at the age of 46, and a very young girl, Natalia, 25 years younger than himself. Had a son Joseph (1987.). Unfortunately, the family did not exist, but the son tries to communicate with his father. But it has now children grow up the granddaughter of Alice and the composer’s grandson, was born in the year 2015. Iosif Vladimirovich graduated from the Institute of Radioelectronics, lives in Israel and is quite far from music.

    When personal life took another sharp turn, and musician married again, 58 years old, all the relatives were at a loss – his wife Svetlana were younger than 41! And here the family many years of life is not predicted, but it turned out quite the contrary: for more than 30 years of marriage, two children.

    Vladimir shainskiy wife
    Vladimir shainskiy with his wife Svetlana | Home

    The second son Shainsky – Vyacheslav (1987.) – studied at the Institute of contemporary art, became an engineer, now lives in Moscow, teaches in audioscale DJ Groove courses of music theory and its creation, but the composer did not become. Daughter – Anna (1991 BC) – moved to America with his parents, where he finished first College and then the University of California, received the profession connected with computers. Likely to be a composer, and even so, who love children, sympathetic listeners, is the gift you receive is not every man.

    The young wife was not only wise and true, but also a great helper of her husband – she was his translator (shainskiy childish didn’t want to learn another language), its Director, solving all problems as they arose, and not time; his dietitian and nurse in the difficult times of operations and rehabilitation when he almost died, but managed to extricate himself from the clutches of serious illness. And continues to be his angel tonight.

    Vladimir Shainsky family
    Vladimir Shainsky family | MyJane

    Now Vladimir shainskiy wife usually lives in her home in San Diego, travels to Moscow, willing to respond to invitations around the country, meeting with young fans of his music, and always plays, even out of tune, charging his energy space.

    When health permitted, skiing, skating, Cycling, lots of swimming, even in the hole, always liked to party in the company of friends, and, whether adults or children. And says about himself as only a very cheerful and wise man:

    «Yes, I’m happy. Youth held within, so do what you want. I’m old, I can!»


    Vladimir Shainskiy

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