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  • Name: Vladimir Samoilov ( Vladimir Samoilov )
  • Date of birth: 15 March 1924
  • Age: 75 years
  • Date of death: 8 Sep 1999
  • Place of birth: Odessa
  • Activities: Soviet and Russian film and theater actor, people’s artist of the USSR
  • Marital status: married

    Vladimir Samoilov : biography

    Perhaps in the post-Soviet countries, there is not a man who would not know people’s artist of the USSR Vladimir Yakovlevich Samoilov. But few people know that this man’s life deserves to be the subject of a lovely film about war, peace, art and love.

    Vladimir Samoylov was born in March 1924. According to the official version he was born in Odessa. And according to unofficial – in the small village of Primorskoe, which is close to the «pearl of the sea». The first years of life of the future artist were here, but then the family moved to Odessa.

    School certificate Samoilov received in 1941. In the same year he went to protect the Homeland.

    In 1945, Vladimir Samoilov enrolled in drama school in his native Odessa. He wanted to play for a long time, and the war didn’t change cherished youthful dreams. Samoilov is well studied, having already in his student years performing on the stage. He seemed in a hurry to make up for lost time, selected terrible war.


    After receiving a diploma of high school theater, Vladimir Y. for 3 years performed on the stage of the Odessa theater of the Soviet Army. Then he changed several scenes, moving from Odessa to Kemerovo, and from Kemerovo to Bitter. In the Gorky regional theatre Samoilov served until 1968. With the troupe he toured the entire Soviet Union. Theatergoers remember that the performances of the Gorky artists were invariably accompanied by sold out, and the credit for this largely belonged to Vladimir Yakovlevich.

    After the benefit performances in Leningrad and Moscow, Odessa actor persistently to invite the best Metropolitan theatres. In 1968 Samoilov decided to move to Moscow. He first appeared on the stage of the theatre named by Vladimir Mayakovsky and in 1992 moved to the stage of the drama theatre named after Mykola Gogol.

    A cinematic biography of Vladimir Samoilov began a few years after graduating from drama school. The artist has managed to play both on stage and on set. Film debut took place in 1959, when the actor lived and worked in Gorky. It was a picture of the «Unpaid debt».

    The debut was successful, and soon Odessa starred in feature films «tomorrow street», «Believe me, people», «the first» and «Twenty six Baku commissioners». All of these tapes were very warmly welcomed by the audience and brought Samoylova popularity. Proof of the high skill of Odessa was the awarding in 1966, the title of people’s artist of the RSFSR.

    As if in confirmation of high awards Vladimir Yakovlevich appeared in the Comedy, which instantly won the hearts of all spectators of the vast country. It was the iconic painting «Wedding in Malinovka». Samoilov went to one of the main roles, and he became a star of Soviet cinema.

    It is difficult to list all the best working actor in theater and film. After all, it is about 250 names, most of which are popular and well-known plays and films. Among the latter can be distinguished as the brightest and most loved by viewers of the painting «Prize», «Shadows disappear at noon», «Parents and children», «Days of Turbin» and «snow White Russia».

    In 1984, Vladimir Samoilov was awarded the title people’s artist of the USSR. Not once it was awarded various state awards.

    Incredible performance the man was struck. He played and starred to old age. Even in the difficult 90-e Samoilov has been claimed. Among the best movies of the last decade of life artist of the painting «visit to the Minotaur», where he played the Prosecutor, and «sons of Bitches» Leonid Filatov, where the subject appeared in the form of the Director of the theatre.

    Better artist reincarnated in the authoritative military or police officials. In the «Air pirates» and «Grey wolves», he played the generals. The last film with the participation of Vladimir Samoilov under the name «Repete» was released in 2000, already after his death.

    Personal life

    During his service in the Gorky regional theatre the private life of Vladimir Samoylov has changed. On this stage he met his future wife. Samoilov hope just shined on that stage – she was the leading actress. But when her husband’s career went up sharply, and called him to the capital, the wife, without hesitation, went after her husband.

    Unlike Vladimir Samoilov her career in Moscow as-that did not happen. But no reproach to the actor from the beloved half have never heard, although he felt guilty about it and often asked forgiveness of Hope for the ruined career.

    The wife of Vladimir Samoylov called him angel. This woman was his only love for life. She perfectly knew her husband and always supported him, trying to keep a low profile and providing a warm home. To this marriage was born a son of Alexander Samoilov. He followed in the footsteps of parents and also became an actor.


    Life of the great artist was broken symbolically on the stage. The death of Vladimir Samoylov on 8 September 1999, when he was rehearsing his latest role in a production of «King Lear».

    Buried Vladimir Yakovlevich on Vagankovsky. In the same year, and it was not correct half of Hope Samoilova. They could not exist without each other and left together after more than 50 years of marriage.


    • «Unpaid debt»
    • «Tomorrow street»
    • «Believe me, people»
    • «Twenty six Baku commissioners»
    • «Wedding in Malinovka»
    • «The prize»
    • «Shadows disappear at noon»
    • «Parents and children»
    • «Days Of Turbin»
    • «White snow of Russia»


    Anton Samoilov

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