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  • Name: Vladimir Presnyakov ( Vladimir Presnyakov )
  • Date of birth: 29 March 1968
  • Age: 48 years
  • Place of birth: Yekaterinburg
  • Activities: singer, composer, arranger, actor
  • Marital status: Married Natalia Podolskaya

    Vladimir Presnyakov: biography

    Vladimir Presnyakov-younger was born in the North of Russia, in city Ekaterinburg. The only child of Vladimir and Elena presnakova particularly chic in her childhood surrounded by was not not having its own housing, in the early days of marriage, young parents lived in the family of Elena, where a one-bedroom apartment had six people. Over the years, however the vital position of the music of the spouses was somewhat improved: first, the resulting «stage» a room in a communal apartment, and then – get acquainted with the Director of the ensemble «Gems» and moving to the capital.

    By the time of this event, little Vladimir was seven years old and on a family Council it was decided to keep the baby in his hometown. The boy was sent to study at Sverdlovsk boarding school, where at one time was engaged and the father. However, rebellious spirit of the future musician is not conducive to diligent study, and two years later, a careless student was expelled, after which it is several to equip parents finally took their son to Moscow.

    Presnyakov-younger from four years trying to write songs, in a later age already played a little piano, gushed ideas and explosive energy of youth, but could not be obedient and quiet example of diligence. Chronic truancy, Smoking and other «unorthodox behaviour» was the reason for regular calls to the school parents who, unfortunately, could not provide a bratty teenager a significant impact.


    Latest long-awaited for many teachers of straw was banned in those years the magazine «Burda», taken from the younger Presnyakov lesson German. From Sosnkowskiego music school he was expelled in 1982, which coincided with the year his first headlining tour, performed in the group «Cruise», which played heavy rock.

    By the early penetration into adulthood, older friends (in childhood primary social circle Volodya were colleagues of his parents) and the rebellious nature led to earlier formation: in the age of 15, happened solo debut future star in the food variety of Lima Vajkule. A kind of high voice, formed after a serious inflammation of the lungs (the singer at that time was afraid that will lose my gift), familiarity with the artistic world and hard work formed the beginnings of the future success and charisma ruffled rebel added magnetism.

    In 1986, the year went to the screening of the movie «Above the rainbow», where Presnyakov Jr. sang songs of «Zurbagan» and «Sleeping roadside grass,» according to the story, belong to the protagonist. This event had a positive impact: great songs not only increased the success of the films, but also brought the first round of real fame to the young artist.

    Participated Presnyakov Jr. in the film world as an actor: in particular, in the musical film-fairy tale «She broom, he in a black hat» and several other paintings.

    In the future, the singer continued to write songs himself and collaborated with many famous composers and songwriters. During the late eighties and early nineties Presnyakov-Junior has taken a stable place in the top ten best performers of Russia, and for several years held the honorary title of «Singer of the year».

    The last of his recorded albums came out in 2012.

    Personal life

    Well-known a serious relationship, like everything else in life Presnyakov Jr., began quite early – at only 19, he met 15-year-old Christina Aguilera. Touring parents, shooting, festivals, concerts, surrounded by friends who failed to comply with the formalities of marriage. In the end, Presnyakov and Orbakaite be married, not considering it necessary to give his the fate of bureaucracy. Parents, at first, shocked by the act of his talented descendants, could only accept and support the decision of the young couple.

    So fast, that there is a painted separation to frequent tours and the joy of meetings, the Union of two stars that brought them a wonderful son, Nikita Presnyakov and 10 years of mutual support. From time to time the press flashed reports of infidelity and a likely gap, but every time the couple had overcome the crisis, while in 1996 not collapsed completely. «Divorce» this, perhaps due to the informality of relations was very soft.

    The first official wife of Vladimir Presnyakov became the fashion designer Elena Lenskaya, which is called the main reason for the departure of the singer from Aguilera. This relationship also lasted for a little less than 10 years and was finally suspended in 2005-m to year when the singer met Natalia Podolsky – the then graduate show «Factory of stars». Lovers do not become too in a hurry, a few years of having the pleasure of meeting, and then staged an unforgettable «pretend wedding» is full of similar stories of Las Vegas.

    In 2010, the year Presnyakov and Podolsky have decided to repeat the procedure and this time, officially registered in Russia. 10 years after the beginning of a love story in a long-awaited child. June 5, 2015 Natalia Podolskaya gave birth to the baby, who was named Artemy.


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    Volodimir Presnyakov

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