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  • Name: Vladimir Pozner ( Vladimir Pozner )
  • Date of birth: 1 April 1934
  • Age: 82 years
  • Place of birth: Paris
  • Activities: journalist, writer
  • Marital status: married Hope Solovieva

    Vladimir Pozner : biography

    Vladimir Vladimirovich Pozner was born in Paris on 1 April 1934. His father, Vladimir Aleksandrovich Pozner emigrated with his parents from the Soviet Union in 1922. In France, the boy went to the French-Russian school, organized specially for the children of immigrants, and upon graduation worked in the European branch of the American media companies «Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer». The mother of the future journalist Geraldine Lotten was French. Her career was connected with the film industry. Her newborn son the couple named Vladimir in honor of his father. The boy was baptized in the Catholic rite in the Cathedral of Notre Dame.

    When Vladimir was three months, mom took him with her to America, where she was offered a job at the Studio «Paramount Pictures» as a film editor. In addition, in the United States she lived with her sister and close friends. In 1939, Posner’s father took his family back to Paris. Vladimir Pozner Sr. and Geraldine Lotten for a long time not officially married and legalize their relationship only when their son was five years old.

    A year after returning to Paris, the family of Vladimir Pozner forced to emigrate to the United States in connection with the occupation by German troops in France. In America was born the youngest son of Paul Posner. The post-war period of American history was marked by a sharp deterioration of relations with the Soviet Union. Beginning of the cold war provoked anti-Communist mood in society. Father Vladimir Pozner in this period held a senior position in the Department of Russian cinematography at the war Department of the United States.

    A sincere patriot of the Soviet Union, Vladimir Pozner Sr. began to cooperate with the external intelligence of the Soviet Union, first as to the status of «gunner» and «trainee». After a while it became obvious that to stay in America no longer seems possible, and in 1948, the family decides to emigrate for the third time. In addition, the activities of Pozner Sr. began to be interested in the FBI. It was originally planned to be back in France, however, because of the denunciation of the father, in which it was reported that he was a Soviet spy and «subversive element», the French Ministry of foreign Affairs denied him the visa. At this point, from the government of the Soviet Union Pozner Sr. received an offer to work for the company «Sovexportfilm» that was in the Soviet sector of Berlin.

    Vladimir Pozner received his primary education in new York, at school «City and Country», then continued her studies in «Stuyvesant High School». He moved to Germany, Posner first time attending a school for Soviet children. A year later, when the Soviet government shut the program down, the boy was transferred to a school for children of German political emigrants who had fled from Hitler’s regime in the USSR. Students are not issued a certificate of maturity, since without him they got in prestigious universities in the country.

    All this time the father was looking for an opportunity to move to Moscow, which happened in 1952. In the capital, Vladimir Pozner admitted to the Moscow State University, faculty of biology and soil Department, specialty «physiology». Despite the high exam score, the boy was denied admission because of his Jewish origin and «unreliable» biography. Only thanks to the connections of his father managed to enroll in the University.

    After high school, Vladimir Pozner for the first time earns the translation of scientific texts. He also made translations of English poetry, what drew the attention of Samuel Marshak, who invited the young Minister to his work as a literary Secretary. The next two years Vladimir works as his assistant, preparing for publication in Russian translation of the verses.


    In the fall of 1961, Vladimir went to work at the newly opened press Agency «news», which deals with the editing of the magazine «USSR», which was distributed abroad, mainly in America. In 1967, working on literary digest «Sputnik».

    In 1970, Vladimir Pozner begins to cooperate with the State Committee of radio broadcasting of the USSR as a commentator. His program came out every day until 1985 and was broadcast in England and the United States. In the late seventies, Vladimir Pozner becomes a frequent guest on American television. It appears in the program «Nightline» and in the talk show Phil Donahue. The main objective was Posner’s view in the best possible way the actions and statements of the Soviet government. He spoke on the protection of the most contentious issues in Soviet history, in particular, justified the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

    Together with Phil Donahue in 1985, he holds a space bridge Leningrad – Seattle, which was called «the summit of ordinary citizens». A year Posner holds teleconference «Women talking with women» between Leningrad and Boston and then another teleconference, this time with the participation of Soviet and American journalists. These successful projects were the debut of Vladimir Posner in the air of national television, after which he was appointed political correspondent and begins to work on the Central television.

    According to polls at the time, Vladimir Pozner is recognized as the most authoritative journalist on the Soviet television. But despite its popularity, in 1991 he decided to leave Central TV in connection with disagreements with management.

    In the early ‘ 90s, Vladimir Pozner accepts an invitation to Phil Donahue to work in the United States, where, until 1996, their joint transmission. In parallel, he is working on your gear in Moscow to burn the monthly flies from America to Russia. At the same time, two autobiographical books published in the United States.

    From 1994 to 2008, Vladimir held the position of President of the Russian television. In 1997, a TV reporter returns to Moscow, where he lives today.


    One of the most famous projects of Vladimir Posner was the author of his program, which first aired in the fall of 2008. The format of the program «Pozner» — an interview in which the host asks questions outstanding political and public figures, leading representatives of culture, science and sports.

    The range of topics can be linked to the current situation and the conversation in the free form. During the interview, guests are invited to respond not only to the questions of the host, but pre-recorded questions asked by random people on the streets. At the end of each of the program Vladimir Pozner says a small final word where offers the audience to think about relevant issues raised in the course of transmission.

    During the eight years of the existence of the program «Pozner» in the role of the Studio guests was a huge number of famous people, including Mikhail Gorbachev, Oleg Tabakov, Mikhail Zhvanetsky, Hillary Clinton, Dmitry Medvedev, sting and many others.

    Personal life

    The first wife of Vladimir Posner, a Russian scholar and translator Valentine Chemberdzhi. Their marriage lasted from 1957 to 1968. To this Union was born a daughter, composer and pianist Catherine Chemberdzhi.

    In 1968 Vladimir Pozner married for the second time. His choice was a Ekaterina Orlova. In 2008, the TV host was married for the third time. His wife was a television producer Nadezhda Solovyova.


    Volodymyr Pozner

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