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  • Name: Vladimir Potanin ( Vladimir Potanin )
  • Date of birth: 3 January 1961
  • Age: 56 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 179
  • Activities: Russian businessman and politician of the Russian Federation, the billionaire owner of the country’s largest investment companies, Interros
  • Marital status: Married

    Vladimir Potanin: biography

    Vladimir Potanin is one of the richest people in the world who has more than 20 years occupies a leading position among Russian and global billionaires. He is the owner of Russia’s largest investment companies, Interros, and also has controlling stakes in mining and metallurgical company «Norilsk Nickel», Russian media-holding «ProfMedia» and the ski resort of Krasnaya Polyana «Rosa Khutor».

    Born Vladimir Potanin 3 Jan 1961 in the capital of Russia in the family trade representative of the Ministry of foreign trade system of the USSR Oleg Romanovich and doctor Tamara Ananievna. He was the first and only son of my parents that invested in son all the best. In activity, the head of the family Vladimir Potanin by the standards of Soviet times belonged to the category of the «Golden youth», but his parents trouble caused.

    In childhood and youth, the future billionaire was well-rounded boy. He was fond of learning foreign languages and sports, and for school Desk behaved like a model student. This allowed him after school, no work to do at MGIMO faculty of international economic relations at the commercial Department. From high school he came out with the diploma of international economist» and in his father’s footsteps, joined the Ministry of foreign trade of the USSR, where he worked for more than 8 years in the early 90s.


    The business career of Vladimir Potanin has started to develop in 1990, he founded and headed his own investment company, Interros. In the same year he met Mikhail Prokhorov, who in the future became his main business partner.

    Together businessmen founded the Bank «international financial company», whose President was Potanin. This financial institution is considered to be the first to receive a license by the Bank of Russia, as he was transferred all the Soviet assets of the Bank amounting to almost $ 400 million, along with the entire banking clientele. Later Mr Potanin became President of the Bank «ONEXIM», which today is in the TOP 5 of largest Russian banks.

    In 1995 Potanin bought a controlling stake in the Russian mining and metallurgical company «Norilsk Nickel», and in 1997 created the ProfMedia holding, which included major Russian media such as «news», «Poster», «Komsomolskaya Pravda», «Big city».

    In 2007, Vladimir Potanin announced the business with his long time partner Mikhail Prokhorov. This process dragged on for several years and resulted in a serious conflict. To «war» with Prokhorov, Potanin joined many other big businessmen of the country that gave the scandal between the «friends» scale and illumination.

    The main activity Potanin to date is the development of companies «Interros» and «Norilsk Nickel». Also in the development of their business projects, he teamed up with Alisher Usmanov owns the holding company «metalloinvest». Business plan with the help of «the triple Alliance of companies to create a global steel giant that will be a leader in the production of Nickel, iron ore and aluminum on the planet.


    In addition to business billionaire Vladimir Potanin in the course of his career he actively participated in the political life of the country. In 1996, he was appointed first Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation. Then, his responsibilities included the coordination of the economic block of questions.

    In that period he also headed the 20 Federal interagency government Commission on monetary and financial policy of Russia. Also Potanin was the Manager of the Russian Federation at the world Bank and the Multilateral investment guarantee Agency.

    In 2006, the oligarch became part of the Public chamber of the Russian Federation where he became Chairman of the Commission on volunteerism and charity. Thanks to the initiatives of the Commission in the country were Federal laws in support of development of public organizations and NGOs, and carry out charity individuals received tax benefits.


    Charitable Vladimir Potanin holds an important place in his biography. For almost 20 years actively works created by the billionaire «Vladimir Potanin Foundation», which carries out activities aimed at the development of culture and education in Russia.

    Since 2003, the billionaire is the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the State Hermitage Museum, which from the own funds invested 5 million dollars. In 2006, Potanin took under his wing native MGIMO endowment Fund which has donated 6.5 million dollars.

    In 2013, Vladimir Potanin joined the philanthropic campaign «giving pledge», which was agreed to transfer at least half of his fortune to charity. He became the first Russian businessman that decided to take this bold step.

    Personal life

    Personal life of Vladimir Potanin has always been a subject of interest to the wider public. First time he married in his student years, the childhood friend Natasha, with whom he lived in marriage for more than 30 years. During this time the family Potanin had three children – Anastasia, Ivan and Vasily. The older children of a billionaire are Champions of Russia and world aquabike.

    In 2014, a strong and big family oligarch collapsed, initiated what became Vladimir Olegovich. According to the wife of a billionaire, it was a shock to his statement about the divorce, but to save the marriage failed. The divorce process the spouses Potanin held long and loud. They still did not solve all financial issues, as the wife of the businessman insists on the division of property acquired during conjugal life.

    After the divorce, Natalia Vladimir Potanin was married a second time. His wife was younger than him by 14 years old Katerina, who at the time of marriage brought three year old daughter Barbara. The girl’s father, according to open sources, is Potanin. In 2014, Forbes reported that the tycoon was born the fifth child.


    In January 2016, the state of Vladimir Potanin was estimated at 12.1 billion dollars, which allowed him to take fourth position in the ranking of the richest people of Russia. Compared to 2015 year, the tycoon lost $ 3.3 billion, due to which he was the leader among the Russian billionaires and the richest man in the country.


    Vladimir Potanin

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