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  • Name: Vladimir Menshov ( Vladimir Menshov )
  • Date of birth: 17 September 1939
  • Age: 77 years
  • Place of birth: Baku
  • Height: 175
  • Activities: Soviet and Russian actor, Director, screenwriter, producer. People’s artist of the RSFSR
  • Family: married Vera Alentova

    Vladimir Menshov biography

    Vladimir Valentinovich Menshov was born in a hot Baku in September 1939. His father and mother were originally from Astrakhan, and in the Azerbaijan SSR was because they got the direction of his father, who worked in the NKVD.

    Interesting story of the meeting of the parents Menchov. Dad, having graduated from the merchant Navy, worked as a mate on the ship. And the mother is the daughter of a wealthy farmer, fearing repression and dispossession, left his native village and took a job as a maid on a ship that sailed from Baku to Iran. There they met the daughter of a «kulak» and future employee of the NKVD. The result was a happy family in which were born two children – first a son Vladimir, and two years later daughter Irina.

    Early childhood Vladimir Menshov were held in Baku. But after the war, in 1947, father in the service was transferred to Arkhangelsk. The contrast between hot and majestic Northern Azerbaijan Archangel was huge. Menchov, Jr. was struck by the grandeur and beauty of nature, forever falling in love with the region.

    The boy went to public school. To learn he liked, but even more he loved to read. First, like all his contemporaries, read «Robinson Crusoe» and adventure novels, then fell in love with classical literature, «swallowing» books one after the other.

    In 1950 Menshawy moved to Astrakhan, to their homeland. Here Vladimir had another passion – cinema. Many Soviet paintings Menchov knew by heart. Intrigued by the movie, the teenager read a lot of literature and magazines about cinematography, about the famous Directors and brilliant actors both domestic and world cinema and theatre. Probably, and then matured into a kid’s desire to try to play a movie, becoming one of the heroes, of which so much is read.

    Parents were not happy with the decision of Vladimir to enter the acting. But to interfere did not. In 1957 Vladimir Menshov has arrived from Astrakhan to the capital and submitted the documents to VGIK. Unfortunately, the tests he flunked.

    Had to return home. But the desire to become an actor from Menchov is not diminished: the failure even more challenged young man. After meeting in Moscow with students of theater schools, Vladimir on arrival to Astrakhan took the plant as a Turner. But at the same time he was looking for a place where he was able to prepare well for re-entering the drama.

    Menchov soon took to the local drama, where he played in the auxiliary composition. The necessary experience has been obtained. But to join in the second time Vladimir was in no hurry. For the acquisition of experience and accumulation of the desired amount of money he worked as a miner and a sailor. Only four years later, in 1961, the future artist came back to conquer Moscow. Now he became a student of the School-Studio of MKHAT, selecting, of course, the acting Department.

    Vladimir Menshov movies

    In the Moscow art Theater Vladimir Menshov was found with the celebrities that he read a lot in my youth. Some of them even managed to get to know and play on stage. After finishing his studies in 1965 Menchov couldn’t get a job. There was a place only in the Stavropol drama theater, where he went for two years. But to abandon the conquest of the capital and could not. In 1970, the young artist graduated from the directing Department of VGIK and came back to Moscow.

    The debut of the movie and film biography of Vladimir Menshov started in the same 70-m to year. A classmate of Vladimir V. Pavlovsky undertook to make a film called «Happy Kukushkin». Menchov is getting co-writing the script and accepted the offer to play the main role. The tape was released and received very positive reviews and the warm reception of the audience.

    In 1971 Menchov accepts the offer to play a major role in the film «the Man in his place» by Alexei Sakharov. And receives his first award of the 4th all-Union film festival in Alma-ATA (nomination «Prize for acting»). From that moment Vladimir Menshov has never been waiting for offers from the Directors. He is in demand and popular.

    In the 70s Vladimir Y. appears in the films «Salty dog», «Ar-Chi-me-dy!», «The last meeting», «Skaz about how Tsar Peter arapa married» and others.

    More prominent roles bring artists 80-90-ies. Menshov acted in many movies of different genres. His most famous works – Pavel Golikov in the popular Comedy «Where is nofelet?», Sergei in the excellent melodrama «Forgive me», bright and colorful Oleg Nikolaevich in the «Courier» business Potapov in the drama film «Highway», the incomparable historic Menshikov in the film «Tsarevich Alexei».

    Of the last works of the artist Vladimir Menshov it is worth noting the role of Dmitry Ustinov in the historical film «Brezhnev» and, of course, a police major in Bragin». Central district». Came an actor in the acclaimed «Day patrol» where he played gisera.

    Vladimir Menshov: Director

    After some time Vladimir Valentinovich Menshov decided for myself that acting for him – no more than a hobby, but a matter of life – directing.

    In 1967 Menchov arrives at the directing Department of the VGIK. The interview he did the legendary Mikhail Romm. Mikhail Ilyich Menchov is so pleased that he took it on the second course, inventing a special «under the Menshova» graduate studies in the directing of the film. At the end of three years of education Vladimir Valentinovich takes off her debut short film.

    Beginning in 1970 and for six years Vladimir Menshov works by appointment at «Mosfilm», «Lenfilm» and the Odessa film Studio. In 1976 he finished his first full-length picture «

  • Drawing» about the life of schoolchildren in the 70s. In 1977, «Drawing» becomes a leader in the rental, and a year later the Creator of the picture was awarded the State prize of the RSFSR But really stellar for Vladimir Menshov was 1978. This year he has started shooting his best film «
  • Moscow does not believe in tears». A Central role in the movie the Director pays his wife and actress Vera Alentova, at that time not very well known to the General public. Other roles are invited well-known artists as Alexey Batalov, Oleg Tabakov, Irina Muravyova, Raisa Ryazanova and Alexander Fatyushin. Vladimir Menshov did not expect such a huge, fantastic success seemingly banal story about a modern Cinderella. To view pictures of cinema going long the crowds who want to see it in the second, third and fourth. In the first year of the rental picture was seen by 90 million viewers. The rights to the film I bought over a hundred different countries. In 1981 in America, «Moscow does not believe in tears» received»
  • Oscar» (nominated for «Best foreign film»). At home Menchov and all those involved in the creation of the painting was awarded the State prize of the USSR.

    Comedy Menshov «

  • Love and pigeons» has become equally popular and loved by the audience. But the film was more difficult road to the heart of the viewer. The fact that the picture came out in 1984, when the country was in the midst was the anti-alcohol company. As you know, many of the characters in the movie appeared on the screen under the influence. For this reason, the Director was encouraged to cut a few episodes. Fortunately, Menshov refused to do it. For disobedience he was removed from work, and the film was shelved. Only six months later, when the anti-alcohol hysteria ended, the picture came up on wide screens. Needless to say that the domestic moviegoer was again amazed and in love. And abroad, the film received huge success at the Comedy festival in Spain, «romance» won the main prize – «Golden boat». In 1995, the screens comes a new Comedy by Vladimir Menshov’s «Shirli-myrli». Here Vladimir Valentinovich and Director, and actor, writer and Director. The main role in the film played by Valery Garkalin and Vera Alentova. And even appeared in the tape Armen Dzhigarkhanyan, Oleg Tabakov and Inna Churikova. Menchov himself took the role of the President of Russia.

    In 2000, there was a great melodrama «envy of the gods». The film tells about the period of time in the midst of the cold war. The main character, which again plays a favorite actress Menshova Vera Alentova, falls for a French journalist, played by Anatoly lobotsky. A small role in the film agreed to play legendary Hollywood actor Gerard Depardieu. The audience warmly greeted the new film.

    The most «fresh» picture, which was directed, called «the Great waltz».

    Vladimir Menshov: personal life

    Personal life of Vladimir Menshov associated with only one woman, actress Vera Alentova. She became his Muse and favorite actress. Faith Vladimir met at the 2nd year of the school-Studio MXAT. In 1965, the pair temporarily broke up. Menshov left for two years in Stavropol, as in Moscow, could not get a job, but Alentova continued to work in Moscow. After returning to the capital the pair were reunited. In the summer of 1969, the couple had a daughter, Yulia Menshova is now one of the most popular show in Russia.

    Then relations were again interrupted. The couple lived for some time separately, in different theatrical hostels. Money for their own apartment they did not exist. But after a few years Alentova and Menchov began to live together again.

    Vladimir Menshov: filmography (Director)

    • Moscow does not believe in tears
    • Love and doves
    • Shirley myrli
    • Envy of the gods
    • The great waltz

    Vladimir Menshov: filmography (actor)

    • Happy Kukushkin
    • Salty dog
    • Ar-Chi-me-dy!
    • The last meeting
    • The story of how Tsar Peter moor married
    • Drawing
    • Where is the enohpelet?
    • Courier
    • Highway
    • Brezhnev
    • Night watch

    Vladimir Menshov: photo

    Anton Menshov

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