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  • Name: Vladimir Medinsky ( Vladimir Medinskiy )
  • Date of birth: July 18, 1970
  • Age: 46 years
  • Place of birth: Smila, Cherkas’ka oblast, Ukraine
  • Activity: state and political figure, Minister of culture of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: married

    Vladimir Medinsky: biography

    Vladimir Medinsky – Minister of culture of the Russian Federation, member of the Supreme Council of political party «United Russia». Many media interpret his views as ultra-conservative and an effective lobbyist, promoting the interests of gambling, tobacco, beer and advertising business. The Minister of culture was repeatedly involved in scandals, e.g. the writer Daniel by Granini, the Director Vitaly Mansky, a number of scholars and journalists whom the statesman was accused of incompetence and detachment from reality. It is also worth noting that a wide circle of readers by the famous writer Vladimir Medinsky, books which represent their own version of interpretation of Russian history.

    Vladimir Medinsky
    The Minister of culture of the Russian Federation | Politrussia

    He was born in the Ukrainian city of Smila, which is located in Cherkasy region. His father Rostislav husband at the time was a career officer, a participant of the invasion of Czechoslovakia, and later fought in Afghanistan, liquidated the consequences of the Chernobyl accident and the terrible earthquake in Armenia. Mother Alla Viktorovna worked as a General practitioner. The family also raised a daughter Tatiana. Wife Medina for the profession of the head of the family moved frequently, but in the 80’s, settled in Moscow.

    Vladimir Medinsky
    Wanted to be a soldier, and became a journalist | Politronica

    In the capital of the USSR Vladimir graduated from high school and wanted to be the example of his father in the military. He filed documents in the Moscow higher military command school, but the medical Board was refused, so he entered the MGIMO, faculty of international journalism. In the University, Vladimir Medinsky, biography whose childhood has been associated with an interest in military history, was an extraordinary memory for historical events and achievements of the Russian rulers.

    Vladimir Medinsky
    Professor of the international information and journalism, MGIMO | Orthodoxy and the world

    In addition, the University he listened to public lectures in the history Department of Moscow state University, where he deepened knowledge of our history. After obtaining the red diploma, Moscow State Institute of International Relations Vladimir Medina got into grad school in the direction of «Science», defended candidate and doctoral dissertations, and in 1998 became a Professor at the Department of international information and journalism at his Alma mater.


    Together with a group of his classmates, Vladimir Medinsky organized his own advertising Agency «Corporation «I». And young enterprising guys in the early 90-ies became one of the largest players in the advertising market. Their company promoted Avtobank and Tveruniversalbank, serving a large tobacco company and a financial pyramid. But in 1996, facing financial troubles.

    Vladimir Medinsky
    Specialist in advertising and public relations | Penza-press

    The firm changed its name to «United corporate Agency», Medina and remained a shareholder until 2003, until he was in the State Duma, and then «sold» the shares to his father. In addition, the future Minister of culture, Vice-President of the Russian Association for public relations and adviser to the image of the Director of the Federal tax police service of Russia. Later he became head of the Ministerial Department on the information policy.


    In the last year of the XX century Vladimir Medinsky has engaged in work with the press on behalf of the block «Fatherland — All Russia». Then he became adviser to the Deputy Chairman of the State Duma, and in 2003 was elected to the State Duma on the Federal list of the party and joined the faction «United Russia». Since Vladimir Medinsky has become one of the most ardent supporters of President Vladimir Putin, whom he calls «an absolute genius of modern politics».

    Vladimir Medinsky
    The author of the amendments to several bills | Makspark

    As a government official of Medina proposed a series of bills that have been approved. For example, he participated in the writing of amendments to the law «On advertising», limiting the promotion of medical products, alcohol and tobacco, gaming establishments via television and print media. During the economic crisis of 2008 Vladimir Medinsky was in charge of working with office employees who were dismissed or were under threat of dismissal. And since 2011, by personal decree of the President, he became part of the Board of Fund «Russian world» and engaged in the popularization of Russian culture, language, history.

    The Minister

    At the initiative of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev Vladimir Medinsky Minister of culture of the Russian Federation. This appointment has caused a resonance and polar assessments. Supported the candidacy of Medina was the leader of the LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky, Chairman of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko, the Director of «Mosfilm» Karen Shakhnazarov, theater Director Roman Viktyuk, actor and Director of theatre Oleg Tabakov.

    Vladimir Medinsky.
    Vladimir Medinsky | Lenta.ru

    At the same time a lot of cultural figures, including actress lia Akhedzhakova, the film Director Yuli Gusman, Director, Russian state library for foreign literature Ekaterina Geneva, criticized this decision. Communist party leader Gennady Zyuganov also expressed very negative, and the fraction of the Communist party expressed its official protest against the appointment. The post of Minister Vladimir Medinsky has proposed to rename a number of the Moscow streets, replacing the names of the revolutionaries names Royal and Imperial personages.

    Vladimir Medinsky.
    The Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky | Lenta.ru

    Also, a new subsidy rules of the national cinema, was created the «list of 100 Soviet films», which was recommended for viewing in the school curriculum, lobbied the initiative is the adaptation of cinema to the needs of spectators with disabilities, including the introduction of subdoubtful and special technology with audio commentary.

    In addition, Vladimir Medinsky proposed to bury the body of Vladimir Lenin, which is stored in the Kremlin mausoleum, as, in his opinion, such a non-traditional burial contrary to the norms of Orthodox morality. But the government have rejected the initiative, considering it to be outside the competence of the Minister of culture.


    In addition to his political activities, Vladimir Medinsky is known as a writer and author of popular science books. First, he wrote about what was dealing in the business of advertising and public relations, as expressed in the work «the Legal basis for commercial advertising.» Then Vladimir Medinsky returned to his favorite topic – the history of the Russian state.

    He gave a series of popular scientific works under the General series «Myths about Russia». His unconventional view of history, the writer explained that it is a science that can not be a clear look. And the information we are given in textbooks, it is not the story itself, and the idea of it prepared training manuals.

    Vladimir Medinsky
    Not only official, but also a writer | What’s going on?

    In the series «Myths about Russia» have already been published 12 books, the most resonant of which was «On the Russian drunkenness, laziness and cruelty, On Russian thirst for a «strong hand» and the inability to democracy» and «War. Myths of the USSR.» In addition to the historical subject belongs to the book «Scoundrels and geniuses of PR. From Rurik to Ivan III the terrible,» not included in the total cycle in which Vladimir Medinsky looked at historical person from the perspective of modern PR-technologies. This work was included in the list of the best publications on the theory of PR.

    Vladimir Medinsky
    Vladimir Medinsky — the author of several books about the history of Russia | Yekaterinburg Online

    But it should be noted that the author of publications of the resonance agree not all historians. In response to his «Myths about Russia» was published the «Anti-Medina. Rebuttal. As a party of government «ruled by» history» and «Pseudo-Second World war. New myths of the Kremlin.» Professional scientists accuse Medina of fraud and disregard of the facts, and the desire to put the reader’s rose-colored glasses.

    The author of the series of books «Myths about Russia» and of the acclaimed novel «the Wall»

    And in 2012, the Minister of culture released his first work of fiction, detective and adventure novel «the Wall». The plot is set in one of the most tragic periods of Russian history – the time of Troubles. The book received high praise from critics, turned into a play, put up in Smolensk state drama theater, and at the end of 2016, the world saw the film adaptation, a role which was played by actors Aleksey Serebryakov, Anatoli White, Paul Chinarov, Olga Pavlovets and Roman Ageev.

    Personal life

    Like many political figures, Vladimir Medinsky personal life to the public can not stand. It is a long and happily married to Marina Olegovna Nikitina, who took after the wedding, her husband’s name. The couple has three children, the youngest of which was born in 2012. By the way, unlike his colleagues, for example, Vice-speaker Sergey Zheleznyak, Vladimir Medinsky, has issued their children to study in the Moscow school.

    Vladimir Medinsky with the family
    Vladimir Medinsky and his wife Marina and children | news of Mountain Altai

    Yes, and the wife of Vladimir Medinsky did not give birth in Germany or America, and in the usual Moscow maternity hospital. Thus, Vladimir Medinsky nationality does not hide and is proud that he is Russian and lives in Russia. The wife of the Minister of culture has his own business, which brings the family quite a significant income. At least, according to tax returns, profit Marina Olegovna greatly exceeds the amount of her husband.


    • 1998 — the Legal framework of commercial advertising
    • 2008 — About Russian drunkenness, laziness and cruelty
    • 2010 — the cruelty of Russian history and people’s patience
    • 2010 — Russian thrust to the «strong hand» and the inability to democracy
    • 2010 — peculiarities of the national PR. PRavdivaya history of Russia from Rurik to Peter
    • 2010 — Skeletons from the cupboard of Russian history
    • 2011 — Russia — «prison of peoples»
    • 2011 — the War. Myths of the USSR. 1939-1945
    • 2011 — Scoundrels and geniuses of PR. From Rurik to Ivan III the terrible
    • 2012 — the Wall


    Vladimir Medinsky

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