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  • Name: Vladimir Litvinov ( Litvinov Vladimir )
  • Date of birth: 15 March 1951
  • Age: 65 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Growth: 182
  • Activity: film and theater actor, honored artist of Russia
  • Marital status: married

    Vladimir Litvinov: biography

    Vladimir Litvinov — Soviet and Russian actor, honored artist of Russia. Especially many he starred in television series, for example, «Gangster Petersburg», «Prince of Siberia», «the secret guard. Deadly games».

    Vladimir was born and raised in St. Petersburg. He was a late child – my mother had him when she was already 46 years old, and my father was the sixth decade. By the way, the Pope soon died, and the burden of education rests on the mother. The boy was often left to himself, but he was not «street punk». Lithuanians formed their own world, with adventure books. He was especially attracted to the romantic heroes of Jack London.

    As any clear plan for «who to be» Vladimir was not, he entered the Polytechnic Institute. After the first year he was drafted into the army, and that in the service of the young man reviewed his life and realized he wanted to be an actor. After demobilization he throws the Polytechnic and became a student of the Leningrad state Institute of theatre, music and cinematography, where he studied acting at the dramatic arts faculty.

    After graduation Vladimir Litvinov has served in a number of the St. Petersburg theatres – youth theatre «On Foundry», the Comedy theatre. But on stage, he said, he did not find himself and went to the cinema in search of its own individuality.


    In the movie, Vladimir began acting Litvinov in 1976 and since then has participated in more than one hundred paintings. The first role he got in the psychological drama «While there are mountains…». Then there were episodes in a detective «the gold mine», the tragicomedy «About the poor hussar say a word», the film adaptation of «the Woman in white».

    Because of its independent character, Vladimir refused to go to auditions, and waited to know his ability, the Directors will offer themselves to take part in the filming. Therefore the big role he got in 1988. It was the drama «all paid For», which became one of the first that showed the war in Afghanistan. While working on this painting Litvinov was mortally wounded: he was impaled on the antenna of armored vehicles that entered his body in 15 centimeters. The actor had to undergo several surgeries to stay alive.

    Two years later, on the screens out domestic drama «Harem Stepan Guslyakova» telling about «Swedish family» in the Russian village. The actor continued to appear in films during the 90-ies. You can highlight action-Packed film about Billiards classic, detective, «Code of dishonor», the historical picture «Storm over Russia». During this period Vladimir tried his hand at directing. But he shot mostly documentaries and commercials.

    A lot Litvinov began to invite in the 21st century. He have a small role in the famous TV series «Streets of broken lamps», «Gangster Petersburg», «Russian special forces» and key images. The audience’s attention was drawn to the drama «Two lives», the adventure series «secret guardian», war drama «Werewolf Hunt» Saga «movers and Shakers». Of the last works of the actor are highlighted in a new adventure Comedy «the Prince of Siberia» and the biographical story of the legendary hockey player Vyacheslav Fetisov, «Glory.»

    Personal life

    The first time Vladimir Litvinov got married at a young age. In this marriage a daughter, Anna, and wife of the actor relationship did not exist: she is very jealous of his work. After a break for a long time Litvinov was one, but the wife does and never married again. Daughter she raised herself and did not allowed Vladimir to chat with a girl. Only after the age of Anna they were able to meet. Daughter Litvinova now lives in Tallinn and is quite famous artist.

    With his second wife met Vladimir in Kiev on the set of one of the movies. Elena is an economist by education. Despite the fact that it is almost 20 years younger, the two men quickly found a common language, and soon began to live together. In 1992, the couple had a son, Arseny, and recently the family had another child – a daughter Ksenia. Litvinov glad that at least the younger girl may devote the maximum attention because of his work devoid of first children.


    • 1988 — all paid For
    • 1988 — Past return
    • 1990 — Harem Stepan Guslyakova
    • 1993 — Gold party
    • 1998 — classic
    • 2007 — Bear hunt
    • 2009 — secret guardian. Deadly game
    • 2009 — Werewolf Hunt
    • 2014 — Prince Of Siberia
    • 2015 — Glory


    Volodymyr Litvinov

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