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  • Name: Vladimir Levkin ( Vladimir Lyovkin )
  • Date of birth: 6 June 1967
  • Age: 49 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: singer, composer, musician
  • Marital status: married to Marina Ichetovkina

    Vladimir Levkin: biography

    Vladimir Levkin was born in early June 1967 in Moscow. Immediately after Vladimir’s birth, the family moved to Germany, and the childhood guy was held in Potsdam. The first school for boys was musical, and at age 6 he began learning to play the accordion, and a year later enrolled in secondary school.

    Over time, Lyovka return to Russia. Vladimir became a diligent pupil of Soviet and pioneer. But the pioneer case did not distract the boy from music. After studying four years at Bayan, Vladimir drew attention to the guitar, that captured Levkin head. The musician is fond of hard rock and even gathering a group. A band called «Mercury lake» going to the apartments of participants, playing on all that is necessary.

    After high school, Vladimir Levkin entered the first year at the Moscow energy Institute. But before he could get a higher education, the young man goes into the army. There he falls into a military unit near Murmansk, and became Secretary of the Komsomol Committee, continuing his musical career. In part was formed the popular band «Horizon», in which Vladimir was the guitarist. In this period he wrote many poems and songs.

    Returning from the army, Levkin decides not to continue training in energy University and looking for a suitable musical group. Don’t make your choice, Vladimir enrolled in gnesinka.

    Vladimir Levkin: «On-On»

    Continuing to learn, Levkin from time to time held auditions in the youth group. Then the case leads him to audition for the group «on-On». Bari Alibasova like a young attractive guy and he takes it to the group. In 1989 began a new life of Vladimir Levkin. The artist did not expect that it will, so pop music was not very close to his character. But, anyway, the blond singer has become the main soloist of the choir, and then — and a living legend, the idol of millions.

    The group, headed by levchinym acquires extraordinary popularity. The team gets the most music awards «ovation», the songs do not go to the heights of national music charts.

    Levkina but this was not enough and the artist is drawn to directing, in 1996, comes in GITIS on directing faculty, and the absentee completes the course. Then he begins to realize that time with «on-On» is coming to an end, and in 1988, left the group. Vladimir Levkin remembers this period as a terrific school. In the «On-on» he learned to be a real artist, a real musician, saw all the parties and the intricacies of show business.

    Vladimir Levkin: solo career

    After leaving the group, Vladimir leads a very active multi-faceted creative activities: starred in the TV series, and records solo albums. Also publishes collections of poems are «Parallels» and «I Wish I could stay forever this young and blameless…». Then in 1988, he became chief editor of the newspaper «Detective club». The next two years, Vladimir is telecast on the channel of TV the Center «Music kitchen» and «Oh, a joke».

    2000 Levkin leads in a new musical group. Vyacheslav Kachin invites him to create a group of «Kedbl» and Vladimir agrees. The artist becomes not only a musician but also a producer and the Manager of the group. The team plays punk rock and quickly released two successful albums: «FLOmasterom» and «Zapanki». The albums are very popular, and the clips are actively broadcast on music channels. And at this time career Levkin interrupts a serious illness.

    Vladimir Levkin: disease

    Sudden disappearance of stars from the stage made a lot of noise. What only rumors then were not full Moscow. All glossy magazines and Newspapers shouted with one voice that the former soloist «on-On» Levkin AIDS. Other publications blamed the tour in Chernobyl. But the truth was far.

    The musician put a difficult diagnosis – Hodgkin’s disease, or cancer of the lymphatic system. With this ailment, even a small cold can lead to death, so a pre-buried artist. Wife left, unable to bear such a burden, «virtues» were advised to record songs Ala memory Levkin. But Vladimir did not give up. In 2003, he survived a difficult surgery and gradually got to his feet. A year and a half of fighting Vladimir Levkin returned to active life and more and more began to engage in organizing activity. In spite of everything.

    Since 2006 Levkin actively engaged in the conduct of a session of the ASEAN countries, for which then he gets the medal «For assistance to MVD of Russia». At the same time he became Director of cultural Affairs and sport of the Russian public organization Union of social justice of Russia.

    For his public activities Vladimir Levkin receives many awards and medals from the government. But, despite the tight schedule, the music remains in his life. In 2009 the musician released another solo album, «History in first person». In 2014 Vladimir Levkin becomes CEO, producer and Director of the International Art Festival «open sea».

    Latest than pleased Vladimir Levkin public album «Life in 3-D», which was released in 2015.

    Vladimir Levkin: personal life

    First love and wife Levkin was a girl named Marina. They were married in 1992 and have lived many years together. In 1993, the couple had a daughter Victoria. The relationship was complicated by the fact that all members of the group «on-On» was forbidden to talk about his personal life, and Leucine had to hide his wife and child. In 1997, the couple officially divorced.

    After a failed marriage next year Levkin begins an affair with a former soloist of the popular band Hi-Fi Oksana Oleshko. The couple got married in 1998. All was well until the illness of Vladimir. Oksana, unable to bear the illness of her husband, falling in love with the other, threw the artist in 2003.

    At that time the artist meets model Alina Jarovikova. She becomes the support for Vladimir and helps him recover. But family life did not work this time.

    Levkin fourth wife was the actress Marina Ichetovkina where the musician married in 2012 and soon afterwards his wife gave birth to a daughter nick.

    Vladimir Levkin: discography

    • Life in 3-D
    • The history of first-person
    • Return
    • Steps to yourself
    • Zapanki
    • FLOMasterom
    • Count, right?
    • Life is a game
    • Night without sleep
    • On-nastalgiya
    • Beautiful
    • May
    • Don’t get married

    Vladimir Levkin: photo

    Vladimir Levkin

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