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  • Name: Vladimir Kuzmin ( Vladimir Kuzmin )
  • Date of birth: 31 may 1955
  • Age: 61 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 173
  • Activity: musician, singer, composer
  • Marital status: married

    Vladimir Kuzmin: a biography

    Vladimir Kuzmin – extremely talented rock musician who managed to conquer the hearts of millions of people. The famous composer and performer, he was awarded the title of National artist. Also Vladimir Kuzmin took part in creating 30 albums and is the author of over 300 songs.


    Future rock musician was born in Moscow on may 31, 1955. His father, Boris G. served in the Marines, and his mother Natalia taught at the school of foreign languages. Given the specificity of the work of his father, the family is not long lived in the same city. Shortly after the appearance of the child head of the family was transferred to serve in Murmansk oblast.

    Vladimir Kuzmin in childhood
    Vladimir Kuzmin with mom

    In 1961, Vladimir went to public school in Bykhov garrison (BSSR). Future musician educated in the village of Pechenga and was surprisingly diligent student, delighting parents impeccable academic performance.

    The love of music, the boy appeared in childhood. In the 5 years I have owned a guitar, and a year later wrote his first song. Also Vladimir visited music school, where studied hard to play the violin. Active lad wanted to Express myself in music, and in the 6th grade he created his own rock band. Kuzmin spoke at all school concerts, parties, where they performed their songs as well as covers of famous bands.

    Vladimir Kuzmin in childhood
    Vladimir Kuzmin in childhood

    Higher education Vladimir Kuzmin decided to get into the Metropolitan railway Institute. However, the guy has studied for only two years and resigned from the Institute, because they do not want a lifetime engaged in unloved business. He decided to study at the College of music and improve my playing the flute, saxophone and other instruments.

    Early career

    After graduating from College in 1977, Vladimir became part of VIA Hope. He first appears on stage in a group of professional level. Talented the guy was very quickly noticed and invited to the famous ensemble «Gems».

    Vladimir Kuzmin in his youth
    Vladimir Kuzmin in his youth

    Only one year Kuzmin was a member of the ensemble, but it allowed him to study in detail the specifics of the team from the inside and significantly improve their musical level. The young musician had a strong influence Vladimir Presnyakov-the senior who helped the beginner to form their own special style of playing the guitar.

    A Group Of «Carnival»

    Two gifted musicians – Vladimir Kuzmin, Alexander Barykin, in 1979 he decided to start a band called «Carnival». She very soon became very popular, because Kuzmin had already had a lot of finished songs that just waited for their presentation. In General, the repertoire of the new group mainly consisted of songs Kuzmin, which gave it novelty and originality.

    Vladimir Kuzmin and Alexander Barykin
    Vladimir Kuzmin and Alexander Barykin

    Through the year, the Carnival had scored ten songs that have a particular romanticism. They are included in the album «Superman», which was characterized by impeccable level of musical performance. In 1981 a separate minion released three songs from the named album. As a result, all copies of Mignon, where for the first time in the Soviet Union was the «Rock band», at odds almost immediately. It was a real musical breakthrough with a mixture of prohibitions and scandal.

    Vladimir Kuzmin and
    Vladimir Kuzmin and group «the Carnival»

    With the help of the Tula Philharmonic society, a group of «Carnival» held its first and very successful tour. But the team is constantly changing members, and after the next reorganization, he completely collapsed. The main reason was creative differences between Alexander Bereginya Vladimir Kuzmin. Two talents find it difficult to coexist in the same team. Later Barycenter the activities of the group «Carnival», but without Kuzmin.

    The Group «Speaker»

    1982 was the fateful Vladimir Kuzmin – musician creates the group «Speaker». Vladimir was already a famous musician, so his new creation was immediately recognized. The participants of the «Dynamics» involved in overactive work and has successfully toured in many cities of the country.

    Vladimir Kuzmin and group
    Vladimir Kuzmin and group «Speaker»

    The repertoire of the guys stood out the stylistic diversity of the wild rock-n-roll to stylish reggae Blues. Vladimir, having sensitivity not only to music but also to reality, embodied in the songs of their daily observations. Kuzmin gave this area the name «musical feuilleton».

    However, conditions for the rock band was not the best. The Ministry of culture conducted an unambiguous antirobbery policy, which undoubtedly contributed to the collapse of the group «Speaker» in 1983. But Kuzmin has found a way out of this situation. He began working as an independent singer and musician, and the other part of the group turned into accompanying the team.

    Vladimir Kuzmin and group
    Vladimir Kuzmin and group «Speaker»

    The musicians continued to tour and their fans barely fit in the stadiums and sports palaces. Vladimir almost every year was listed in top positions of various charts. But gradually, this format has exhausted itself, and in the life and career of Kuzmin began a new phase.

    Solo career

    Unexpectedly Vladimir Kuzmin became the participant of musical group in the theater of the song to work together with Alla Pugacheva. Thus began a special stage in the musician’s filled with not only the collaboration with the outstanding singer, but also romantic relationships.

    Vladimir Kuzmin, and Alla Pugacheva
    Vladimir Kuzmin, and Alla Pugacheva

    It was the secret feelings of two strong people who are attracted to each other’s beauty and talent, but is repelled, as both were leaders and did not want anyone to obey. Under the influence of the singer even changed the style of songs Kuzmin: rock-n-roll has gone by the wayside, and the main place was occupied by ballads, lyrical songs and pop numbers.

    Vladimir writes for Diva amazing songs instantly become hits. Also in 1985, the musician released his first solo album under the eloquent title «My love». But it does not reflect all of the developments of Kuzmin, and Alla Pugacheva, only 12 years later they were presented in a luxurious album «Two stars».

    In 1987 accounts for the resumption of the activities of the group «Speaker». Then followed numerous concerts, recording new songs, entire albums and returning to its former glory. In 1989 Kuzmin creates album «Tears on fire», which was particularly valuable for the artist and for his fans.

    Life in the United States

    At the beginning of the 90s has not the best stage in the life of Vladimir Kuzmin. Hard criticism from detractors, as well as nascent relationship with the American model forced the musician to leave the country and move to California (USA). Changing the place of residence, Kuzmin stays true to his passions – he continues to make music, performing in clubs favorite Blues and rock-n-roll.

    Vladimir Kuzmin
    Vladimir Kuzmin

    During 1991 – 1992 Vladimir outplayed almost all of the famous songs of Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix and other popular guitarists. Also Kuzmin managed to record two new albums. Over their creation worked as musicians from the United States, and former members of the group «Speaker».

    Return home

    In 1992, the musician returned to Russia and is taken for the recovery of the group «Speaker». Was immediately organized a tour through Russia, which enjoyed great success. Kuzmin could even implement old dream – to create his music Studio.

    Vladimir Kuzmin
    Vladimir Kuzmin

    In 1992 and 1995 Kuzmin publishes the album «My friend’s Fortune» and «heavenly attraction», which confirmed his status as a musician of the highest level. The best songs of these albums were: «Five minutes from your house,» «Hey, beautiful!», «Siberian frost», «heavenly attraction». 1996 saw the release of the album «Seven seas» through which the Vladimir became a constant participant of all-Ukrainian bike show.

    Several years Kuzmin was the winner of such festivals as «Golden gramophone» and «song of the Year», toured and filmed videos. The musician has worked very successfully: in 1999, he presented the album «Our best days», in 2000 – «Network» in 2001-2002, «the Rocker 1 and Rocker 2». In the last albums Kuzmin has shown itself in the most unexpected sides – sincere, loving, provocative and explosive.

    In addition, in 2003 he released the album «the best». One of his songs – «story of my life» was the favorite song of millions of people. Special to stars was in 2008, which had a high performance. Works of the musician this time was characterized by the magnitude and maturity appreciated by critics.

    In 2011 a talented musician deservedly became a people’s artist of Russia. Award only prompted the artist to new achievements. So, in 2012, Kuzmin fans album titled «epilogue», 2013 – «the Body» and in 2014 – «Angels dream».

    Vladimir Kuzmin on stage
    Vladimir Kuzmin on stage

    From the latest news Vladimir Kuzmin continues to implement numerous ideas and delight a whole army of fans. In the creative biography of the artist is too early to put a point, after all, young at heart rocker is able to conquer the hearts of people more than one song.

    Personal life

    Personal life of Vladimir Kuzmin had a lot of feelings and romance, serious relations, and fleeting passions. In youth and even in his Mature years, a famous rock musician was pursued by crowds of girls, however, his wife always felt themselves the most beautiful and loved.

    Vladimir Kuzmin and Tatiana Artemyeva
    Vladimir Kuzmin and Tatiana Artemyeva

    In General, Kuzmin was married three times. The first time he chose as his life partner Tatyana Artemyev, which was married from 1977 to 1985. She was a great poet and became a lyricist of several songs of Vladimir. The couple had three children: Elizabeth (1977), Stepan (1983) and Sonja (1985 PhD). Kuzmin became the foster father of the son of Tatiana – Nikita (1988.). In addition, Vladimir had two daughters out of wedlock: Mar (1986) – Irina Maltsevoj and Nicole (1987.) – from a fan of Tatiana.

    The second time Kuzmin married in 1990 at centerfolds Kelly Curzon after moving to California. The couple was bright and exciting, but the marriage was unsuccessful, and therefore did not last long. Already since 1993 a rock musician began a serious relationship with Vera Sotnikova – known actress and TV presenter. For the beloved husband Faith assumed the directing of its clips. In General, the star couple had lived together until 2000, but to enter into a legal relationship and decided not to.

    Vladimir Kuzmin and Kelly Curzon
    Vladimir Kuzmin and Kelly Curzon

    In a year Vladimir married the third time. The musician met his wife Ekaterina Trofimova in Anapa. At that time the girl was barely 18 years old. The age difference between a famous musician and his wife was 27 years old, but it did not become an obstacle to love.

    Family Union of Vladimir and Catherine continues for more than 15 years can be proud of! No wonder they say that a young wife is able to return to the man’s youth, and the artist himself stated that it was his first true love. However, in 2015, Kuzmin was in a big scandal when he appeared on stage in Rostov-on-don is absolutely drunk. Many viewers have posted on Youtube and Instagram videos and photos of a musician with critical observations on his condition, as well as the quality of the game. The press immediately spread the rumor that the actor drinks too much because of a quarrel with his wife.

    Vladimir Kuzmin and Vera Sotnikova
    Vladimir Kuzmin and Vera Sotnikova

    It is worth to note that in the personal life of Vladimir Kuzmin many tragedies. So, in 2002, his eldest daughter Elizabeth was killed in Moscow in his apartment, but the killers never found. In 2009 tragically died the son of the artist, Stepan. The guy lived on the 18th floor, and when his apartment caught fire, he tried to move through the window to the neighbors to escape from the fire, but he couldn’t hold and fell. From the first marriage remained only his daughter, Sonia, who is also interested in music and has already managed to take part in the TV project «star Factory-3».

    Vladimir Kuzmin and Ekaterina Trofimova
    Vladimir Kuzmin and Ekaterina Trofimova

    Adopted son Nikita Kuzmin recently became involved in a Scam of $ 50 million. The Prosecutor’s office in Manhattan accused the adopted son of the star and its accomplices in money laundering, fraud and illegal financial operations. For these crimes they were threatened with imprisonment for up to 95 years. But the court’s decision was much softer, Nikita was sentenced to 3 years in prison and freed in the courtroom because he had served the required time during the investigation.


    • 1.1982 Speaker I
    • 2.1982 Speaker II
    • 3.1983 – Take
    • 4.1983 – flight Attendant summer lines
    • 5.1984 – Miracle of dreams
    • 6.1985 – the music of the Telegraph wires
    • 7.1985 – Voice
    • 8.1985 – My love
    • 9.1986, Until he came Monday
    • 10.1987 – Romeo and Juliet
    • 11.1988 – Look at me today
    • 12.1989 – Tears in the fire
    • 13.1991 – Dirty Sounds
    • 14.1992 – Crazy About rock’n’roll
    • 15.1992 – My friend Luck (My Luck Girlfriend)
    • 16.1995 – heavenly attraction
    • 17.1996 – Seven seas
    • 18.1997 – Two stars
    • 19.1997 – Sinful angel
    • 20.1999 – Our best days
    • 21.2000 Network
    • 22.2001 – Rocker -1
    • 23.2002 – Rocker-2
    • 24.2003 On something best
    • 25.2006 – the Holy brook
    • 26.2007 – Mystery
    • 27.2012 – End or Fin (Disk 1 epilogue)
    • 28.2013 – End or Fin (Disc 2 Body)
    • 29.2013 – End or Fin (Disk 3 Interferon)
    • 30.2014 – End or Fin (Disc 4 Angels-dreams)


    Vladimir Kuzmin

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