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  • Name: Vladimir Khotinenko ( Vladimir Hotinenko )
  • Date of birth: 20 January 1952
  • Age: 65 years
  • Place of birth: Slavgorod, Altai Krai
  • Activity: film Director, actor, screenwriter, people’s artist of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: married

    Vladimir Khotinenko: a biography

    Vladimir Khotinenko is a Russian film Director and screenwriter, received the title of people’s artist of the Russian Federation. Hotinenko has the glory of the Creator of the Patriotic and social-psychological patterns. The most renowned directorial works are «mirror for a hero», «Muslim» and «72 meters».

    He was born in the town of Slavgorod, which is located in the Altai region, where he spent his early childhood. But high school Vladimir has finished in the Kazakh Pavlodar, where he moved his family. In this city, the future Director was a member of the youth Patriotic organization «Genabel», headed by Vitaly Eremin. Hotinenko has repeatedly said that «Genabel» had a huge impact on the formation of his personality and character. Also in school, Vladimir was involved in athletics and was a champion of Kazakhstan among pupils in the high jump.

    After graduation, he worked as artist-constructor of Pavlodar tractor building factory, after which he was drafted into the armed forces. Then Vladimir Khotinenko went to Yekaterinburg and became a student of architectural Institute, from which he graduated in 1976 with honors. Distribution Vladimir worked at the local Studio, where he worked as an art Director. The result of his work, the audience can see in such films as «the Cossack Outpost», «the smoke of the Fatherland», «Race persecution» and «That kind of music».

    In parallel with the work Khotinenko studied at the Higher courses of cinematography, where he met the famous film Director Nikita Mikhalkov, who was head of his course. This meeting was a turning point in the career of Vladimir Khotinenko, as he worked for several years together with the famous expert as the assistant Director of films like «Kinfolk», «Five evenings» and «a Few days from the life of Oblomov».

    After Khotinenko realized himself in directing, he started teaching at the Higher courses for scriptwriters and Directors of feature films and at the Moscow Institute of television and broadcasting «Ostankino». Later he headed the Department of directing at the famous cinematic institution of the country – VGIK.


    The first independent work of Vladimir Khotinenko was the adventure Thriller «Alone and unarmed», which tells about the staff of criminal investigation Department of the provincial town. In General, the debut was favorably received, but the real success came to the Director in 1987, when he took a fantastic parable «mirror for a hero». With the help of a time loop Khotinenko makes the characters in the movie again and again to live the same day – may 8, 1949. As stated by the Director himself, he has made a film primarily for the generation of their parents, who lived in the Stalinist period, and during the restructuring of all their achievements was simultaneously crossed out.

    Another resonance, the film was released in 1995. Social drama «Muslim» has caused ambiguous reaction of critics through claims comparison of Christianity and Islam. In fact, Vladimir Khotinenko wanted to emphasize that all religions are about the same commandments and laws of morality are higher than the conventionalities of Church tenets. With the help of the protagonist, who decided to live on the proposed regulations and strictly adhere to all stated in the Holy books, the Director showed all the ambiguity of human life.

    Great interest among the audience caused a drama about the death of the submarine «72 meters», filmed on the eponymous collection of short stories of the writer Alexander Pokrovsky. The plot is not based on real events, but rather shows the psychological situation in the ranks of the Navy with the collapse of the Soviet Union. Criticism of the film has been largely confined to technical errors, such as Nazarene the hatches of the ship or failing to sink a modern ship with a mine during the second world war. But the talent of the Director, as in the work of the cast, the claims did not arise from anyone.

    At the last work by Vladimir Khotinenko was influenced by the works of the great Russian writer Fyodor Dostoyevsky. First, the Director has supplied the biographical television series «Dostoevsky», which opens the wings of the living classics of literature, and three years later took drama «the Devils» one of the most notorious novels of the writer. In these TV serials movies Vladimir Hotinenko has also acted as a screenwriter, significantly reworking the originally planned scenes and dialogues.

    Personal life

    Vladimir Khotinenko was married twice. His first wife is Ukrainian actress Dilorom Kambarova, who bore him a daughter Pauline. After her divorce from Khotinenko, she along with her daughter emigrated to the United States, where Pauline trained as a costume designer and works at the Studio in Los Angeles.

    The second wife of Vladimir also has something to do with the film, albeit indirectly. Tatyana Yakovleva is a lecturer in international cinema at the Institute of cinematography. In their family was born a son, Ilya. Vladimir brought up Tatiana’s son from his first marriage — Denis Alarcon Ramirez. Both young men graduated from the VGIK, but in different specialties. Denis is a professional cameraman, and Ilya continued his father’s work and became a Director.

    Vladimir Khotinenko a great lover of horses and spends a lot of time with these handsome animals. Interesting position in life of the Director, who believes it is life mysticism and refers to it as an incredible miracle.


    • 1987 Mirror for the hero
    • 1993 — Makarov
    • 1995 — Muslim
    • 2003 — 72 metra
    • 2002 — the Investigation leading Experts
    • 2004 — the fall of the Empire
    • 2005 — Pilgrimage to the Eternal city
    • 2007 — 1612
    • 2009 — Pop
    • 2015 — the Heirs


    Volodymyr Khotinenko

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