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  • Name: Vladimir Kapustin ( Vladimir Kapustin )
  • Date of birth: 16 March 1971
  • Age: 45 years
  • Birthplace: Angarsk, Irkutsk oblast
  • Height: 174
  • Activities: Russian film and theater actor, Honored artist of Russia
  • Marital status: married

    Vladimir Kapustin : biography

    Vladimir O. Kapustin was born in Siberia in March of 1971. His childhood and teenage years were spent in the city of Angarsk, Irkutsk region. Vladimir’s parents were not related to the world of cinema. Father worked as an operator at a local chemical plant and died when the son was 10 years old. The mother of the future artist worked as a primary school teacher. She was supported by son when she learned of his intention to elect their future profession mummery.

    After graduating from secondary school Vladimir Kapustin went to enter in the Irkutsk drama school. He managed to go from the first attempt in 1994 to obtain a diploma. But Kapustin decided that was enough and went to Moscow. He easily entered VGIK, where he studied in the Studio of Eugene Kindinov.

    In 1998, Kapustin has received the higher theatrical education and went to do an acting career. In the same year he was accepted into the troupe of the theatre headed by Armen Dzhigarkhanyan.


    Theatrical biography of Vladimir Kapustin started later than cinematic. The actor first appeared on stage in productions of «Theatre of the killer,» «Tales of a scientific cat», «Three sisters» and «Return home» in the late 1990s.

    And in the movie it appeared in the first years of Irkutsk theater school. But it is unlikely that someone remembered Kapustina in these films, then he was entrusted with only the episodes. But for his work in the drama «the Pit», where the main characters played by such stars of Russian cinema, as Evgeny Evstigneev and Tatyana Dogileva, was a real event. Later Kapustin starred in the films «Iron curtain», «news» and «Retro Threesome».

    But not for these projects, and later brought the artist recognition. In the historical film «Empire under blow» Vladimir got a vivid image of the student-terrorist Poltoratsky. And in the drama «Golden age», the audience saw Kapustina in the role of Fouche.

    A lot of work, which brought fame to the young actor, came to him in 2007. In the drama «Lenin’s Testament» Nikolai Dostal, he appeared in the image of the writer Varlam Shalamov. It is noteworthy that Kapustin has taken on this role without trial and castings. The reason for this strange resemblance with a young Vladimir Shalamov. Year that remained before the shoot, the actor used to study creativity of the writer. That’s probably why his character was so felt and convincing. In this 12-part tape brought Vladimir Kapustin not only popularity, but relevance.

    Critics and colleagues of the actor then noted the diversity of his talent and ability to reincarnation. Because in the theatre everything you know Vladimir, as a great comic artist. But when you watch the film «Lenin’s Testament», that it’s hard to believe so convincingly Kapustin managed to convey the tragic fate of his hero.

    Recent projects that have come with the participation of Siberian artist, as most of the rating may be noted «the Bullet-fool 5», «Made in the USSR», «My dad Baryshnikov», «Night swallows» and «Chapay».

    Today on account of Vladimir Kapustin, Honored artist of Russia, more than 70 roles in film.

    Personal life

    Nowadays, the employment of this artist is incredible. As he himself admits, most dreams of proper rest and how to spend more time with your family, beloved wife Katya and son Timothy.

    Personal life of Vladimir Kapustin has developed happily. Wife Catherine, majoring in cinema. She understands her talented husband, for which be successful in your profession is very important.

    In the rare hours of rest, the actor likes to hear the saxophone. Kapustin served in the ensemble of song and dance in the TRANS-Baikal military district. There he learned to play this instrument.

    Vladimir Kapustin long-standing friendship with his colleague Alexander Buharov, known to viewers for her role in the film «the Wolfhound». They, along with the Irkutsk drama school. Both work in the Dzhigarkhanyan Theater.


    • «Lenin’s Testament»
    • «The best film 2»
    • Puppy
    • «Burnt by the sun 2: Anticipation»
    • «Brest fortress»
    • «The Case Of Kukotskiy»
    • «Karambol»
    • «The bullet-fool 5»
    • «Made in USSR»
    • «Soldier»
    • «My dad Baryshnikov»


    Vladimir Kapustin

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