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  • Name: Vladimir Ilyin ( Vladimir Ilin )
  • Date of birth: 16 November 1947
  • Age: 69 years
  • Place of birth: Sverdlovsk
  • Height: 170
  • Activities: Soviet and Russian film and theater actor, people’s artist of Russia
  • Marital status: married

    Vladimir Ilyin biography

    Vladimir Adolfovich Ilyin – actor in the second generation. His father was a leading actor in Sverdlovsk theatre. My mother worked as a pediatrician. Childhood, Vladimir and his brother Alexander Ilyin went behind the scenes, in which my father served. Therefore, sons in elementary school know that they will grow up and take the stage as dad.

    But not only was fond of the theatre Vladimir Ilyin. It’s hard to believe, but he attended ballet school and was engaged in figure skating. Appearances are deceiving, and in the case of brothers ilinykh especially. For the rough outer shell of these guys is hiding a very tender heart, kind soul and rare intelligence.

    Looking ahead, we can say that the theatrical colleague Vladimir Ilyin noted its extreme delicacy. He’s never «pulled out» for himself the best role. But the scene had a more reliable friend, whose shoulder was on hand at the right moment.

    After graduating from high school in his native Sverdlovsk, Vladimir Ilyin entered a local drama school, where he once studied with his father. In 1969, he received a diploma and went to find the theatre, where he will be able to realize in practice their theoretical knowledge.


    The first theatre on whose stage debut of a young artist, was a «buffoon» Gennady Yudenich. Here Vladimir Adolfovich Ilyin worked for a short time, but managed together with the troupe to travel half the country.

    The search for a place continued in Moscow and Kazan. Finally, in 1974, Vladimir Ilyin managed to get in the Theatre named after Vladimir Mayakovsky. Here the artist felt that he had found his scene. Soon the troupe added two more Yliniemi, first by his father, Vladimir – Adolf A. Ilyin, and then his younger brother Alexander.

    At theatre of a name of Mayakovsky Vladimir Ilyin, he served from 1974 to 1989. About it was well reviewed colleagues. Inna Ulyanov and Oleg Menshikov, who went on stage with Ilyin noted that playing with him was great pleasure. The talent of the artist was never in doubt for anybody. And if we add to this a wonderful sense of humor and a tragicomic gift, it becomes clear why around Vladimir Ilyin was always around so many people.

    From 1989 are extremely busy actor in the movie forced him to leave the theater.


    A cinematic biography of Vladimir Ilyin started in a fairly Mature age. Serious debut role as Romana in the melodrama «My favorite clown» – he had 39 years. Before this film the actor appeared on screen in the episode or very very little roles. After the success of the melodrama Vladimir Adol’fovich removed regularly and a lot. A year after the release of «My favorite clown», in 1988, the actor was involved in four projects. Remember the film «Defender Sedov», where Ilyin played the main character.

    And in 1989, the screens out a shrill drama «Crash, daughter ment». Vladimir Ilyin got the image of the father of the main character Valerie. Viewers and critics noted the exact «hit» of the actor in the image of an ordinary policeman, a Policeman. A simple man of few words, gruff and clumsy, but loving father.

    Then there was the unfortunate writer Rachlin in the picture «Cap,» fool Artyusha in «Swarms» and KGB agent Malakhov in «Lost in Siberia». Notably, all created by the actor images are not just diverse – sometimes even contradictory.

    At the end of the 80s and 90s peak of popularity of Vladimir Ilyin. He has become one of the most popular artists of post-Soviet cinema. Heroes ilina – simple and real. Be his servant, Savelyevich in the historical drama «Russian revolt». The same qualities has semen Lyamkin from the Comedy movie «go to prison» and journalist Herman melodrama «the Sagittarius restless».

    Vladimir Ilyin, double-starred in the project Nikita Mikhalkov. Captain mokina he played in «the Barber of Siberia», so much so that he was awarded the prize «Golden Aries» and the State prize of Russia. The role of Vladimir Adol’fovich remembered by the audience, was played in the Comedy «Soldier Ivan Chonkin» and «gigolo». Then followed by a second offer from Mikhalkov — work in the drama «Burnt by the sun». Ilyin played priisalu and Joker kirika.

    Ilina often invited in the series: he appeared in «the Heiress», «Ivan Poddubny» and «Turkish March». The actor is one of the favorites of Director Vladimir Hotinenko. In the film adaptation of the novel by Fyodor Dostoyevsky «the Idiot» Vladimir Ilyin beautifully depicted Lebedev.

    The artist continues to come to the stage of the Mayakovsky theater. Theatergoers praised his performance in «the Cherry garden» where Vladimir Adol’fovich appeared in the form of Gaeva.

    Personal life

    Vladimir Ilyin is a deeply religious person. He has the luxury and excesses. It is far from «materialism» and hoarding. Ilyin is never in vain Bohemian hangouts and doesn’t like to appear on the screen if it is not required for the project.

    Personal life of Vladimir Ilyin is his faithful wife Zoe Pylnova, ex-actress of Taganka theater. Together they have more than 30 years.

    The couple live surprisingly modestly. Money they never have, because they are constantly sacrificing their sick and the needy, give to charity and help the Church. The character of Vladimir Ilyin to remove warm new coat and give it to the beggar, coming home in the cold in one coat

    Ilinykh have no children of their own, but there are many others that are such are not considered. The couple really care about each other. Their surprisingly tender and warm relationships – rise to a good envy and admiration of colleagues.


    • «My favorite clown»
    • «Defender Sedov»
    • «The accident – the daughter of ment»
    • «Lost in Siberia»
    • «Russian revolt»
    • «The Sagittarius restless»
    • «The Barber of Siberia»
    • «Soldier Ivan Chonkin»
    • «Burnt by the sun»
    • «My favorite clown»
    • «Ivan Poddubny»


    Vladimir Ilyin

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